Bettersweet is currently closed for our annual winter break.

We will open again on Thursday, 1/21 at noon.  Voicemails and emails will be checked periodically during this time- so if you are inquiring about an order for 1/21, 1/22 or 1/23, you will receive a response prior to those dates.
Happy New Year!
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Thank you for your continued support of our little bakery in 2020.  Merry Christmas from Curt, Jen, Margo & Abe

This year looks a bit different for all of us.  To offer as much flexibility as possible, we will continue to offer our curbside pick up service.  This means when you arrive, give the bakery a call and we will bring your order to your vehicle for you. 

If you’d like to pick up in person or shop some for some of our extra holiday treats, you can do so whenever we have hours listed below. 

Our custom order cake and cupcake menu is available via our website here:  Our flavor and size offerings are limited this season so that we can create all the specialty goodies in this menu! 

To place an order, please email: 

or call: 920/893.0617  

Don’t forget to check out our a la carte menu & Facebook page to catch our weekly specials and holiday surprises!


Remaining December Hours * when orders can be picked up & our lobby will be open:

THURSDAY, 12/17: 12-2 pm & 4-7 pm

FRIDAY, 12/18: 12-2 pm & 4-7 pm

SATURDAY, 12/19: 9-3 pm

MONDAY, 12/21: 9-7 pm

TUESDAY, 12/22: 9-7 pm

WEDNESDAY, 12/23: 9-7 pm

THURSDAY, 12/31: 9-NOON [Christmas menu no longer available]

BETTERSWEET WILL BE CLOSED for our annual January break from 1/1 until 1/21.  Thank you for understanding we always need a breather after our holiday season.  


Any item in our menu with * contains nuts.



~ Cookies can be ordered as an assortment or individual flavors; i.e. 1 dozen ‘gingerbread trees’.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.  [If you would like to request specific flavors, they must be ordered by the dozen.]

~ You can place a cookie order or just stop in our lobby & pick up one of our gift packaged cookie assortment boxes.

Petite~ 1/2 dozen box, perfect for a simple gift or just a little taste. $5

Deluxe~1.5 dozen box, with a couple of extras of course! $15

Grand~ 2.5 dozen box, a generous amount of cookies, the ultimate gift! $24


Lemon Sandwich Cremes
Caramel Cashew *

Vanilla Bean Shortbread
Mocha Hearts

Pistachio Dipped Rounds*
White Chocolate Cranberry

Raspberry Linzer *
Cardamom Honey Snowflakes

Chocolate Mint Thumbprints
Gingerbread Trees

Winter Fruit Hazelnut Thumbprints
Orange Poppy Seed Coins

Fudge Brownie Delights
Classic Almond Spritz
White Chocolate Holiday Trees

 * Contains nutsNut free assortment boxes may be ordered ahead of time.


Thinking of spending some time with your kids or grandkids decorating cutout cookies this season?? 

What if you didn’t have to bake the cutouts or gather the decorating supplies! 

Bettersweet has put together the solution in our annual classic sugar cookie kits.

This DIY box comes with a generous baker’s dozen of freshly baked cutout cookies, our signature butter frosting, and several containers of festive sprinkles & edible decorating choices.     $20 per kit.



All cakes are available in two sizes: 8” short [serves 6-8]  $26 &  8” tall [serves 12-14] $38

BLACK FOREST ~ Your celebration centerpiece!  This light chocolate cake is filled with a specialty cherry whipped crème and our own slow simmered cherry compote.  Finished with  chocolate curls and a touch of fudge.  

SANTA CLAUS ~cocoa-mint cake filled with velvety fudge & then frosted with a minty butter cream to image Kris Kringle himself. 

CHRISTMAS MORNING ~ A lovely vanilla cake is filled with fresh orange curd crème, topped with our signature chocolate ganache and finished with sliced almonds around the edges.  A dusting of dark chocolate cocoa powder and touch of lavish edible gold glitter. *

COFFEE & CREME~ one of our newer cake flavors of coffee espresso is filled with whipped custard crème & delicately finished with mocha butter & a variety of chocolate covered coffee beans. 

FIRST FROST~ this triple vanilla creation light and sparkly.  Vanilla bean cake is filled with crushed white chocolate crème and frosted with our signature butter.  Decorated in icy blue rosettes with edible snowflakes. 

COCONUT CREME~ light, airy and incredibly full of sweetened coconut flakes.  This coconut cake is quite simple: filled with signature vanilla crème & frosted with our signature butter.  A light covering of more coconut flakes completes this delicacy. 


Loaf cake serves 6-8 guests,  $10.

LEMON RICOTTA LOAF ~ This combination of refreshing lemon and classic pound cake finished with a light glaze has become a holiday classic. 

FROSTED GINGERBREAD~ nostalgia of days past, this traditional cake is perfect for an afternoon treat or weekend brunch. 




Our nearly-everyone-famous sammie sandwich cookies are half dipped in rich chocolate, drizzled with a little more chocolate and finished with a touch of edible gold.  Half dozen box, $7.50.


This chocolate mint treat has made our Christmas menu all 13 years!  A rich chocolate base is layered with a delicious minty cream and then enrobed in a decadent chocolate ganache.  6 piece box,  $22.  1 piece box, $3.75.


Nostalgia candy at it’s finest.  Each bite is an experience of soft rum spiced chocolate goodness.  12 piece box, $12.  2 piece box, $2.50.  *


This simple recipe has been requested all year.  Oat flakes, almonds, pecans, honey, coconut sugar, coconut oil, sea salt, cinnamon & vanilla .  One pound bag, $8.50. Half pound bag $4.50. *


When everyone you know asks for these spiced nuts for gifts, you know they’re good.  Simple ingredients of butter, maple syrup, rosemary and spice keep these toasted nuts healthy and just a bit sweet.  Half pound bag, $8.25. *


We’ve taken our signature brownie recipe, omitted the frosting and added some new flavors for a new inspiration this year.  Each clear square box will hold 3 brownies stacked making this choice a sweet little gift.  $6.75 per box of 3.  Choose one flavor per box:  peppermint, mocha or triple chocolate.    



Each bread is wrapped, labeled and decorated with a pretty & festive ribbon.  $6.75 per loaf.

Eggnog cherry pecan *

Lemon blackberry poppy seed

Apple cranberry spice

Blueberry raspberry



The perfect gift idea for just about anyone on your list.  Prettily packaged and ready to leave on a doorstep or given as a sweet bit of encouragement.  

You choose the size and we’ll add the goodies.  Flavors vary daily. 

The Elf Bag, $15 includes:                                         

~ 1 loaf of brunch bread 

~ 2 festive cupcakes 

~ 1/2 dozen box assorted Christmas cookies

The Santa Bag, $25, includes:

~ 1 loaf of brunch bread

~ 4 festive cupcakes

~  1/2 dozen box of assorted Christmas cookies

~ 4 chocolate dipped sammies



Cake pop truffles~ Flavors to change weekly based upon creative desire.  Gift packaged and quite delicious and somewhat addictive!   $10 per box of 8.


Candy cane star cookies~ The traditional blossom cookie reinvented– candy cane bits in are mixed in the dough and finished with a chocolate star.  $6 per dozen.  

Festive snack mix~  A colorful blend of mini animal crackers, white frosted pretzels, chocolate bits, peppermint drops,  pretzel balls.. just to name a few. $3 per bag.


____This is the end of our 2020 Christmas Menu!  Thanks for stopping by. __________

BETTERSWEET WILL BE CLOSED for our annual January break from 1/1 until 1/21.  Thank you for understanding we always need a breather after our holiday season.  

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Sweets for Others

Here at Bettersweet Bakery, we think one of the best ways you can tell someone you care is with really good food. In this time of turbulent unknown, you may want to take us up on a care package for those in your world.

See the sweets for others page for options.

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We’re taking a little break…

Due to the recent request of Wisconsin’s governor that all nonessential businesses refrain from operation, we have decided to close for at least two weeks starting tomorrow, March 25th.  

We are all experiencing daily changes in what our jobs and homes look like.  Most of us are growing tiresome of constant updates and statistics, especially since every country across the globe is involved in this news story that is broadcasting 24/7.  If we put aside our individual opinions and frustrations for just a moment, I think we can agree on one thing; the future is unknown.  And that is real.  And scary.  But also.. hopeful.

It has been incredible to hear stories of those who are helping.  Remember Mr. Roger’s?  He told us to always look for the helpers, even when the news is scary.  Look at the way so many people across our community and country are utilizing the power of technology and offering such goodness to us and our kids.  Teaching them how to draw each day.  Free cooking classes.  Online stories, no charge.  Documentary websites waving membership fees.  Organizations setting out free food.  Restaurants making and freezing soup in individual servings, and then giving it away to our elder population.  It’s true, I think the list of the good things could easily become longer than the list of scary things.  We just have to hunt through this big news story and find the helpers.  And in turn, we can become helpers, each in a different way.

For the bakery, that means taking a break.  With large and now small gatherings being asked to cancel or reschedule for a future date, we’re nearly twirling our thumbs.  But that doesn’t really matter.  What’s important to us, is that we help encourage each of you to stay home if you can.  We don’t personally agree with every bit of the Governor’s plan, nor the President’s, nor any one in between.  We question things we hear and read in the news just as you do.  But here’s our current thought as we fall back on the old adage; don’t play with fire.  

With all of that in mind, we are taking this situation on a weekly basis for our business.  There is a fine line to argue if our bakery is ‘essential’, but we don’t think that’s an argument we need to engage in.

Our hope is to reopen on Friday 4/10 and Saturday 4/11 for orders & Easter specials, but at this time we have to keep these plans tentative.  IF it looks like that timeline will work within the current guidelines for our community, we will make an announcement and send out a small Easter menu around Sunday, April 5th.  If not, we’ll still send out an update.  

We are all anxious for our lives to return to what we’ve known them to be.   In the meantime, you might have to eat some stale cookies from your pantry.  Or better yet, make some thing sweet with you family.  Challenge your spouse to a cupcake decorating date night at home; and send us the photos.  Most, if not all of them, will be better than Curt’s.  He’s a great guy, but a terrible decorator. 

Rest assured, we will be creating cakes and goodies as soon as we can.

Curt & Jen 

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Why not pick up something sweet for your sweetheart…or yourself!

Valentine’s menu items can be ordered through Wednesday, 2/12 and are available for pick up on:

Friday, 2/14:  1-6 pm

Saturday, 2/15:  9-1 pm

Here’s how to order:



phone: 920/893.0617


On to the goodies!



Ever had a deep chocolate lava cake?  Well, have you ever had one of Bettersweet’s?  Special for this time of year, you’ll receive a box of 6 individually portioned lava cakes.  Baked in a free standing fluted cup, these lava cakes are ready for your dessert table.  Simply microwave for 20-30 seconds, add ice cream and splurge.  Instructions will be included.  Unlike most of our custom goodies, these treats are freezer friendly.  Minimum order box of 6, $13/box.



Inspired by one of our popular Christmas cookie recipes, we’ve transformed a shortbread cookie from trees into hearts, in a variety of sizes and shades of pink.  Each cookie is dipped in white chocolate and flourished with holiday sprinkles.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $11.50.



Our beloved sandwich cookie, The Sammie, is showing up this Valentines with pink and red filling, dipped in decadent chocolate, drizzled with white and dark chocolate, and finished with a touch of edible glitter.   Minimum order 1/2 dozen box, $6.50.



Sometimes we all need a piece of vanilla cake.  When Cupid gets involved, He adds some color!  This 3 layer vanilla cake will be very festive in hues of red, pink, and white with our signature vanilla creme and butter frosting.   Minimum order box of 2 slices, $8.



This assorted box of mini desserts is sure to appeal to everyone.  Each box will include:  

~ 4 mini frosted brownie cups

~ 4 mini vanilla bean cheesecakes with cherry compote topping

~ 4 mini strawberry cupcakes w/ raspberry creme filling and vanilla bean frosting

Minimum order 1 assorted box, $16. 

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