Thanks for all the well wishes a few weeks ago as Bettersweet turned 10! We’ll be doing a little bit of celebrating throughout the year, so look for our first round of shenanigans in July!

It’s always a quick change over from the spring to the summer season here at BSB. Here’s a few items we wanted to let you read over:

~Next weekend, 6/2-6/4 is completely booked for orders.  The following weekend, 6/9-6/11 is nearly at capacity.  Please let us know asap if you’re looking to place an order.

~We recommend a full week as a minimum lead time on orders.  Our wedding calendar is quite full this year so it never hurts to call at least two weeks prior to your event.

~Just a reminder that our Surplus Goodies email is not a weekly guarantee, and most likely will not have an official Thursday email sent out until the end of October.  We do still have surprise lists, specials and occasional news, so you’ll still hear from us over the summer months.

~You are more than welcome to stop in any Friday afternoon between 1-6 pm to check what extras we have.  No call or email needed ahead of time.

~Plan to visit us at the Elkhart Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings June -September.  [We won’t be at the first two markets on 6/3 & 6/10, due to our graduation and wedding calendar, but will be there ready for your sweet tooths on Saturday 6/17 to start our season.]

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May brings showers, flowers, and of course, happy mother’s day!

All orders will be confirmed via email or phone.  If you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us to make sure we received your order.

PICK UP IS FRIDAY, 5/12 1-6 PM OR SATURDAY, 5/13 9 am – 3 pm

‘Thanks Mom!’  MINI Cupcake Box

Treat mom (or yourself) to a mini cupcake…or two!  Available as a box of 12 [all one flavor] or assorted [4 of each flavor]

~Sassy Rita:  Strawberry cupcakes filled with lime champagne curd creme filling, and finished with vanilla bean butter frosting.  Topped with a touch of sea salt and light green sanding sugar.

~Fresh Orange Summer: This refreshing cupcake involves one of our FAVORITE cake flavors,orange, and our very popular summer berry creme filling, finished with a simple cream cheese frosting.  One bite may just bring summer a little sooner.

~French Vanilla Raspberry: We had to include the classic.  Enough said?

Minimum order 1 box: $14

Mother’s Day Truffles

Truth be told, our signature hand rolled truffles do not require much of a description.  The dark chocolate base is delicately rolled in accompanying sugars.  This Mother’s Day we’ve selected four delectable flavors for you to enjoy.  Each assorted box will include the following four flavors:

Salted Caramel
Dark Chocolate

$6.50/box [decorated and ready for gift giving].


Over sized [perfect for sharing!] vanilla cupcakes baked in red decorative tulip wrappers are filled with a simple vanilla creme and frosted with our BSB signature butter, and then rolled in our freshly ground roasted peanuts.
Salty and sweet… delish!
Minimum order 4 over sized cupcakes, $14

I  (heart) MOM CAKE

Treat your mom to a single layer heart shaped cake in one of three flavors; either a french vanilla cake with raspberry and creme filling, a chocolate cake with cookies n cream creme filling, or a butter vanilla cake with blueberry creme filling.  Each flavor combination will be frosted with our signature butter creme frosting.  Your cake will be decorated with soft spring colors and will say: I (or we) (heart) Mom!  
Each cake serves approximately 6-8 people.  $17


Purchase a $25.00 gift certificate and receive a $5.00 coupon good off your next order.

Almond Joy Scones

Does your mom like that timeless little candy bar with the solo almond peering from under a deep robe of dark chocolate?  Well then, we’ve got you covered.  [But not in chocolate].  This recipe of ours is loaded with sweet coconut, thin almond slivers a couple different chocolates.  Delicate, buttery and quite delicious… Minimum order box of 4 scones, $8.

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Well… hello spring! take a peek into our Easter goodies menu.

Easter orders:
~are available for pick up on Friday 4/14th, between 1-6 pm or Saturday 4/15th, between 9-3 pm.
~will be accepted until 6 pm on Wednesday 4/12.

These spring favorites have made it onto our menu once again! We’ve taken our best selling cupcake [french vanilla cupcakes w/ raspberry creme filling & BSB’s butter frosting] and dressed them up a bit…by adding some fresh vanilla bean to the filling and a touch of whimsy with our super cute bunny sugars. Perfect for those little sweet tooth’s after an egg hunt. Minimum order 1 dozen $26/dozen

SPRING CAKES, part one:
Are you looking for a smaller cake or needing dessert for less than 8 people?  Then perhaps on of the following four choices might fit the bill.  Each of these single layer 8 inch cakes will serve 6-8 guests.

Coconut Cake~ Bursting with flavor and simplicity!  Filled with our signature vanilla creme and completely covered in a thin layer of sweet flake coconut.  Single layer 8 in, $18

Carrot Cake~ This recipe has been perfected over time with distinctive fillings and our own orange essence cream cheese frosting. Single layer 8 in, $22

Bird’s Nest Cake~ A fun new menu addition this year!  Our milk chocolate cake is baked with tiny chocolate chips, filled with our velvety fudge creme and finished with a layer of light chocolate frosting.  The entire cake is hand piped with small ‘twigs’ and the center is indented slightly, of course to hold room for some pretty speckled chocolate eggs.  Mama bird is perched on top, as you might expect.  Single layer 8 in, $20

Lemon Ricotta Pound Loaf Cake~ Returning from last year’s requests, you will find this fresh creation to be a delightful combination of a classic pound cake, lemon flavor, and a lightly sweetened glaze.  Single loaf size cake, $10

SPRING CAKES, part two:
And now for three cakes made in our traditional size, serving 12-14 generously.

Springtime Vanilla Blueberry~  Our golden butter vanilla cake is layered with a refreshing mixture of our blueberry orange compote and sweet vanilla creme.  Finished with cream cheese frosting and cheery sugar decorations.  8 in, $34

Robin’s Egg Cake~ Another new menu item, this cake is sure to complement the loveliest of holiday decor.  Three layers of our french vanilla cake are tinted in spring pastels, layered with a Tahitian vanilla whipped custard, frosted with a soft robin’s egg blue and finished with an edible speckling.  You’ll be far more than impressed, both inside and out.  8 in, $35

Cross Cake~ Certainly part of the Easter celebration for many, we’re offering our cross shaped cake.  Decorated in simple, soft colors and elegant florals, you’ll enjoy each aspect of this cake.  $35.
*Chose one cake and one filling from the following [all will be frosted with our signature butter]:

Cake flavors:
~French vanilla
~Dark chocolate
~Fresh lemon

Filling flavors:
~Raspberry & vanilla creme
~Mint chocolate chip creme
~Fudge swirl cheesecake creme
~Lemon curd creme

Looking to enjoy some of our signature cutout cookies? Well, look no further!  This year we are offering a variety of egg shaped cookies, decorated with pastel spring time colors…as if the Easter Bunny had visited himself!  Minimum order 1 dozen cookies, $18/dozen.

Can’t wait until summer?  Thinking about those tempting little chocolate filled sandwich cookies from the farmer’s market?  We’ll, you’re in luck!  Our signature homemade ‘oreos’ are boxed by the dozen, complete with festive colored pastel filling.
1 dozen box, $7.50.

Everyone loves a little cupcake.  Some people love 3, while others love 8.  Whatever number sounds good to you, help yourself to a variety box this holiday season.  We’ve chosen 3 flavors and are offering them as a special assortment.  Available as a box of 12 [all one flavor] or mixed [4 of each flavor].  Minimum order 1 box, $13/box.

~Fresh orange cupcakes w/ pineapple rum creme filling & cream cheese frosting
~Fun-illa-fetti cupcakes w/ cake batter creme filling & BSB’s signature butter frosting
~Vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes w/ fudge creme filling & BSB’s signature butter frosting

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Oh Saint Patrick, we know you had a sweet tooth…

So in honor of his legend, we’ve come up with a few goodies you might want to pick up for your own celebrations!  Menu items are available for pick up on Thursday, 3/16 and Friday, 3/17; 1-6 pm BOTH DAYS.  Orders being accepted until Wednesday, 3/15.


Everyone needs a bit o’ color for St. Patty’s Day! You can get your fix o’ color with a slice of our rainbow cake. Each slice will showcase the six main colors of the rainbow, with french vanilla cake, vanilla creme filling, and our signature butter frosting. Don’t worry, we’ll be generous, so you can share your slice. Minimum order 2 slices~ $8.


For some, it wouldn’t be and Irish holiday with Guinness!  Our signature cake is available as a single layer cake, covered with deep chocolate ganache and finished with a touch of edible gold glitter.  Minimum order 1 single layer 8″ cake~ $20.


Our version of your childhood whop-pie pie cookies have come to be know as truly addicting.  We’re making a smaller version, complete with shades of green buttercream. Minimum order 1 dozen~ $6.


We’ve saved our newest, and perhaps the most exciting menu item for last!  Mini cupcakes inspired by three classic cocktails.. yes please.  In your assortment box you will receive 4 each of:

Jack n’ Cola * Old Fashioned * White Russian

Minimum order 1 dozen box~ $16.

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Cards are good, chocolates are better, but my true desire ~ Bettersweet goodies on a platter!

BSB’s Valentine’s menu specials are available for pick up on:

Friday 2/10, 1-6 pm

Tuesday 2/14, 9-6 pm *special holiday hours*

Orders will be accepted now through Thursday, 2/11.  Here’s how to order:



phone: 920/893.0617

Get ready for a good read, we have a lot to offer this year!

Ever had a molten chocolate lava cake?  Well, have you ever had one of Bettersweet’s?  For this annual Valentine’s special, you’ll receive a box of 6 individually portioned lava cakes.  Baked in a free standing fluted cup, these lava cakes are ready for your dessert table.  Simply microwave for 20-30 seconds, add ice cream and splurge.  Instructions will be included.  Unlike most of our custom goodies, these treats are freezer friendly.  Minimum order box of 6, $14/box.


Looking for a little conversation?  Or perhaps our signature hand rolled cutout cookies?  Well, this dozen box comes gift packaged and ready to share.  And yes, we’re using the old school sayings… Fax me???   Minimum order 1 dozen box, $18/box.


We can’t possibly get enough of heart shaped cookies; and so we’re making more for you!  Our ever so popular chocolate dipped mocha wreath [remember just a few weeks ago… our Christmas menu???]  We’ve tweaked the shape and added some festive color and edible gold glitter.  A variety of sizes comes in this generous dozen box.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $12/box.


We’d get in trouble if we didn’t put this on our Valentine’s menu.  Our infamous 6-chocolate recipe, frosted, rich & delicious.  Perfect for any age, any time.  Box of 8 heart shaped brownies, $13.

From our young baker, you’ll receive an 8 piece box of cake truffles [think cake pops without the stick] with two flavors: vanilla sprinkle & raspberry chocolate chip.  Minimum order 1 box, $10.


This year, enjoy a box of 4 over-sized cupcakes.  Decorated and gift boxed for the occasion.  * We’re stealing two fantastic flavors from our annual Downtown night menu.  *

~ HERS: Vanilla bean cupcake w/ mixed berry compote creme; hints of orange, sangria and brandy.  Frosted with a wine cognac butter cream.

~ HIS: Chocolate stout cupcake w/ an irish cream filling and frosted with our whiskey bourbon cream cheese butter.

Minimum order 1 box of 4, $16 per box.  Can be ordered per flavor [ie. 4 vanilla bean] or as an assortment box [2 of each flavor].


Overflowing with color and flavor, this light cocoa cake is layered with specialty fillings including our semi-sweet creme, hints of sugared ground almonds and rich European chocolate garnishing.  Simply stunning!

Minimum order 1 HEART shaped 2 layer cake, $37.  [serves approximately 12-14 generous pieces].

You might remember the lady bug’s cousin, the grasshopper.  And if you do, you’ll remember the delightful treat we make at Christmas time, a trio of brownie, white mint ganache and dark chocolate [our grasshopper squares].  We are reinventing these decadent goodies without the mint, but with pomegranate and raspberry  ganache this time.  You’ll receive a box of one square of each flavor.  Minimum order 1 two piece box, $6.50.

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