Welcome to our weekly a la carte menu.  This is a really sweet place!   

Here’s just a little bit of information to guide you around:

  • You may pick up your items this week on Friday, 7/3 between 12-6 pm or Saturday, 7/4 between 10-3 pm.
  • Because of the holiday weekend, we have one cutoff for orders this week: Thursday 7/2 at NOON. 
  • A la carte orders are ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP ON FRIDAYS AND SATURDAYS. [This will be the case through June and July.  *There will be no a la carte the week of 7/27 as Bettersweet will be closed.  Then beginning the week of 8/3, a la carte will be moving to pick ups on Thursdays and Fridays… as our wedding calendar returns to our normal busy.]
  • You can place your order by email or phone.  We will confirm each order with a total and a reminder regarding pick up.  
  • When you send in your order via email, please let us know which date you would like to pick up your order, the best pick up time for that date and your contact number.  These three details will greatly help us in efficiently confirming your order.
  • THIS MENU CHANGES EVERY WEEK!  We typically post the new menu on Monday mornings, so you’ll have to check back to see what’s available that week.

Don’t forget you can always build your own creation from our menu http://bettersweetbakery.com/cakeandcupcake-menu/ or plan to pick up a gift bag this weekend:  http://bettersweetbakery.com/sweets-for-others/


#1.  6″ single layer signature carrot cake [serves 4]. $18. *contains coconut and walnuts

#2. 6″ peanut square cake [serves 4]. $15.  *contains peanuts

#3.  Rhubarb struesel brunch bread: $6.75 per loaf.

#4.  Blueberry cherry brunch bread: $6.75 per loaf. 

#5.  Lemon poppy seed blackberry brunch bread: $6.75 per loaf.

#6.  Margo’s chocolate eclairs: $5 per box of 2.

#7. 6 piece box of hand crafted sammie cookies with holiday red, white and blue filling!: $6 per box.

#8. Abe’s M&M sugar cookies [with festive red, white & blue colors]. 1/2 dozen box, $3.

#9. Almond flour chocolate chip cookie scones [gluten free and refined sugar free].  Box of 5, $4.75. *contains almonds

#10. Box o’ cake:  2 oversized pieces of cake per box.  Each piece has french vanilla with raspberry creme filling & chocolate with crushed chocolate creme filling & signature butter frosting.  Each piece serves 2, $10 per box.

#11.  Cake pop truffles, box of 8, $10.  Assorted classic flavors of chocolate and vanilla sprinkle with very festive sprinkles.

#12. Assorted Forth of July cupcakes!  $14 per box.  Each 1 dozen box of mini cupcakes will include the following three flavor combinations:

~ Red: french vanilla w/raspberry compote creme filling & signature butter frosting.

~ White: white chocolate w/ double chocolate fudge creme filling & signature butter frosting.

~ Blue: vanilla bean w/ blueberry cheesecake creme filling & cream cheese frosting.

#13. Our bonus item this week.  ‘Cake in a cup’: Our take on two American classics, choose either apple pie delight or strawberry shortcake.  $4.50 each.

#14.  Our second bonus item this week is…. FRESH FRUIT TARTS!  If you visited us when we were at the farmer’s market over the past 12 years, you might remember these goodies.  A delicate buttery pastry shell is filled with lemony sweet whipped custard and covered with fresh berries in pretty designs.  Available in 3 different size options: 

~ Extra large [serves 6-10], $34.

~ Medium [serves 2], $9.

~ Box of 4 petite [each serves 1], $8.