Suggested Combinations

Bettersweet’s Suggested Cake Combinations

Cake FlavorFilling FlavorsFrosting Flavor
French VanillaRaspberry & Vanilla CrèmeBSB's Butter
*Vanilla Poppy SeedRaspberry & Vanilla CrèmeBSB's Butter
ChocolateRaspberry & Vanilla CrèmeBSB's Butter
*Butter VanillaOrange Crème & FudgeCocoa Butter
*ChocolateHazelnut Crème **Cocoa Butter
Almond Poppy SeedÉclair **Cocoa Butter
French VanillaVanilla Crème **BSB's Butter
LemonLemon Curd Crème **Cream Cheese
*Milk Chocolate MarbleCaramel Crème **BSB's Butter
ChocolateVanilla Crème, Fudge & Crushed ChocBSB's Butter
Butter VanillaVanilla Crème **Cocoa Butter
Chocolate MintMint Crème & Chocolate CrèmeCocoa Butter
*CoconutVanilla Crème **BSB's Butter/Flake Coconut
French VanillaChocolate Raspberry Cappuccino & Vanilla CrèmeCocoa Butter
Cherry Chocolate ChipVanilla Crème & Cocoa ButterBSB's Butter
*Classic VanillaVanilla Crème **Almond Butter
*ChocolateCappuccino & Cream CheeseBSB's Butter & Chocolate Ganache
Lemon Poppy SeedRaspberry & Vanilla CrèmeCream Cheese

*Denotes Staff Favorite.

**When only one filling flavor is listed, a thin layer of the suggested frosting is used in between the two cake layers as the secondary filling.

Our suggestions come from both our regular and specialty flavor lists.  Please remember specialty flavors are additional, as certain ingredients cost us more to use.