What does the Easter bunny do when he’s sick? Calls Bettersweet Bakery of course!


Easter orders:
~are available for pick up on Friday 3/30, between 1-6 pm or Saturday 3/31, between 9-3 pm.

~will be accepted until 6 pm on Wednesday 3/28.                                                          ~can be placed online or at 920/893.0617

These spring favorites have made it onto our menu once again! We’ve taken our best selling cupcake [french vanilla cupcakes w/ raspberry creme filling & BSB’s butter frosting] and dressed them up a bit…by adding some fresh vanilla bean to the filling and a touch of whimsy with our super cute bunny sugars. Perfect for those little sweet tooth’s after an egg hunt. Minimum order 1 dozen $26/dozen

Everyone loves a little cupcake.  Some people love 3, while others love 8.  Whatever number sounds good to you, help yourself to a variety box this holiday season.  We’ve chosen 3 flavors and are offering them as a special assortment.  Available as a box of 12 [all one flavor] or mixed [4 of each flavor].  Minimum order 1 box, $13/box.

~Strawberry cupcakes w/ lime margarita crème filling & vanilla bean frosting *non-alcoholic
~Pastel fun-illa-fetti cupcakes w/ marshmallow crème filling & BSB’s signature butter frosting
~Chocolate cupcakes w/ cherry cheesecake crème filling & chocolate ganache frosting


SPRING CAKES, part one:
Are you looking for a smaller cake or needing dessert for less than 8 people?  Then perhaps one of the following choices might fit the bill.  Each of these single layer 8 inch cakes will serve 6-8 guests.

Ma’s Almond Joy~ This coconut & almond flavored vanilla cake is baked with crushed chocolate and generously filled with our signature vanilla crème. Frosted with nothing better than our BSB butter and flaked coconut. Single layer 8 in, $18

Carrot Cake~ This recipe has been perfected over time with distinctive fillings and our own orange essence cream cheese frosting. Single layer 8 in, $22

Bird’s Nest Cake~ Back by popular demand! Our milk chocolate cake is baked with tiny chocolate chips, filled with our velvety fudge crème and finished with a layer of light chocolate frosting.  The entire cake is hand piped with small ‘twigs’ and the center is indented slightly, of course to hold room for some pretty speckled chocolate eggs.  Mama bird is perched on top, as you might expect.  Single layer 8 in, $20

SPRING CAKES, part two:
Springtime Berry~  Our golden butter vanilla cake is layered with a refreshing mixture of mixed berry compote and sweet vanilla crème.  Finished with cream cheese frosting and festive sugar decorations.  8 in, $34 [serves 12-14 generously].

Robin’s Egg Cake~ This cake is sure to complement the loveliest of holiday decor.  Two layers of our french vanilla cake are tinted in spring pastels, layered with a tahitian vanilla whipped custard, frosted with a soft robin’s egg blue and finished with an edible speckling.  You’ll be far more than impressed, both inside and out.  8 in, $36 [serves 12-14 generously].

Holiday Cakes~ This year, chose either a cross or bunny shaped cake.  Each will be decorated in simple, soft colors. $35 [either cake will serve 12-14 guests].
*Chose one cake flavor and one filling flavor from the following [all will be frosted with our signature butter]:

Cake flavors:
~French vanilla
~Dark chocolate
~Butter vanilla
~Fresh lemon

Filling flavors:
~Raspberry & vanilla crème
~Cookies n’ cream
~Salted caramel crème
~Lemon curd crème

Looking to enjoy some of our signature cutout cookies? Well, you don’t have to ask the Easter Bunny to bring you some.  Our assortment of Easter themed cookies will include various shapes and sizes, all decorated with familiar spring time colors!  Minimum order 1 dozen cookies, $18/dozen.  Gluten free cookies available, minimum order 1 dozen, $22.


Breads~ Choose a flavor and enjoy!  Each loaf serves 10-12, $6.50 per loaf.  Minimum order 1 loaf per flavor.

Cherry Almond Poppy Seed


Raspberry Blueberry Cream

Cookies~ Sometimes we just need a cookie.  Enough said.  Minimum order 1 dozen per flavor, pricing below.

~ Lemon Sandwich: two zesty lemon shortbread cookies filled with a lemon cream, $10

~ Judy-Roos: the deepest, darkest chocolate cookie alive, $10

~ Earl Grey: dainty and delicate, these shortbread rounds are bursting with flavor and a hint of orange, $8

~ Salted chocolate chip: our signature chocolate chip cookie, trading the chocolate chips for pastel M&M’s, $7

Lemon Ricotta Pound Loaf Cake~ This creation is a delightful combination of a classic pound cake, fresh lemon flavor, and a lightly sweetened glaze.  Minimum order 1 loaf sized cake, $10

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