Temporary Menu

Thanks for visiting! Here are our current menu options. We’re all looking forward to resuming life as we remember it, with larger gatherings and bigger cakes! Thanks for understanding our need to keep things simple during this time. Ordering details are given at the bottom of this page.

Cake Size Options: Please denote the size desired when ordering.

6” round [serves 6-8]. $22-24. Perfect if you love the standard height of our round cakes.

8” round [serves 12-14]. $32-34. If you’re looking for leftovers, this is the size for you.

8” round [serves 6]. $20-22. SINGLE LAYER. This new size is perfect for a small, intimate gathering without the height of our standard 8” size.

Cupcake Quantity Options: Please denote the quantity desired when ordering.

½ dozen regular size. $12.25-$13.25. Smaller than our standard minimum, if you only need a few!

1 dozen regular size. $24.50-26.50. Perfect for leftovers at home or gifting to a business.

1 dozen mini size. $12.25-$13.25 If you’re in the mood for a treat each day for your busy week!

Cake Flavor Options: Each cake size or cupcake quantity above is available with ONE of the following cake flavors:

French Vanilla Classic Chocolate Fresh Lemon

Butter Vanilla Milk Chocolate Caramel

Vanilla Sprinkle Vanilla Chocolate Chip Coconut

Vanilla Poppy Seed Irish Cream Almond [nut free]

Cake Filling Options: Each cake size or cupcake quantity above is available with ONE of the following filling flavors:

Signature Vanilla Crème Raspberry Compote Crème Caramel Creme

Cheesecake Crème Blueberry Compote Crème Mint Creme

Fudge Crème Mixed Berry Compote Crème Peanut Butter Crème [contains nuts]

Cookies n’ Crème Lemon Curd Crème Classic Cappuccino Crème

Cake Frosting Options: Each cake size or cupcake quantity above is available with ONE of the following frosting flavors:

Signature Butter Cream Cheese Vanilla Bean Butter

Cocoa Butter Lemon Butter Mocha Butter


Other Treats & Goodies: Please denote the quantity desired when ordering.

Hand Crafted Cookies: Each flavor is available in 1 dozen increments. $8 per dozen.

Sammies: Think of the nostalgic whoopie pie, these soft chocolate sandwich cookies are filled with our signature butter frosting.

Salted Chocolate Chip: Our version of this all-time favorite includes a both milk and semisweet chocolate chips and a touch of sea salt.

White Chocolate Cranberry: These will quickly become your new favorite! An uncomplicated recipe combines the sweetness of dried cranberries and white chocolate chips.

Abe’s Sprinkle Sugar: Our 8 year old son has beyond perfected a soft, buttery sugar cookie specked with rainbow colored jimmies. [$6 per dozen]

Brunch Breads: Minimum order of 1 loaf per flavor. $6.75 per loaf.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

Apple Cinnamon Streusel


Blueberry Citrus

Cherry Almond Chocolate Chip [new flavor combination! Contains almonds]

Six-Chocolate Frosted Brownies: Minimum order 4 piece box, $12.

Can you pick out all 6 different chocolates in this thirteen year old recipe?

Margo Claire’s Eclairs: These will turn any stay at home weekend into an escape!

From scratch pastries are filled with a lovely custard crème and generously drizzled in decadent chocolate. Minimum order ½ dozen, $15.

Gluten Free Goodness: We didn’t forget about those of you who need to stay away from gluten.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Scones: These gluten and grain free treats are just that, a treat! Made with almond flour, honey and mini chocolate chips, these are great for anyone who needs a guilt free goodie. Can be made with dairy free chocolate upon request. Minimum order 1 dozen, $14.

9” Cake: Chose from any of our cake/filling/frosting options [except cookies n’ cream] for this single layer 9” cake. $26-28. Serves 6-8 and can be custom decorated.

½ dozen Cupcakes: Chose from any of our cake/filling/frosting options [except cookies n’ cream] to create your flavor combination. $14.25-15.25.


Ordering Details:

* Please email bettersweetbakery@gmail.com or call 920/893.0617 to place your order. Orders will be accepted through Wednesday evening, 4/8. All orders will be confirmed via email or phone.

* Please read our temporary pick up procedure here: http://bettersweetbakery.com

* Pick up hours are Fridays 12-6 pm & Saturdays 10-2 pm.

* Checks payable to Bettersweet Bakery or cash will be accepted at the time of pickup.

* Custom decoration and an order total will be given when your order is confirmed.

* All cake and cupcake boxes can be spruced up with ribbon and a custom greeting on the box if you are ordering a gift. Please let us know the desired details when ordering.