whether you’re a familiar or new client, or just checking Bettersweet out…. please read this reminder post!

It’s nearly May.  And this May, we’re celebrating FIVE years of business.  Are we going to celebrate?  You betcha!… with sweets of course [more to come on that topic].

In the meantime, we’d love for you to take a moment to refresh your memory with some of the fundamentals of ordering from your favorite custom order bakery.

~WE ARE VERY BUSY!  Please understand that we rarely can fill last minute or week of orders during late spring-late fall.  We suggest you place your order at minimum, 2 weeks in advance.  You can always ask, of course!, but understand when we are booked for the weekend, we can’t ‘squeeze’ in another order.  This allows us to focus on keeping our creations top notch!

~WE APPRECIATE YOU HONORING YOUR PICK UP TIME!  If you have arrange a 3 pm pick time [for example], we can not guarantee that your order will ready before 3.  If someone is picking your order up for you, please communicate this time to them.   Due to the volume of orders we receive, it is imperative that we schedule a pick up time for each order. We then bake and decorate each day’s orders based on that pick up schedule…. remember, our items are extremely fresh!

~IT TYPICALLY TAKES A BUSINESS DAY OR TWO FOR US TO RETURN PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS… especially if you contact us on a Friday or Saturday.  We do our best to be prompt about communication.  Planning ahead always allows for enough time for communication.  Simply put, Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days in the bakery. Please keep in mind during these busy days we are focusing on our orders and not usually able to answer the phone or check emails. Bettersweet is closed on Sundays and Mondays, so we return all calls and emails left during these days on Tuesdays, after 1 pm when we open again for the week.

~SURPLUS GOODIES IS NOT A GUARANTEE…  We love that so many of you have jumped aboard and helped us find homes for the stray pieces of cake and extra cupcakes.  It certainly gives us an opportunity to try out new recipes and receive your feedback on flavor combinations, but when we are extremely busy with our pre ordered, custom goodies and weddings [nearly 75 now for the summer/fall], we NEED to have those products as the priority of our time.  Some weeks we may just send what we have left out to the Elkhart Lake Farmer’s Market on Saturdays, and some weeks we simply do not have enough to warrant an email list.  We’ll always let you know that week’s status.

~Again, stayed tuned as we will soon reveal our plans for a 5 year anniversary celebration… what we are creating and certainly what we are giving away!


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