Welcome to our weekly a la carte menu.  This is a really sweet place!   

~These specials are available for pick up on Friday, 11/20 from 12-7 pm ONLY.

~You can call or email your order at any point, but orders need to be placed by Wednesday, 11/18 by 8 pm.  Please remember to include a contact number with your order.

~When your order is confirmed, a pick up time will be discussed.  As we are currently only offering curbside pickup, you can plan to give the bakery a call when you arrive [920/893.0617] and we will bring your goodies to your vehicle.  

~ All orders need to be paid for at pick up via cash or check.


For all of you who are desperately missing summer, we’re giving you a Farmer’s Market menu this week.  All of the options below are goodies we regularly would have at our weekly booth and most of the recipes have spent the last decade plus being requested and enjoyed by sweet tooths of all ages.   

 1. Raspberry cream brunch bread.  $6.75 per loaf.  

2. Blueberry citrus brunch bread.  $6.75 per loaf.

3. Almond cherry poppy seed brunch bread.  $6.75 per loaf.

4. Hand crafted sammies.  $4 per pack of 4. 

5. Box O’ cake: 2 generous slices of cake [enough for 4 to enjoy].  Each slice will have both french vanilla/raspberry & chocolate/crushed chocolate and signature butter frosting.  $10 per box of 2 slices.

6. Old fashioned peanut square: light and airy vanilla cake is covered in our signature butter frosting and then rolled in freshly ground roasted peanuts.  $4 per square.

7. Best-ever carrot cake slice: well loved and full of all the good things; carrots, walnuts, pineapple and coconut.  $5 per slice. 

8. Half dozen assorted cupcakes, regular size.  True to our farmer’s market tradition, we would box up an assortment of cupcakes based on the extras we had.  This baker’s choice box will include a variety of chocolates, vanillas and some fruit.  [no nuts or adult flavors will be included].  $14 per half dozen box.  

9. One, six-chocolate frosted brownie. $3 per brownie.

10.  Scrape scraps:  $5 each or 2 for $9.  Unless requested, no nuts, coffee or adult flavors will be in your order.

11.  Gluten free almond flour scones.  These cookie like treats are refined sugar free and perfect for anyone avoiding gluten.  Generous 1/2 dozen box, $7.

12.  M&A cookie box:  Margo and Abe are collaborating this week [we’re kicking the grown up baker out to go sit in the woods] on a fabulous assorted cookie box.  Each dozen and a half box of cookies will include the following four flavors:  Abe’s sugar sprinkle, chocolate chip M&M™,  raspberry white chocolate chip, Oreo™ chunk.  $10 per box.                                                                    __________________________________________________________

Just a heads up that our menu will be changing the week after Thanksgiving for the month of December.   Starting next week, our custom order flavor list will be simplified and we’ll be focusing on creating all the goodies on our incredibly lovely Christmas menu.