The local and regional news is full of rising numbers, political debates, and all sorts of anxiety inducing thoughts. There’s also an outpouring of kindness, cheer, selflessness and generosity. While there may be a current ban on hugs and celebrations there is also an increasing desire to tell those around us that we care about them!

Here at Bettersweet Bakery, we think one of the best ways you can tell someone you care is with really good food. In this time of turbulent unknown, you may want to take us up on a care package for those in your world.

~ Each of our care packages is available for pickup during our current weekly hours [Fridays 12-6 pm & Saturdays 10-2 pm. Visit our homepage to read more about pickup procedures:

~ Each package will be ready to pick up in a sturdy brown kraft bag, so you can easily hang it on a doorknob [remember ding, dong, ditch??] or leave it on someone’s porch. We’ve included a few suggestions below, but believe me… that’s just scratching the surface on who could use a reminder you are thinking of them during this season.

~ We can add a simple greeting to the outside of the bag in sharpie [so your recipient knows to bring the goodies inside!]

~ We appreciate a few days’ heads up for our care package orders, but as everyone’s mom always said, it never hurts to ask. Most of the time we should be able to put together a package or two at the last minute.

~ Looking to give a larger gift? Send us your inquiry and we’ll come up with something that would work for a larger staff sized gift.

~ The flavors in each package will be baker’s choice, as we will be making up different flavors each week but the packages will be nut free and contain only well-loved flavors for a nice variety.

Option 1, The Small Bag: Perfect for 1 or 2 people. $10 [elderly neighbors, your UPS driver, the garbage collector, the ER nurse down the street]. This bag will include:

1 loaf of brunch bread

4 piece container of hand crafted sammie cookies.

2 regular size cupcakes: 1 chocolate & 1 vanilla

Option 2, The Medium Bag: Perfect for up to 6 people: $20 [your car mechanic garage, a farming family you drive past every day, a family new to homeschooling ?, a birthday treat….] This bag will include:

1 loaf of brunch bread

6 piece container of hand crafted sammie cookies.

½ dozen regular size assorted cupcakes: 2 chocolate, 2 vanilla & 2 fruity

Option 3, The Large Bag: A dozen or so people: $40 [think local business with a small staff count, or multiple bags for a larger staff; assisted living facilities, grocery stores, janitorial staffs…. The list goes on]. This bag will include:

2 loaves of brunch bread [different flavors]

1.5 dozen container of hand crafted sammie cookies

1 dozen regular size assorted cupcakes: 3 chocolate, 3 vanilla, 3 fruity & 3 coffee shop inspired

Thanks for helping us encourage each other!