IMPORTANT Tidbits From Bettersweet…

With the bustle of summer around the corner, there are a few items we’d like to share with you or remind you of.

~Beginning Memorial Day weekend, Bettersweet will not be accepting orders for any Saturday through the rest of 2011.  In fact, we will not be open for pickups of ANY TYPE on Saturdays. We have nearly 70 weddings booked between now and November, so we must focus on making those celebrations even sweeter!  Please adjust your ordering so that you plan to pick up orders on Thursdays and Fridays.  By keeping your order refrigerated, you can be assured our creations will still be in excellent condition for your celebration, even for Sunday events.

~Surplus Goodies is moving to Fridays!  We will be sending out our weekly emails on Thursdays, hopefully between 4-5pm, with pick up typically available on Fridays from 1-7 pm.  On certain weeks that we are either exceedingly busy to do Surplus, or need to change the pickup hours, we will always let you know in the prior week’s email.

~Surplus Goodies emails are about to get a facelift!  In the next few weeks, you may not recognize the colorful, fun template that we will be using.  Look for this soon.

~We are certain that all of you have been affected by the increasing cost of fuel and food.  Many of our raw products have significantly gone up in price, and rather than switch to cheaper products of lower quality, we have had to adjust the pricing on some of our products.  We appreciate your understanding as we strive to create cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats of the highest ingredient caliber.

~We have always asked for orders to be placed a week in advance.  We would strongly recommend you place orders 2-3 weeks in advance as we enter into graduation season and the extremely busy summer months. Our capacity to fulfill last minute orders has been growing smaller and smaller, and we expect this only to continue.  Hopefully you are finding our new website and online ordering form helpful and easy to use.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.  It’s a great day to think about cake… at least we think so.

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