Besides cake Please denote the quantity desired when ordering.


Hand Crafted Cookies: Each flavor is available in 1 dozen increments. 

Sammies: Think of the nostalgic whoopie pie, these soft chocolate sandwich cookies are filled with our signature butter frosting. $12 per dozen.

Salted Chocolate Chip: Our version of this all-time favorite includes a both milk and semisweet chocolate chips and a touch of sea salt. $8 per dozen.

White Chocolate Cranberry: These will quickly become your new favorite! An uncomplicated recipe combines the sweetness of dried cranberries and white chocolate chips. $8 per dozen.

Abe’s Sprinkle Sugar: Our 8 year old son has beyond perfected a soft, buttery sugar cookie specked with rainbow colored jimmies. $6 per dozen


Six-Chocolate Frosted Brownies: Minimum order 4 piece box, $12.

Can you pick out all 6 different chocolates in this thirteen year old recipe?


Margo Claire’s Eclairs: These will turn any stay at home weekend into an escape!

From scratch pastries are filled with a lovely custard crème and generously drizzled in decadent chocolate. Minimum order ½ dozen, $15.


Gluten Free Goodness: We didn’t forget about those of you who need to stay away from gluten.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Scones: These gluten and grain free treats are just that, a treat! Made with almond flour, honey and mini chocolate chips, these are great for anyone who needs a guilt free goodie. Can be made with dairy free chocolate upon request. Minimum order 1 dozen, $14.

9” Cake: Chose from any of our cake/filling/frosting options [except cookies n’ cream] for this single layer 9” cake. $26-28. Serves 6-8 and can be custom decorated.

½ dozen Cupcakes: Chose from any of our cake/filling/frosting options [except cookies n’ cream] to create your flavor combination. $14.25-15.25.


Cheesecakes:  All cheesecakes serve 14-16 guests generously.  Each flavor is currently available in a 9″ size.

Classic Vanilla Bean: our classic recipe is topped with a mixed berry compote.  Lemon zest, almond and cognac flavors combine and result in simple goodness.  $40.  Also available with a chocolate ganache topping or blueberry citrus compote.

Turtle: multiple layers of chocolate and white cheesecake are balanced with toasted pecans, fresh caramel sauce and of course, a little bit of delicious chocolate.  9 in $40

Cappuccino~ this one is unbelievable.  Each layer has balanced coffee, chocolate and espresso flavors.  We may submit this one to the Alterra headquarters… $42.