Our late summer schedule looks quite different this year! Read below for our hours & updates.

Below are our current pick up dates and hours.  Please note, once we hit capacity for a certain day, we are no longer available to schedule any new orders.  

Why don’t I see any Saturday pickups available?  We’re simply that busy with our weekend event calendar.  Thanks for understanding & for keeping us busy baking.


Thursday September 23rd: 4-7 pm

Friday September 24th: 12-7 pm

Thursday September 30th: 4-7 pm

Friday October 1st: 12-7 pm

Thursday October 7th: 4-7 pm

Friday October 8th: 12-7 pm

Thursday October 14th: 4-7 pm

Friday October 15th: 12-4 pm [shortened hours due to event schedule]

Thursday October 21st: 4-7 pm

Friday October 22nd: 12-4 pm [shortened hours due to event schedule]

Thursday October 28th: 4-7 pm

Friday October 29th: 12-7 pm

November hours coming soon!

Our lobby is open again!  If you’d prefer curbside pickup, feel free to let us know when ordering.

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Call your mother! Or at least pick up a little something sweet for her this coming weekend.


This week’s a la carte menu is serving the purpose of sharing our Mother’s Day specials with you.   We have just the treat if you’re still looking for a little something to tangibly tell your mom [or your kid’s mom] how much you appreciate them.   Or if you need to hint to your hubby what to order for you!

Picking up your order:

Friday, 5/7 between 2-6 pm OR Saturday, 5/8 between 9-3 pm.  

Placing your order:

Can be done via our website, or giving us a call at 920/893.0617.  Please denote which day and what time you’d like to stop for your goodies.  Please also let us know your contact phone number. 
We do reply to every email and voicemail we receive!  If you don’t hear back from us in 2 business days, please contact us to make sure we received your order.  Order deadline is Wednesday, 5/5 at 8 pm.

Paying for your order:

We accept cash or check for payment.


On to the sweets!
Please note, the following Mother’s Day menu items will be available ONLY on Friday 5/7 and Saturday 5/8.

Signature cakes!  A special for this menu only, we’re offering some of our signature cakes in a 6” single layer version [8? tall is typically the smallest size you can order signature cakes in.  Perfect for a gift or small gathering, each cake will serve 3-4 guests].

~ Almond joy: This coconut and almond flavored vanilla cake is baked with 3 types of chocolate and generously filled with our signature vanilla creme.  Frosted with nothing better than our BSB butter and flaked coconut.  $15.  Contains almonds and coconut. 

~ Razmon Delight:  our newest signature cake starts with a raspberry vanilla batter, is filled with mascarpone lemon creme and finished with a touch of raspberry infused cream cheese frosting.  $15.   

~ German chocolate: Our version of this southern classic involves mild chocolate cake, layered with a pecan whipped creme and en-robbed in the sweet caramel pecan coconut frosting you remember so well. $15.  Contains coconut and pecans.

~ A Pie from Boston: Classic vanilla cake is generously filled with a cooked vanilla custard and ‘frosted’ with a sweet chocolate ganache.  $15.



Peanut Square: We couldn’t resist adding these jems to the list. Vanilla cupcakes w/ vanilla creme filling, butter frosting and the frosting completely covered in freshly ground, salted spanish peanuts.

~ 1 regular size, individually boxed cupcake. $3.25. 

~ 4 regular size, gift boxed cupcakes.  $12.50

Over sized Carrot: this holiday we are offering our signature ‘world’s best ever’ carrot cake as over sized cupcakes.  Each cupcake will be individually boxed & ready for gift giving.  $5 per cupcake.  Contains coconut, walnuts and pineapple.

Mini assortment #1: the classic fruity: Each assortment is available in either a 1/2 dozen box, [2 of each flavor], $7 OR a 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $14.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~fresh lemon w/ lemon curd creme filling & cream cheese frosting
~orange w/ mixed berry [raspberry + blueberry + blackberry] creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting
~french vanilla w/ raspberry compote creme filling & signature butter frosting.
Mini assortment #2: the overly chocolate: Each assortment is available in either a 1/2 dozen box, [2 of each flavor], $7 OR a 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $14.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~classic chocolate w/ crushed chocolate creme filling & signature butter frosting
~milk chocolate w/ caramel creme filling & signature butter frosting
~classic chocolate w/ chocolate creme filling & cocoa butter frosting



Turtle Cheesecake Slices: Everything good you are imaging after you read that is exactly what you’ll get.  Caramel, pecans, chocolate… and cheesecake.  $5 per slice.

Lemon Sandwich Cookies:  These little gems have been a favorite for almost 14 years here at the bakery.  We traditionally only let them out at Christmas time but after their standing ovation on our Easter menu, here we go again.  Two lemon shortbread cookies are sandwiched with a zesty lemon creme filling and finished with a candied lemon piece. Refreshing and addicting.  $10, 1 generous baker’s dozen box.  

Abe’s Quadruple Chippers:  If you’re not certain how good a cookie is with white, dark, milk and semi sweet chocolate chips- then you probably should try them and find out!  $3.25 per half dozen container.

Margo Claire’s Eclairs: These will turn any stay at home weekend into an escape!  From scratch pastries are filled with a lovely custard crème and generously drizzled in decadent chocolate. $5 per container of 2. 



We also wanted to highlight that our ‘sweets for others’ gift bags are available each week. We are going to leave this information at the bottom of our week a la carte menus, as many of you have been asking about them.  It’s so good to see how well you are taking care of those around you! 

The flavors in each package will be baker’s choice, as we will be making up different flavors each week but the packages will be nut free and contain only well-loved flavors for a nice variety.

Option 1, The Small Bag: Perfect for 1 or 2 people. $10 [elderly neighbors, your UPS driver, the garbage collector, the ER nurse down the street]. This bag will include:

1 loaf of brunch bread

4 piece container of hand crafted sammie cookies. 

2 regular size cupcakes: 1 chocolate & 1 vanilla

Option 2, The Medium Bag: Perfect for up to 6 people: $20 [your car mechanic garage, a farming family you drive past every day, a family new to homeschooling ?, a birthday treat….] This bag will include:

1 loaf of brunch bread

6 piece container of hand crafted sammie cookies.

½ dozen regular size assorted cupcakes: 2 chocolate, 2 vanilla & 2 fruity

~ Looking to give a larger gift? Send us your inquiry and we’ll come up with something that would work for a larger staff sized gift.

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easter might be early this year, but bettersweet has your desserts covered.

Easter orders:

~are available for pick up on Friday 4/2, between 2-7 pm or Saturday 4/3, between 10-4 pm. 
~will be accepted until 8 pm on Tuesday 3/30.                                                          ~can be placed via email or phone 920/893.0617

Some Bunny Special Cupcakes~ Our best selling cupcake combination, french vanilla w/ raspberry crème filling & BSB’s butter frosting, is adorned with a super cute edible sugar bunny face. 4 pack regular size cupcakes, $11.

Egg-citing Mini Cupcakes~ Everyone loves a little cupcake.  Some people love 3, while others love 8.  Whatever number sounds good to you, help yourself to a variety box this holiday season.  We’ve chosen 3 flavors and are offering them as a special assortment.  Available as an assorted box only [4 of each flavor] of festively decorated treats.  $15/box.

~Vanilla bean cupcakes w/ orange blueberry crème filling & vanilla bean butter frosting 
~Pastel vanilla sprinkle cupcakes w/ marshmallow crème filling & BSB’s signature butter frosting
~Milk chocolate cupcakes w/ fudge cheesecake crème filling & double chocolate cocoa butter frosting


Each of the cake flavors below is available in two size options.  Our 8″ short size will serve 6-8 guests while the 8″ tall will serve 12-14 guests.  Please note desired size when ordering.  

Springtime Berry~  Our golden butter cake is layered with a refreshing mixture of mixed berry compote and sweet vanilla crème.  Finished with cream cheese frosting and festive sugar decorations. 8″ short-$24 or 8″-tall $40.

Easter Egg Wreath Cake~ Vanilla chocolate chip cake is filled with a lovely crushed chocolate cherry compote creme and finished with our almond butter frosting.  Decorated with speckled Cadbury Easter egg candies & pale frosting flowers to look like a festive wreath adorned the top of the cake. 8″ short-$24 or 8″-tall $40. Almond frosting is nut free.

Carrot Cake~ This recipe has been perfected over time with distinctive fillings and our cream cheese frosting. 8″ short-$30 or 8″-tall $48.  Contains walnuts & coconut.

Bird’s Nest Cake~ Back by popular demand! Our milk chocolate cake is baked with tiny chocolate chips, filled with our velvety fudge crème and finished with a layer of light chocolate frosting.  The entire cake is hand piped with small ‘twigs’ and the center is indented slightly, of course to hold room for some pretty speckled chocolate eggs.  Mama bird is perched on top, as you might expect. 8″ short-$28 or 8″-tall $44.

Coconut Crème Cake~ A classic vanilla cake batter baked with delightfully sweet coconut flakes, filled with our signature vanilla crème and finished with none other than our signature butter frosting.  To give all coconut lovers more delight, the entire cake is covered with a blanked of sweet coconut.  8″ short-$24 or 8″-tall $40.

Bunny Cake~ This staple to our Easter menu will leave your bunny-loving self saying ‘so cute!’ A simple bunny face is decorated in simple, soft colors. $36, serving 12-14 guests.
*Chose one cake flavor and one filling flavor from the following options [all bunny cakes will be frosted with our signature butter frosting]:

Cake flavors:
~French vanilla
~Marble [classic chocolate & french vanilla swirled]
~Pastel rainbow sprinkle
~Fresh lemon

Filling flavors:
~Raspberry compote crème
~Mint cookies n’ cream
~Salted caramel crème
~Lemon curd crème

Box o’ Cake, Easter Edition~ This beautifully pastel layer cake is vanilla based, filled with vanilla crème filling & kept simply delicious with our signature butter frosting.  Both the cake and the frosting will be tinted in pale colors of purple, orangeish-pink and golden yellow.  Finished with a few coordinating sprinkles and sliced into two very generous servings, enough for 4 to enjoy.  $10 per box.  


BRUNCH BREADS:  Each loaf runs $6.75, regular size.

Lemon Poppy Seed Blackberry

Blueberry Citrus

Pistachio, Cherry Almond [Contains pistachios and almonds]

Raspberry Chocolate Chip



Lemon Sandwich~ Sometimes we just need a cookie.  Enough said.  Always a best seller during our Christmas holiday, we’ve brought this recipe out of the vault.  Two zesty lemon shortbread cookies filled with lemon cream and topped with a candied lemon wedge and sparkly powdered sugar.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $10.

Abe’s Special Cookie Box~  This 9 year old baker decided to try something different for our holiday menu.  He is creating a cookie box with three different types of cookies: pastel sprinkle, holiday M&M and quadrupole chocolate [white, semi-sweet, milk and dark!]  Available as a generous dozen box, assorted with all three flavors, $8.  



The ‘just for one, or two’ bag~ $15.  This perfect gift will be packaged in a decorative bag, ribboned and will include:

~ 1 brunch bread loaf, your choice of flavor

~ 2 ‘some bunny special’ cupcakes

~ 4 pack of lemon sandwich cookies

The ‘enough for a small army’ bag~ $30.  This perfect gift will be packaged in a decorative bag, ribboned and will include:

~ 1 brunch bread loaf, your choice of flavor

~ 6 ‘some bunny special’ cupcakes

~ 1/2 dozen pack of lemon sandwich cookies

~ 1/2 dozen pack of Abe’s special cookies

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why not use bettersweet to plan a little treat for someone sweet…

Valentine’s menu items can be ordered through Wednesday, 2/10 and are available for pick up ONLY on:

Friday 2/12:  2-6 pm  and  Saturday, 2/13:  9-1 pm

Here’s how to order:    email- bettersweetbakery@gmail.com OR phone- 920/893.0617



We’d get in trouble if we didn’t put these on our Valentine’s menu, but we’re leaving them unfrosted and packing them up in a cute clear box.  We had such a positive reply at Christmas time, we thought we’d bring them back.  Choose either triple chocolate or raspberry white chocolate.  Box of 3 brownies [of the same flavor], $7.50.


 Special for this time of year, you’ll receive a box of 6 individually portioned lava cakes.  Baked in a free standing fluted cup, these lava cakes are ready for your dessert table.  Simply microwave for 20-30 seconds, add ice cream and splurge.  Instructions will be included.  Unlike most of our custom goodies, these treats are freezer friendly. Half dozen box, $14.


Inspired by everyone’s love of frosting cutout cookies but maybe not their love of baking them…  we’ve created a box of various sized heart shaped cutout sugar cookies.   Included is a generous container of tinted butter cream, festive sprinkles and a baker’s HALF DOZEN cookies.  $11 per kit.  


Our famous sammie sandwich cookies have a tinted filling, are half dipped in decadent chocolate, drizzled with a little more chocolate and finished with a touch of edible silver. Half dozen box, $8.


This creative baker is planning to add a little tint of festive color to his nearly-famous cookie recipe.  Soft and sweet, with all the love a little person can muster.  $3 per half dozen.  


This year, we’ve filled our over-sized cupcakes with love [but not bugs].  Minimum order 1 oversized cupcake, $5.  Each cupcake will be individually boxed and decorated, perfect for a little gift!  Choose from the following flavors:

Car bomb [perhaps for the gentleman in your world]- chocolate stout cupcake w/ irish creme filling & whiskey bourbon butter frosting.  Finished with a grown up caramel drizzle & salted pretzels.  

Festive sprinkle [perfect for a kiddo of any age]- pink & red vanilla sprinkle cupcake filled with frosted with our signature butter and finished with edible hearts.

The classic [you can’t go wrong]- french vanilla cupcake w/ raspberry compote creme filling & signature butter frosting.  Edible white chocolate curls finish this masterpiece.

GLUTEN FREE [so no one is left out]- classic chocolate w/ cherry chocolate chip creme filling & whipped ganache frosting.  Sparkly and delicious.  


Something new this year for you to enjoy with your sweetheart, your closest friends or your kiddos.  Also perfect for gifting to friends you know who could use a sweet treat… without calling a babysitter or having to go out.  Each box will have 4 generous square pieces of our classic vanilla bean cheesecake and small individual containers of the following hand crafted toppings:  decadent chocolate sauce, salted caramel, cherry bourbon compote, zesty blueberry compote, sweet strawberry sauce & candied pecans.  Enough for two people to over indulge or enjoy twice.  $20 per box.


We’ve been putting together various gift bags since last Easter for you to send out a little encouragement into the world around you.  This holiday’s gift bag will be filled with the following treats:

~ 1/2 pound bag of cinnamon honey nut granola

~ 2 chocolate dipped sammies

~ 1 over sized cupcake [choose one flavor from the four options listed in this menu]

~ 6 of Abe’s holiday special sprinkle cookies

Let us know if you’d like us to add a personalized note.  $15 per bag. 


A little update from our little bakery…
~ Our lobby is open for pick ups, so feel free to come on in when you arrive to pick up your order.  We are also still offering curbside delivery and would be happy to bring your order to your vehicle.  Just call when you arrive at the bakery- 920/893.0617

~ A la carte is back!  Take a peek at our weekly specials here: http://bettersweetbakery.com/a-la-carte-menu/  [posted on Mondays]

~ Bettersweet will be closed March 25-27. 

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Bettersweet is currently closed for our annual winter break.

We will open again on Thursday, 1/21 at noon.  Voicemails and emails will be checked periodically during this time- so if you are inquiring about an order for 1/21, 1/22 or 1/23, you will receive a response prior to those dates.
Happy New Year!
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