don’t be frightened…we have more treats than tricks!

We will be accepting Halloween orders until Thursday evening, 10/26.

Special holiday pick up hours will be:
Saturday, 10/28, 9~noon
Monday, 10/30, 3-6 pm
Tuesday, 10/31, 9-6 pm
*We will have extra goodies available in our lobby during pick up hours. No guarantees on what or how much we will have, but we always seem some extras.

Now, on to the goodies…

~ SPIDER WEB CAKE:  A little something from our cauldron this year!  A single layer 8″ black & orange fun~illa~fetti cake frosted ghost white with a striking black web and edible spiders (we promise they’re cute…not creepy).  Choose your filling: either orange dream or fudge creme.
[$18, serves 6-8 generously]

~BUTTER BEER CUPCAKES:  Harry Potter fans, take off your invisibility cloaks.  This is no joke; we’ve taken on a request and created our own take on the famous Hogwart’s beverage.  These delicious golden cupcakes have a sweet butterscotch and toffee flavor, both in the cake and the filling.  Finished with a delicately brown sugar kissed butter frosting [not our signature but incredibly new and creamy].  [$10 box of 4.  Festively decorated box… perfect for a little treat or gift].

~CHOCOLATE MUMMY BROWNIES:  A fan favorite!  Our 6~chocolate brownies are cut into large circles and frosted to resemble a super cute, friendly mummy face.
[$11/box of 6, minimum order 1 box]

~ WIZARD WANDS: the classic chocolate dipped pretzel.  You know how good they are.  But you probably don’t know how good they are with a trio of chocolates and festive toppings.  $15 per dozen [minimum order 1 dozen].

~CREEPY CUTIES: These kid friendly mini cupcakes are decorated for the fun side of Halloween.  Each box includes an assortment of the following three flavors [4 of each flavor] in our MINI cupcake size:
-Fun-illa-fetti [black and orange sprinkles] w/ signature vanilla creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
-Milk chocolate w/ cookies n’ cream filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
-Classic vanilla w/ caramel marshmallow creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
[$13/dozen, minimum order 1 dozen]

~BLACK CAT BREW:  This mini cupcake assortment was created with grown-up tastes in mind.  Receive a box of three flavors [4 of each flavor], perfect to accompany your morning coffee (instead of another handful of your kiddo’s candy…)
-Classic chocolate w/ espresso chai creme filling, mocha butter frosting.
-Butter vanilla w/ maple pumpkin creme filling, cream cheese frosting.
-Milk chocolate chip w/salted caramel pecan cream, bourbon fudge butter frosting. *CONTAINS NUTS*  [$13/dozen, minimum order 1 dozen]


~SUPER ABE’S PUMPKIN COOKIES: this cape laden little guy is pretty excited to be put on the ‘real menu’ this holiday!  He’ll be rolling out pumpkin shaped sugar cookies decorated to his creative liking.
[$0.50 per cookie, no minimum order].

~SPOOKY CRUNCH:  Need a little something special and sweet?  Margo’s getting ready to craft up another batch of snack mix.  It’s guaranteed to be full of kid approved delights!

~CAULDRON BAKED DONUTS:  Resurrected from the vault, Margo is working up some of her baked donuts.  assortment of vanilla and chocolate. these cake pops sans the stick, are making an appearance this Halloween.  Each box will include an assortment of both vanilla and chocolate donuts, lightly glazed and sprinkled for the holiday.
[$4 per dozen, minimum order 1 dozen box].

a few updates for the rest of our fall season, and into winter…

~We are currently asking for a 2 week lead time on all incoming orders. We will always try to accommodate quick orders, but we can not guarantee our availability, especially as the holiday season approaches.
~We will be posting our THANKSGIVING MENU online and sending it out via email on Wednesday, 11/1.  All of the details will be there, so if you are thinking ahead [always appreciated], we have you covered.
~Then our CHRISTMAS MENU will be posted and emailed out on 11/15. If you haven’t experienced our Christmas menu in prior years, you are in for a treat… many treats that is.  This is our busiest and most exciting season of the year.  
~Our hours change from Thanksgiving through New Years.  Specific hours during this time will be included with each menu and posted on our website.  These pick up times are firmly set so that we can professionally manage the sheer volume of holiday orders we receive.
~Bettersweet will be closed for our annual winter break from January 1st-16th.  We always like to give everyone an early heads up!

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