Frequently Asked Questions

New to Bettersweet?  Have a general question?  Take a moment to read through our FAQ’s and you may find your answer.

“Can I stop in to see what items are available for purchase?”

We are a custom-order bakery, which means we only make what our clients order. We are not set up as a retail bakery with a case filled with goods daily.  However, nearly every Friday we have extra goodies available in our lobby from 12-7 pm.

“I’ve never ordered with Bettersweet before. Where do I begin?”

The best thing for you to do is take some time and browse our website. Once you have a general idea of the product that will fit your celebration the best, email us or give us a call 920.893.0617.

“I think I know what I want, but I have some questions before I place my order.  What should I do?”

Feel free to email us or give us a call 920.893.0617.  Your questions are important us, and we try our best to answer all calls and emails within 4-5 business days. Please note, the bakery is currently closed Sunday-Thursday.

“How far in advance should I place my order?”

Bettersweet’s general rule of thumb is a minimum of two weeks prior to your celebration.  During the busy summer months and wedding season, our capacity is quickly filled each week, and you should think about placing your order 3-4 weeks prior to your celebration.  This is especially true around major holidays & graduation time.  Please remember that Bettersweet works on a first come, first serve basis.  Occasionally we can fit in last minute orders; however this is dependent completely upon our weekly schedule. Please do not expect to order a cake and be able to pick it up the next day.

“I left a voicemail on Friday afternoon.  When can I expect my call to be returned?”

Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days in the bakery. Please keep in mind during these busy days we are focusing on our orders and not usually able to answer the phone or check emails. Bettersweet is currently closed on Sunday-Thursday, but we return calls and emails during non open hours.

“I have scheduled with you to pick up my cake at 1 pm.  Can I come earlier?”

Please think of this pick up time as you would any other appointment.  Due to the volume of orders we receive, it is imperative that we schedule a pick up time for each order. We then bake and decorate each day’s orders based on that pick up schedule. This allows us to insure that all of our products are of the finest quality and freshness to you.  You can always call to see if it is possible to switch your pick up time, but we can not guarantee it.

“I’ve seen on your website that your Saturday hours are ‘by appointment only’ listed certain times of the year.  What does this mean?”

Saturday pick up hours are contingent upon our wedding and event schedule.  We will discuss that pick up time when you place your order.

“Where is Bettersweet located?”

N6947 Jennifer Drive, Plymouth Wi  53073

Please visit our contact page for a complete map & directions.

“How large of cake should I order?”

Estimate how many guests will be attending your celebration.  Then visit our ‘cake & cupcake’ page to see the size and serving charts.  Please keep in mind all of our serving sizes are suggestions and planned to be generous.

“Can I order a cake or cupcakes without filling?”

We do not create cakes or cupcakes without filling. Bettersweet is known for the quality and taste of our creations.  The cream based fillings keeps our creations moist and enhances the overall flavor.

“I only need 8 cupcakes.  Why do I have to order 1 dozen?”

Because we are a custom-order only bakery and have no retail space, we have to have order minimums.

“Why is the cake I plan to order $42-46 dollars, I don’t understand this range.”

The price range allows our decorator to fulfill specific decoration requests.  Until an order is finished, an exact price can not be given.

“Do you accept credit or debit cards?”

We currently accept cash or checks payable to Bettersweet Bakery.

“Do you deliver?”

On limited occasion, (schedule permitting), we can make local deliveries for a delivery fee.