Ever wonder how your favorite bakery came to be?

Well, here’s the story, (at least the short version).

About Bettersweet Bakery

Bettersweet began spring 2007, in a rented kitchen about the size of your average oversized closet. One oven, two countertops and a three basin sink. Our first clients came to us via the Elkhart Lake Farmer’s Market, where Jen set up camp under an old white tent, selling a variety of homemade goodies – pies, muffins, sweet breads, brownies, etc…. and let’s not forget our infamous European fresh fruit tarts. Immediately there was a following of people who appreciated the quality and taste of what they purchased from that little table.

By Christmas time, there was a mailing list and a brochure, and oh, there were cookies. A few months later, late spring 2008, Bettersweet moved into the basement of Jen’s home, where it is currently located. The space was about double that of the rented kitchen, with a single wall of shelves. By the end of 2008, plans were in motion for a facility expansion – what you would currently see today.

During 2009, Bettersweet’s business and clientele doubled, and then doubled again. The word was certainly out! And this amount of growth presented the need for more staff. Early 2010, Jen hired within and taught her new husband Curt, how to bake. And answer the phone. And order supplies. And deliver. And make strong coffee.

Nearly 950 weddings later, 3 magazine features, several awards and newspaper articles, Bettersweet is becoming a household name. When you place an order with Bettersweet Bakery, your order becomes personal to us, and custom to you. We have years of artistic decorating experience, and no two cakes have ever been decorated the same. Known first and foremost for the taste of our products we still (and always will) take our ingredient standards very seriously. We know it’s good, because we know what’s in it.