Welcome to a la carte! This special menu was born out of the desire to offer you ‘a little of this and a little of that’.  We hope you find that to be true.

Each week we offer a different menu.  This allows us to try out new flavors, highlight existing creations and of course, proven favorites.  

As of mid May, 2022: our ALC pick up day is changing to Thursdays!  Our Friday’s have become busier than ever as wedding season is now in full swing. 

THIS WEEK’S MENU IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY BETTERSWEET’S 15TH BIRTHDAY!  For the rest of May, every time you stop in the bakery to pick up an order or snag some extra goodies, enter your name to win one of fifteen, $15 gift certificates that we’re giving away!  Winners will be drawn and announced 6/1.

Picking up your order: Thursday, 5/19 from 2-6 pm

Placing your order: Deadline is Wednesday, 5/18 at 9 am.  Please call or email your order in.  You will receive a confirmation that your order was received and will be ready for you.

Paying for your order: We accept cash or check for payment at pickup.


#1.  Cake slice: May’s cake of the month, ‘happy happy birthday!’- Vanilla chocolate chip rainbow sprinkle cake with white chocolate chip creme filling [our crushed white chocolate creme, with even more mini chocolate chips swirled in!] and double vanilla bean butter frosting.  The outside is finished with colorful rainbow sprinkles and a touch of sparkle.  $5.50 per slice.  

#2.  Abe’s favorite sugar cookies: this version is all set for the birthday party!  He’s swapping the sprinkles for semi sweet chocolate and butterscotch chips.  Now that sounds sweet.  $3 per 1/2 dozen container.  

#3.  Sammies, party style:  our sammie recipe has put on it’s tuxedo- by using a cookies n’ cream buttercream filling instead of the original.  Box of 4, $4.50.  

#4.  Box 0 ‘cake:  in each box you will find 2 generously oversized pieces of cake.  Each piece will have both of the following flavor combinations- classic chocolate w/ crushed chocolate creme filling & french vanilla w/ raspberry compote creme filling- finished with our signature butter frosting.  $12 per box. 

#5. Six-chocolate frosted brownies: turtle edition- the same recipe with a few extra guests.  Roasted pecans, caramel sauce, caramel cocoa frosting and a dusting of edible chocolate on top.  $4 per brownie.

#6.  4 pack of regular size cupcakes, $12. -Each box will have 1 each of the following four flavor combinations:

~ rainbow sprinkle w/ vanilla creme filling & marshmallow butter frosting

~ golden vanilla w/ eclair creme filling & cocoa butter frosting

~ vanilla bean w/ mixed berry compote creme filling & cream cheese frosting

~ cherry chocolate chip w/ double chocolate creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting


~ When you come to the bakery to pick up an order, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not drive on our grass!  We’d appreciate you thinking of our driveway and parking set up as perfect for a Y turn, not a U turn.  

~ Our email address has changed to: jen@bettersweetbakery.com.  Please take a moment to update your address book.  Please note, that all emails sent to our previous email will be forwarded.