Christmas time is here again… our version this year is a little simpler but just as sweet!


Whether you’ve experienced our Christmas season before or are new to the holidays here at Bettersweet– please take a few moments to look our calendar over carefully as it is set up a little differently this year.  On Friday 12/1 and Friday 12/29, only our standard menu [not our Christmas menu] items are available for custom orders.  On the other days that we are open in December, you will see listed what is available to order. 

Visit our lobby during open hours for extra goodies and a fine selection of treats available for walk in purchase. Each menu item may not be available everyday.

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list version here:


Christmas orders can be placed at any time.  Payment options: cash or check.

On Friday 12/15 we’ll be hosting our annual TWIGHLIGHT HOURS from 5-8 pm.  Giveaways, samples and Abe’s annual hot cocoa sale!  You won’t want to miss this evening. 

We will be showcasing some local artisan talent again this year in our lobby.  You can find some unique and hand crafted gifts beyond bakery treats. 

Thank you for your continued support of our little bakery. 

Merry Christmas from Curt, Jen & the Bettersweet Team


CHRISTMAS  COOKIES  Can be ordered two different ways:

  1. As individual flavors by the dozen. For example, 1 dozen ‘gingerbread trees’.  Minimum order 1 baker’s dozen per flavor, $14. 
  2. As a pre assorted gift box, flavors from the cookie list below:

Petite~ 1/2 dozen pre assorted box.  Perfect for a simple gift or just a little taste. $8

Deluxe~1.5 dozen pre assorted box. A lovely array of flavors with a couple of extras of course! $20

Grand~ 2.5 dozen pre assorted box.  The ultimate gift!  A very  generous amount of cookies.  $30

If you would like to request specific flavors, they must be ordered by the dozen as the pre assorted boxes are put together daily with the  flavor variety that is being created at that time.

* Contains nuts.  Nut free assortment boxes may be ordered ahead of time.




Lemon Sandwich Cremes

Coffee Chocolate Hearts

Gingerbread Trees

Pistachio Dipped Rounds*

Vanilla Bean Almond Glazers*

Hot Cocoa Supreme

Raspberry Linzer *

Chocolate Mint Thumbprints

Classic Almond Spritz

Eggnog Spice Shortbread

Cardamom Honey Snowflakes

White Chocolate Holiday Trees



This DIY box comes with a generous baker’s dozen of freshly baked cutout cookies, our signature butter frosting, and several containers of festive sprinkles & edible decorations.    $22 per kit.

Want to add an extra dozen cookies?  Looking for cookies without the kit?  $14 per unfrosted dozen.

DIY kits available on 12/9, 12/15, 12/21 & 12/22.


CHRISTMAS CAKES                                                                                         

The following four cakes are available as either  8” short [serves 6-8] $34 or 8” tall [serves 12-14] $50.

 BLACK FOREST ~ Your celebration centerpiece!  This light chocolate cake is filled with a specialty cherry whipped crème and our own slow simmered cherry compote.  Finished with  chocolate curls and a touch of fudge.  

PEPPERMINT BLISS ~ Vanilla bean meets white chocolate in this light and refreshing cake.  The filling is a striking shade of dusty pink dotted with bits of peppermint white chocolate.  Finished with signature butter frosting and decorated in red, white and silver touches.   

WINTER WOODLAND~ Our reimaging of the French Buche de Noel, this golden vanilla butter cake is filled with your choice of either chocolate mousse creme or mocha hazelnut mousse creme.  Lightly frosted with cocoa butter and flaked chocolate to look like the bark of a freshly snowed on forest stump.  Complete with holly, mushrooms and of course, a cardinal.  

SANTA CLAUS ~ Cocoa-mint cake filled with velvety fudge & then frosted with a minty butter cream to image Kris Kringle himself.  Also available without mint.



Each serves 6-8 guests, $15 each.

LEMON RICOTTA ~ This combination of refreshing lemon and classic pound cake finished with a light glaze has become a holiday classic. 

APPLE FRITTER~ Cinnamon vanilla cake, fresh apples and a simple sugared glaze.  You won’t save this one for the dinner guests. 

FROSTED GINGERBREAD~ Nostalgia of days past, this traditional cake is perfect for an afternoon treat or weekend brunch. 

CHRISTMAS MARBLE~ Swirls of red and green through this vanilla cake will remind you of childhood.  Simply frosted white with sprinkles on top!



Each serves 8-10 guests, $28.

HOLIDAY EGGNOG ~ This one is from the vault, circa 2011.  A decadent and buttery bundt topped with a rum glaze & sliced almonds. 

BAKLAVA ~  A brand new menu item!  A classic bundt cake with a honey infused nut topping [pistachios, almonds and walnuts].  Lightly glazed and finished with a touch of edible gold. 




Our hand crafted sammie sandwich cookies are half dipped in rich chocolate, drizzled with a   little dark & white chocolate and finished with a touch of edible  glitter.  Half dozen box, $12.


A rich chocolate base is  layered with a delicious minty cream and then covered in a decadent chocolate ganache.  1 piece box, $5.


When everyone you know asks for these spiced nuts for gifts, you know they’re good.  Simple ingredients of butter,  maple syrup, rosemary and spice keep these toasted nuts healthy and just a bit sweet.  Half pound bag, $10. *


Our rendition of this childhood favorite.  A perfect blend of peanut butter and chocolate goodness.   12 piece box, $16. *



$7.50 per loaf.

Eggnog Cherry Pecan *

Lemon Blackberry Poppy Seed

Mocha Chocolate Chip

White Chocolate Raspberry



This nut free mix has all the best : crunchy, sweet, and familiar flavors that will keep you wondering what you’ll enjoy on your next nibble.

Kris Kringle Mix, $5.50/bag, each bag is heat sealed & decorated, approximately 2 generous cups.



Cutout Cookies~ Enjoy Abe’s delicious cookies as well as his growing decorating skills.  $8 per box of 4.  Available on 12/8, 12/9, 12/22 and 12/23.

Christmas Tree Popsicles~ don’t worry… these won’t melt!  Chocolate brownies are shaped like trees, dipped in chocolate and whimsically decorated [and yes, they are on a stick!]  From one kiddo to another– they are perfect for the chocolate lover on your list.  $5 per container of 2. 




A buttery sweet crust is filled with a tea infused baked custard.  Think crème brulee texture– smooth, creamy and incredibly decadent.  Simple edible decorations make this new menu item festive and lovely. 

Available in either earl grey or chai flavor.  $30 per tart.


FRENCH MACARONS   6 pc. box – $13  &  12 pc. box –  $25

Week One: available 12/7, 12/8 & 12/9

6 pc box has 2 each: Eggnog, Pistachio Raspberry, Chocolate Cheesecake

12 pc box has 3 each: Eggnog, Pistachio Raspberry, Chocolate Cheesecake, Peppermint

Week Two: available 12/14, 12/15 & 12/16

6 pc box has 2 each: Cranberry Orange, Gingerbread, Brown Butter Vanilla Bean

12 pc box has 3 each: Cranberry Orange, Gingerbread, Brown Butter Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Mint

Week Three: available 12/21, 12/22 & 12/23

6 pc box has 2 each: Peppermint, Eggnog, Cherry Cheesecake

12 pc box has 3 each: Peppermint, Eggnog, Cherry Cheesecake, Chocolate    Caramel

Week Four: available 12/29

6 pc box has 2 each: White Chocolate, Espresso, Raspberry

12 pc box has 3 each: White Chocolate, Espresso, Raspberry, Salted Caramel



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it’s a thanksgiving miracle! your turkey turned out, the stuffing isn’t dry and your dessert options- top notch. good thing you ordered ahead and reserved something delicious from bettersweet…

The following special Thanksgiving menu items are ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP on Wednesday 11/22.

We are accepting a limited amount of custom order cake orders for pick up on Tuesday, 11/21 ONLY.

Orders can be placed via email or phone, 920/893.0617.  Payment accepted at pick up: cash or check.

Special holiday hours are:


Sunday 11/19 & Monday 11/20: CLOSED

Tuesday 11/21: 12-6 pm: custom orders only.  No Thanksgiving menu items will be available.  

Wednesday 11/22: 12-6 pm: ONLY Thanksgiving menu items are available.  


Friday 11/24 & Saturday 11/25: CLOSED for our Christmas season preparations!

Any extra goodies will be available in our lobby during pick up hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now, let’s plan dessert! _____________________________________

CAKES All holiday cakes are available as an 8″ short [6-8 servings] or an 8″ tall [12-14 servings].

CARAMEL APPLE TOFFEE CRUNCH:  thinking of something a little different this year? Well then, you’re reading the right description.  Our golden vanilla cake has meet a touch of autumnal spices, is filled with both a layer of caramel apple pie toffee creme filling.  Finished with our cream cheese frosting and a generous sprinkling of toffee pieces.  8″ short, $34 or 8″ tall, $50.

CRANBERRY SPICE:  we’ve taken our aromatic spice cake and layered it with our fresh orange cranberry compote.  These flavor come together with nothing complicated, just our signature butter frosting.  Decorated with a fall colored frosting wreath on the top.  8″ short, $34 or 8″ tall, $50.

PUMPKIN VANILLA: something new this year!  Vanilla bean cake layers are filled with pumpkin creme filling and brown butter frosting to make it one fantastic combination. Just enough pumpkin spice to feel like you’re a part of the holiday season at last!  Simple edible fall leaves and a touch of edible gold sparkle decorate this lovely cake.  8″ short, $34 or 8″ tall, $50.



TURKEY ASSORTMENT: Each dozen box will include 4 each of the following 3 flavors:

~classic chocolate with cookie butter spiced filling & cinnamon butter frosting

~ butter vanilla w/ pecan creme filling [nut free!] & maple butter frosting

~ vanilla bean w/ pumpkin creme filling & cream cheese frosting

Minimum order 1 dozen assorted box, $20.

MASHED POTATO ASSORTMENT: Each dozen box will include 4 each of the following 3 flavors:

~ white chocolate w/ cherry cheesecake creme filling & signature butter frosting

~ orange w/ double chocolate fudge creme filling & cream cheese frosting

~ vanilla poppy seed w/ mixed berry compote creme filling & signature butter frosting

Minimum order 1 dozen assorted box, $20.


ELIZABETH’S FRENCH MACARONS:   we are so excited to partner with this lovely lady again this holiday!  Elizabeth is an extremely talented macaron creator who has come up with some amazingly delicious sounding flavors.  

– Box of 6 macarons, $13.  This box includes 2 of each flavor:~ Pumpkin Spice Latte ~ Salted Caramel ~ Apple Pie

– Box of 12 macarons, $25.  This box includes 3 of each flavor: ~ Pumpkin Spice Latte ~ Salted Caramel ~ Apple Pie ~ Cardamom Walnut

BROWN BUTTER PECAN COOKIES: This special recipe is usually available on our wedding dessert menu only.  Incredibly rich and decadent.  If you like butter pecan ANYTHING, you’ll love these!  Minimum order 1 baker’s dozen box, $15.

GLUTEN FREE SCONES: these treats are really more like a soft chocolate chip cookie perfect if you need to avoid gluten.  *Contains almonds.   Minimum order 1 baker’s dozen box, $15.  Also available dairy free, $17 per dozen.

APPLE PIE TARTLETS: Another sweet treat we’ve taken from the recipe vault.  Personal sized tartlets are made with a sweet pastry crust, handcrafted apple pie filling and a bit of crumble crunch on top.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $24.  



Margo Claire’s Chocolate Eclairs: PUMPKIN SPICE EDITION.  From scratch pastries are filled with a lovely custard crème that has been pumpkin spice kissed and then generously drizzled in decadent chocolate. Minimum order ½ dozen, $20.

Pumpkin Cake Truffles:  Abe is working out some creative ideas again this year!  He’s settled on creating vanilla cake pop truffles dipped in orange colored [not flavored] white chocolate and decorated to look like pretty little pumpkins.   Minimum order box of 8, $12.  


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A SECOND Fruit Fest this summer at Bettersweet!

Who’s ready for another fruit themed Saturday at Bettersweet? 

We know some of you are, and some of you weren’t around in July- so it’s your lucky Saturday in August!  Join in the fun by preordering any of the items on the menu below.

This time around we’re just focusing on fruit tarts.  If you’d like to place an order, you can email or call in your request.  920/893.0617. Please read the ordering information carefully:
~ Order deadline is Thursday, 8/10 at 6 pm.
~ Pickup is ONLY on Saturday, 8/12 between 9-1 pm. Sorry, we won’t have any ready on Friday! These will be made fresh on Friday evening after we close.
~ Payment is cash or check.
~ Please only reserve items if you can make the pickup date and time window.

OUR EUROPEAN INSPIRED FRESH FRUIT TARTS. Have you not tried these before? Well, a quick recap: they are 4 components: sweet and flaky pastry dough, baked to a slight crisp, whipped french custard with a tiny hint of lemon, fresh fruit including raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries and a final touch of just slightly sweet but very delicious glaze dotting the fruit on top.

On to the treats! Remember, these are presales, so we’ll make as many as your order… by Thursday evening at 6 pm. 🙂

#1. GRANDE FRUIT TART. This is our largest size with a 9″ diameter and easily serves 6-8 people. $38 each.

#2. MEDIUM FRUIT TART. This is well, our medium size with a 4.5″ diameter. Perfect for 2 to share. $11 each.

#3. PETITE FRUIT TARTLETS. This is a box of 4 mini tarts, or tartlets. They are about 2.25″ in diameter and of course, perfect for 1. So you can share with 3 friends or you can share with your self 4 times. Box of 4, $9.


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let us handle dessert while you handle lunch [and make sure you give your mom the day off of dishes!]

The green leaves all over our Wisconsin tree lines are here and with that reminder of spring comes the annual celebration of Mother’s Day.    We have just the treat if you’re still looking for a little something to tangibly tell your mom [or your kid’s mom] how much you appreciate them.   Or if you need to hint to your hubby what to order for you!

Picking up your order:

Saturday, 5/13 between between 10-3 pm.  Please note, only items from our special Mother’s Day menu are available to pick up on 5/13.  milk 

Placing your order:

Can be done via email, or giving us a call at 920/893.0617.  Please denote your requested pick up time and please provide a contact phone number for your order. 
We do reply to every email and voicemail we receive!  If you don’t hear back from us in 2 business days, please contact us to make sure we received your order.  Order deadline is Thursday, 5/11 at NOON.

Paying for your order:

We accept cash or check for payment.


On to the sweets!
Please note, the following Mother’s Day menu items will be available ONLY on Saturday 5/13.

Signature cakes!  A special for this menu only, we’re offering some of our signature cakes in a 6” single layer version [8? tall is typically the smallest size you can order signature cakes in.  Perfect for a gift or small gathering, each cake will serve 3-4 guests].

~ Razmon Delight:  one of our most popular signature cake starts with a raspberry vanilla batter, is filled with mascarpone lemon creme and finished with a touch of raspberry infused cream cheese frosting.  $18.   

~ Minted Chocolate Crunch: create many years ago to curb the ‘last box of Girl Scout’ cookie dilema, this milk chocolate cake is filled with mint creme & cookie crunch.  Frosted with a pale green butter frosting and some lovely chocolate garnishes.  $18.  

~ Strawberry Margaretta: to our strawberry cake batter we add margarita mix,  fill the cake with a lime curd champagne creme and finish off this creation with a pale green vanilla bean butter and a dusting of flaked sea salt.  [All ingredients in this cake are non-alcoholic].  $18.

~ Ma’s Almond Joy:  This coconut & almond flavored vanilla cake is baked with 3 types of crushed chocolate and generously filled with our signature vanilla crème. Frosted with nothing better than our BSB butter and flaked coconut.  *contains coconut and almonds.  $18.

~ A Pie from Boston: classic vanilla cake is generously filled with a cooked vanilla custard and ‘frosted’ with a sweet milk chocolate ganache.  $18.


Mini assortment #1: the ‘mom’s taking the day off‘ fruity box: 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $17.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~fresh lemon w/ lemon curd creme filling & cream cheese frosting
~white chocolate w/ mixed berry [raspberry + blueberry + blackberry] creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting
~french vanilla w/ raspberry compote creme filling & signature butter frosting.
Mini assortment #2: the ‘mom’s not sharing her chocolate’ box: 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $17.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~vanilla chocolate chip w/ crushed chocolate creme filling & signature butter frosting
~milk chocolate w/ salted caramel creme filling & bourbon butter frosting
~classic chocolate w/ double chocolate fudge creme filling & cocoa butter frosting

Mini assortment #3: the ‘mom needs coffee’ box: 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $17.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~coffee espresso w/ crushed white chocolate creme filling & mocha butter frosting
~milk chocolate w/ chocolate raspberry cappuccino creme filling & signature butter frosting
~irish cream w/ english toffee creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting


French Macarons: Elizabeth at Cedar Springs Floral Co. is at it again!  Look at her flavors for a very special Mother’s Day box:
~ White Chocolate Raspberry
~ Lemon Poppy Seed
~ Lavender Coconut
~ Passionfruit (only available in the boxes of 12)

•Box of 6 macarons- $13 (two each of white chocolate raspberry, lemon poppy seed and lavender coconut)

•Box of 12 macarons- $25 (three each of white chocolate raspberry, lemon poppy, lavender coconut and passionfruit)

Honey Nut Cinnamon Granola:  looking for something not quite so sweet that will last a little longer than Sunday’s dessert?  Perfect for gift giving and your breakfast all week long, you’ll find quite a gem in our infamous granola.  Made without refined sugar too.  $9 per pound bag.  

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What happens if you get married on Easter?… You live hoppily ever after.

Easter orders:

~are available for pick up ONLY on Saturday 4/8, between 10-4 pm. 
~will be accepted until 8 pm on Thursday, 4/6.
                                                              ~can be placed via email [] or phone 920/893.0617

Please note~ if you’re looking for a custom cake or cupcake order, that can be placed for pick up on Thursday, 4/6 from 4-6 pm or Friday, 4/7 from 12-6 pm.  We will be limiting the amount of custom orders we accept that weekend, to make room for all the festive goodies below!  


Egg-citing Mini Cupcakes~ Everyone loves a little cupcake.  Some people love 3, while others love 8.  Whatever number sounds good to you, help yourself to two different variety boxes this holiday season.  

Hop To It box: Available as an assorted box only [4 of each flavor] of festively decorated treats.  $15/box.

~Vanilla poppy seed w/ cherry creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting 
~Pastel vanilla sprinkle  w/ marshmallow crème filling & BSB’s signature butter frosting
~French vanilla w/ raspberry crème filling & signature butter frosting

14 Carrot box: Available as an assorted box only [4 of each flavor] of festively decorated treats.  $15/box.

~Milk chocolate w/ double chocolate fudge creme filling & cookies n’ cream butter frosting 
~Classic chocolate w/ crushed chocolate creme filling & signature butter frosting
~Vanilla chocolate chip w/ salted caramel & cocoa butter frosting

Each of the cake flavors below are available in our short 8″ size.  If you need more than the 6-8 servings that a short 8″ size allows- order a second cake.  Who knows, you might stumble upon a new family favorite.  

Springtime Chick~ White chocolate cake filled with a layer of mixed berry compote crème and finished with yellow tinted signature butter frosting and decorated to look like a whimiscal chick.  8″ short-$29.

Easter Egg Wreath Cake~ Vanilla chocolate chip cake is filled with a lovely crushed chocolate cherry compote creme and finished with our almond butter frosting.  Decorated with speckled Cadbury Easter egg candies & pale frosting flowers to look like a festive wreath adorned the top of the cake. 8″ short-$30.  Almond frosting is nut free.

Bird’s Nest Cake~ An Easter favorite! Milk chocolate cake is baked with tiny chocolate chips, filled with our velvety fudge crème and finished with a layer of light chocolate frosting.  The entire cake is hand piped with small ‘twigs’ and the center is indented slightly, of course to hold room for some pretty speckled chocolate eggs.  Mama bird is perched on top, as you might expect. 8″ short-$30.

Bunny Face~ Our most requested combination ever, that we think it can appear on every holiday menu.  Light and airy French vanilla cake is filled with raspberry compote layered with vanilla creme filling and finished with our signature butter frosting.  It will be simply frosted in a pretty pale color with a whimsical bunny face on top!  8″ short-$29.

Each loaf cake serves 6-8 guests, $14 each.

LEMON RICOTTA ~ This combination of refreshing lemon and classic pound cake finished with a light glaze has become a multi-holiday classic. 

HUMMINGBIRD ~ A flavor profile from the south, with our own take.  As we’ve seen it described well, “Think carrot cake meets banana bread”.  Contains coconut, pineapple, and pecans.


Lemon Sandwich~ Sometimes we just need a cookie.  Enough said.  Always a best seller during our Christmas holiday, we’ve brought this recipe out of the vault.  Two zesty lemon shortbread cookies filled with lemon cream and topped with a candied lemon wedge and sparkly powdered sugar.  Minimum order 1 baker’s dozen box, $12.

Orange Cardamom Chocolate~ Something completely new!  Simple, unique and bound to become a new classic.  You might want to be among the first to try them…  Minimum order 1 baker’s dozen box, $12.

White Chocolate Cherry, Pistachio & MacadamiaAnother new creation that infuses several decadent and complimentary flavors together.  We tried to come up with a creative name for these…so if you try them and can think of something better to call them please let us know!  Minimum order 1 baker’s dozen box, $12.

Cake Pop TrufflesAbe’s working out some create endeavors once again!  He’s planning on two kid friendly flavors in each box and busy picking out the sprinkles for the pop tops.  $10 per box of 8.  

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