We’re taking a little break…

Due to the recent request of Wisconsin’s governor that all nonessential businesses refrain from operation, we have decided to close for at least two weeks starting tomorrow, March 25th.  

We are all experiencing daily changes in what our jobs and homes look like.  Most of us are growing tiresome of constant updates and statistics, especially since every country across the globe is involved in this news story that is broadcasting 24/7.  If we put aside our individual opinions and frustrations for just a moment, I think we can agree on one thing; the future is unknown.  And that is real.  And scary.  But also.. hopeful.

It has been incredible to hear stories of those who are helping.  Remember Mr. Roger’s?  He told us to always look for the helpers, even when the news is scary.  Look at the way so many people across our community and country are utilizing the power of technology and offering such goodness to us and our kids.  Teaching them how to draw each day.  Free cooking classes.  Online stories, no charge.  Documentary websites waving membership fees.  Organizations setting out free food.  Restaurants making and freezing soup in individual servings, and then giving it away to our elder population.  It’s true, I think the list of the good things could easily become longer than the list of scary things.  We just have to hunt through this big news story and find the helpers.  And in turn, we can become helpers, each in a different way.

For the bakery, that means taking a break.  With large and now small gatherings being asked to cancel or reschedule for a future date, we’re nearly twirling our thumbs.  But that doesn’t really matter.  What’s important to us, is that we help encourage each of you to stay home if you can.  We don’t personally agree with every bit of the Governor’s plan, nor the President’s, nor any one in between.  We question things we hear and read in the news just as you do.  But here’s our current thought as we fall back on the old adage; don’t play with fire.  

With all of that in mind, we are taking this situation on a weekly basis for our business.  There is a fine line to argue if our bakery is ‘essential’, but we don’t think that’s an argument we need to engage in.

Our hope is to reopen on Friday 4/10 and Saturday 4/11 for orders & Easter specials, but at this time we have to keep these plans tentative.  IF it looks like that timeline will work within the current guidelines for our community, we will make an announcement and send out a small Easter menu around Sunday, April 5th.  If not, we’ll still send out an update.  

We are all anxious for our lives to return to what we’ve known them to be.   In the meantime, you might have to eat some stale cookies from your pantry.  Or better yet, make some thing sweet with you family.  Challenge your spouse to a cupcake decorating date night at home; and send us the photos.  Most, if not all of them, will be better than Curt’s.  He’s a great guy, but a terrible decorator. 

Rest assured, we will be creating cakes and goodies as soon as we can.

Curt & Jen 

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