Why did the turkey cross the road?………… it was the chicken’s day off! At Bettersweet, you can be like the chicken and take baking off your Thanksgiving list.

Thanksgiving orders will be accepted through Tuesday evening [8 pm], 11/20.

Special holiday hours are:
Tuesday 11/20: CLOSED & LAST DAY TO PLACE THANKSGIVING ORDERS!  [Phone calls and emails will be answered throughout the day.]  We will have all extras available in our lobby on both Wednesday and Thursday during open hours.
Wednesday 11/21: 10-7 pm
Thursday 11/22: 8-11 am *THANKSGIVING DAY*
Friday 11/23: CLOSED
Saturday 11/24: 9-NOON [Thanksgiving menu items not available, only open for other custom order cakes and goodies.]


PIES [only the flavors listed are available this year.  Sorry, no special requests.
[All pies are 9″, serving 6-8 generously]
Pumpkin: the classic recipe $15.  Available with spiced real cream topping or praline crunch, $17.
Apple Crumble: made from a mixture of apple varieties and a buttery brown sugar crunch $16.
Pecan: timeless and sweet $17.  *contains nuts
Raspberry Custard: just like grandma used to make.  A little something different for your holiday table.  $16.

[$6.50 per loaf. Regular size, minimum order of 1 loaf PER variety.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Orange Cranberry
Apple Streusel

HOLIDAY ORDERING SPECIAL: 3 pack of mini loaves, 1 of each flavor, $10.


It seems that some flavors just belong together.  Layered peanut butter mousse and silky chocolate ganache sit atop a shortbread crust.  $24

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE:  a classic, no nonsense dreamy pumpkin cheesecake with a spiced gingerbread crust $38.

ALISON’S DREAM CAKE: coconut cake filled with a rich and sweet almond creme, finished with delicious cream cheese frosting.  It’s a dream come true!  Single layer 8 inch [serves 6-8] $18.

AUTUMNAL SPICE: Imagine the blend of fall spices, warm from the oven on your grandmother’s counter… then add a little brandied nutmeg creme, layered with a fresh vanilla custard…. [shall we keep going?].  Finished with our delicious cream cheese frosting and, cinnamon sugar swirls and a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.  8 inch [serves 12-14 generously] $34.

Something new this season!  Each 1 dozen box contains each of the following three knockout combinations:

Apple pie delight: butter vanilla cupcakes are filled with apple pie creme [apple pie baked without a crust, cooled and folded into our signature vanilla creme] and finished with our cinnamon butter frosting.

Hello, Dolly:   vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry cake is filled with a cranberry orange compote creme and finished with our signature butter frosting.

Move over pumpkin: or don’t!  You’re a favorite.  Pumpkin pie spiced vanilla cupcakes are filled with a rich pumpkin creme and finished with a slightly spiced cream cheese frosting.

Minimum order 1 dozen MINI cupcakes, $14.


If you’re looking for our signature holiday cutout cookies, you’ll be happy at Christmas.  For now, why not try something a little different.  Spiced sugar cookie dough is cut out and baked in various sized pumpkin shapes, rustically frosted in ivory tones, finished with a touch of muted brown and completed with a touch of edible gold color.  Almost too pretty to eat.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $18.


Go ahead, admit it.  You’re missing our sammies from the farmer’s market.  Or be bolder, admit you’ve always wondered what if they had a different filling?  Well, you’re welcome.  Here they are.  Each 2 dozen box of mini- sized cookies will include the following filling flavors:

Deep Chocolate Ganache * Spiced Buttercream * Classic Buttercream *  Cherry Buttercream

Minimum order 2 dozen box, $14.

That’s code for pumpkin SHAPED brownies.  Our famous 6-chocolate recipe will be used to create some very fun and festive brownies.  Decorated in muted orange with a twirly green stem, you can set these out after you’ve eaten all the sammies.  Minimum order 6 pc box, $12.


MARGO’S LEMON SWISS ROLL~  ordered again and again by those who have tried it!  A light and refreshing lemon sponge cake is filled with a sweet cream, rolled and lightly glazed.  Dusted with candied lemon slices and powdered sugar.  Minimum order 1 cake roll $10.

MARGO’S NOW FAMOUS ECLAIRS~ move aside Bettersweet, this recipe is a serious contender!  Chocolate eclairs so good, you’ll eat them all before dinner.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.

ABE’S CHOCOLATE DIPPED PRETZEL WANDS~ we won’t disclose that he wanted to cover them in candy Legos, but a little convincing proved to work for Thanksgiving colors and sprinkles.  Minimum order 6 wands, $3.


Take a look through our gift selections for that person who’s doing all the dishes, that neighbor who might be alone this season, or a kiddo finishing up college exams..  Who do you want to show a little sweet thankfulness to?

G&G TARTS: sometimes you don’t need a whole pie.  That’s right, we’re thinking of Grandma and Grandpa [or anyone else really] who just needs a single serving!  This year, order a share size pie tart in either apple crumble or pumpkin cream.  Minimum order 1 tart, $8.50.

PUMPKIN SPICED HOT COCOA:  Available as 1/2 pint [$3.50] or pint [$7.25] sized jar.  Complete with simple holiday decoration.

MAPLE PECAN PUMPKIN SPICE GRANOLA: Find yourself head over heals with this slightly sweet [can we say ‘healthy’?] granola that is perfect for snacking, breakfast or a simple hostess gift.  Minimum order 1 pound, $7.50.

WHITE CHOCOLATE CRANBERRY COOKIES: A generous baker’s dozen is packaged up and ready for anyone you might want to gift, maybe even yourself!  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.

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