Special Diets

Looking to enjoy something sweet while keeping to your dietary needs?  We’re always working on adding to our special diets offerings, so check back frequently to see what’s new.

Gluten Free

Chose from one of our available cake flavors listed below, and then refer to our cake flavors page to select a filling and frosting. [The majority of our fillings and frosting options are naturally gluten free!]




Chocolate, Milk

Chocolate, Mint

French vanilla 

Fresh lemon 

Fresh orange




Single layer 9 in cake serves 6-8 guests, $26.  For specialty cake flavors, fillings, or frosting add $2 – $4.

2 layer 9 in cake serves 14-16 guests, $40.  For specialty cake flavors, fillings, or frosting add $4 – $8.

1 dozen cupcakes [choice of 1 cake flavor, 1 filling flavor & 1 frosting flavor]  $28.50 for classic flavors. For specialty cake flavors, fillings, or frosting add $2 – $4. [Signature cake flavors not available]

Other GF Specific Bakery Items

~Cherry chocolate macaroons:  unbelievable!  These gluten free and diabetic friendly cookies are a really special treat.  Not to be confused with the French sandwhich version, these macaroons are made with coconut, cocoa, and dried cherries.  $10/dozen

~Chocolate chip scones:  moist and delicious!  These gluten and grain free [made with almond flour] treats are just that, a treat.  Embedded with mini chocolate chips and a sweet vanilla flavor.  $14/dozen

~Cherry cheesecake:  our gluten free new york style cheesecake is topped a cheerful red layer of cherry compote.  You won’t know it’s anything but good!  $48

Other Special Diet Bakery Items

Including the following: Gluten Free/Grain Free/Refined Sugar Free/Dairy Free

As featured on 1420 am, by our favorite afternoon DJ, these grain free, sugar free, dairy free, and of course, gluten free cupcakes are unique and delish!  Vanilla cupcakes with coconut flakes and chocolate chunks and a honey orange frosting.
Minimum order 1/2 dozen box, $15 *contains coconut four*