Flavor Descriptions

Classic Flavor Descriptions

Classic Cake FlavorsTastesSuggested FillingsSuggested Frostings
Almondlight, sweet & nutty. éclair, hazelnut crème, raspberry crèmecocoa butter, almond butter.
Amarettosimilar to the Italian liquor. Comparable to the almond cake, with more toasted nut flavor.chocolate crème, cheesecake crème, almond paste crèmeBSB butter, cocoa butter
Butter Rumbutter vanilla cake balanced with hints of rum flavoring.pineapple rum, cherry crème, fudge crèmecream cheese, BSB butter
Butter Vanillagolden and buttery. Nostaligic of grandma's yellow cake.ANY FRUIT FILLING. orange crème, salted caramel crème, pumpkin cappuccino crème, éclaircocoa butter, cream cheese
Caramellittle bit sweet and buttery. A true deep South flavor.fudge crème, BSB vanilla crème, English toffee crèmecocoa butter, BSB butter
Cherryrefreshing and springy, like tree-ripened fruit. Appealing to all, especially kids. cheesecake crème, chocolate crème, crushed chocolate crèmealmond butter, BSB butter
Chocolate Cherrydark chocolate cake embedded with bits of cherry pieces and flavoringcappuccino crème, cheesecake crème, pecan crèmeganache, BSB butter
Chocolate Mintdark chocolate cake bursting with true mint flavormint chocolate chip crème, crushed chocolate crème, fresh strawberry crèmecocoa butter
Classic Vanillasimple and light. Hints of vanilla flavor. Nostaligic of grandmas white cake.ANY FILLING. BSB vanilla, creamy chai, root beer crème, raspberry crème.ANY FROSTING. BSB butter, vanilla bean butter
Coffeelike your morning cup of joe with cream and sugar.ANY CAPPUCCINO FILLING. Hazelnut crème, dark hot chocolate crèmecream cheese, ganache
Dark Chocolatedeep and rich with profound cocoa flavor. Our standard chocolate cake.ANY NON-CITRUS FILLING. Raspberry crème, salted caramel crèmeANY FROSTING. BSB butter, cocoa butter
French Vanillasimilar to classic vanilla, with a pronounced European vanilla flavor.ANY FILLING. Raspberry, cognac crème, fresh strawberry crèmeANY FROSTING. BSB butter, cream cheese
Fresh Lemonincredibly fresh and zesty.lemon curd crème, raspberry, blueberry compote crèmecream cheese
Fresh Orangelike Florida sunshine. Refreshing, light and full of flavor.éclair, cognac crème, white chocolate lavender crème, orange curd crèmecocoa butter, cream cheese
Golden Marble *a swirl of classic vanilla and butter vanilla cakeANY FILLING. Butterscotch crème, BSB vanilla crèmeANY FROSTING. BSB butter
Hazelnutlight with a mildly nutty flavor.ANY CAPPUCCINO FILLING. Chocolate hazelnut crème, caramel crèmecream cheese, cocoa butter
Irish Creamluxurious & creamy with hints of cocoa and mintmint chocolate chip crème, hazelnut crème, espresso crèmecocoa butter, BSB butter
Kaluhaa dark, coffee like flavor. fudge crème, caramel cappuccino crème, BSB vanilla crèmecocoa butter, BSB butter
Marble *a swirl of classic vanilla and dark chocolate cake.ANY CHOCOLATE FILLING. Oreo crème, peanut butter crèmeANY FROSTING.
Milk Chocolate a light cocoa colored cake. A heavier consistency than our dark chocolate cake. caramel crème, crushed chocolate crème, marshmallow crèmeOreo butter, peanut butter frosting, BSB butter
Milk Chocolate Marble *a swirl of classic vanilla and milk chocolate cake.caramel crème, malted milk crème, oreo crèmecream cheese, oreo butter
White Chocolatesweet & creamy. Does not have a distinct chocolate flavor. lime curd crème, pineapple rum, almond paste crèmeBSB butter, chocolate raspberry butter
* Not available in 6 inch size