thanksgiving is just around the corner and we want to help you be prepared. is your turkey thawing? not yet- good. have you baked your potatoes? oh right, waiting just a bit. how about dessert…..

Special menu items are ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP on Tuesday 11/23 and Wednesday 11/24.

Please note, we are only accepting a limited amount of custom order cake orders for Thanksgiving week.

Orders can be placed via email, online or phone, 920/893.0617.  Payment accepted at pick up: cash or check.

Special holiday hours are:
Tuesday 11/23: 2-7 pm
Wednesday 11/24: 9-7 pm
Friday 11/26 & Saturday 11/27: CLOSED for our Christmas season preparations!

Any extra goodies will be available in our lobby during pick up hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now, let’s plan dessert! _____________________________________

BREADS:  $6.75 per regular sized loaf, minimum order 1 loaf.  
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Orange Cranberry
Apple Cinnamon Streusel  

THANKSGIVING BREAD SPECIAL: 3 pack of mini loaves, 1 of each flavor, $10.


ORANGE CRANBERRY:  fresh tart cranberries are baked into a refreshingly sweet vanilla cheesecake with orange flavor and zest embedded.  A thin layer of our cranberry orange compote completes this unique celebration of two fall flavors, $40.

PUMPKIN:  a classic, no nonsense dreamy pumpkin cheesecake with a spiced gingerbread crust, $40.

PUMPKIN MEETS VANILLA:  a repeat from last year- because they need to be an option again this year.   A layer of vanilla cheesecake is topped with aromatic pumpkin cheesecake and baked onto a classic buttery graham crust.  Minimum order box of 4 bars, $19 or 1 individual bar, $5.  Each bar is approximately a 3-3.5 inch square.

CAKES All holiday cakes are available as an 8″ short [6-8 servings] or an 8″ tall [12-14 servings].

CARAMEL APPLE TOFFEE CRUNCH:  thinking of something a little different this year? Well then, you’re reading the right description.  Our golden vanilla cake has meet a touch of autumnal spices, is filled with both a layer of apple pie creme & caramel toffee creme fillings.  Finished with our cream cheese frosting and a generous sprinkling of toffee pieces.  8″ short, $26 or 8″ tall, $40.

HELLO DOLLY:  vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry come together in this cake which is then filled with a cranberry orange compote creme and finished with our signature butter frosting.  8″ short, $26 or 8″ tall, $40.

SPICY FALL: remember our spice cake?  Even if you don’t, you can try it this year!  We’ve decided to fill it with pumpkin spice creme and bring out our brown butter frosting to make it one fantastic combination.  8″ short, $26 or 8″ tall, $40.

THE BEST EVER CARROT CAKE: That’s what we call it, but you might have to try it to decide. Did you know it took us over a year of make and re make to get this recipe to what it is today?  *contains walnuts & coconut.  8″ short, $30 or 8″ tall, $48.

THIS PEAR GOES TO ITALY:  We’re so excited for you to try our newest creation- our adaptation of a classic Italian pear cake.  Soft, light and just the perfect blend of vanilla and mascarpone cream, you’ll certainly enjoy trying something a little less sweet [this one’s not frosted].  *Available as a single layer 9″ only, $32

PECAN PIE: let’s be honest, if we like pecan pie, we really like pecan pie.  And if we can’t have our pecans in a pie, we’ll accept them in a cake.  A bourbon spiced vanilla cake is filled with hand crafted pecan pie creme and a layer of graham sweet creme.  The frosting is a secret flavor, but we can tell you it’s made with butter and it’s good.  8″ short, $28 or 8″ tall, $44.


FOR THE KIDS: Each dozen box will include 4 each of the following 3 flavors:

~Thanksgiving sprinkle w/ marshmallow vanilla creme filling & signature butter frosting

~ milk chocolate w/ caramel cookies n’ cream filling & cookies n’ cream butter frosting

~ french vanilla w/ pumpkin chocolate chip creme filling & cocoa butter frosting

Minimum order 1 dozen assorted box, $15.

FOR THE BIG KIDS: Each dozen box will include 4 each of the following 3 flavors:

~ Kahlua™ w/ salted caramel creme filling & cocoa butter frosting

~ amaretto w/ raspberry cheesecake creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting

~ milk chocolate chip w/ crushed white chocolate creme filling & bourbon rum butter frosting

Minimum order 1 dozen assorted box, $15.


ASSORTED MINI TARTS: this year’s tarts are classic pie flavors, just bite size!  Each 1 dozen box will include 6 each of the following 2 flavors:

~ pumpkin -with spiced whipped cream

~ apple crumble

Minimum order 1 assorted box, $18.

GINGERBREAD LEAF COOKIES:   the classic Christmas cookie recipe is coming out a few weeks early and finding itself as a leaf instead of a tree.  Delicate white piping will ensure a pretty & lovely treat.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $10.

ASSORTED COOKIE BOX: a generous baker’s dozen box of cookies with our nearly famous white chocolate cranberry cookies as well as a new flavor combination- cinnamon butterscotch chocolate chip.  Try some and let us know what you think!  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $8.  

APPLE SLICES: think of Grandma’s apple pie, fresh baked between two thin layers of flaky crust and drizzles with a touch of classic white ‘icing’.  Minimum order box of 4, $17 or 1 individual bar $4.50.  Each bar is approximately a 3.5 inch square.

GLUTEN FREE SCONES: a brand new creation this fall.  We’ve taken our almond flour chocolate chip scone recipe and gotten it ready for the party by adding dried figs, cherries and just enough spice to have you questioning if you’re going to share.  *Gluten and dairy free. *Contains almonds.   Minimum order 1 dozen box, $15.

TURKEY TROT SNACK MIX:  we love creating mixes for your snack tooth!  A nut free blend of salty and sweet.  Just wait until you see what we have put together this time.  Absolutely perfect for a little hostess gift or a treat for all the little turkeys in your world.  Minimum order 1 bag [approximately 2 generous cups], heat sealed and decorated, $5.

TREATS FOR OTHERS: do you know of someone who’s not able to travel this holiday?  Another neighbor who needs to stay home or a co-worker who could use a little pick me up?  Our Thanksgiving gift bag is a perfect idea for a simple gift to let someone know you’re thinking of them.   Each bag will include:

~ 1 regular size brunch bread

~ 1/2 dozen assorted cookies [see the assorted cookie box description above]

~ 1 apple slice or pumpkin vanilla cheesecake bar- your choice

We’ll dress up the bag with a pretty ribbon and write a simple message on the outside if you request.  $15 per bag.


Margo Claire’s Chocolate Eclairs: From scratch pastries are filled with a lovely custard crème and generously drizzled in decadent chocolate. Minimum order ½ dozen, $15.

Gobble gobbler cookies: since he mastered these last year, Abe is bringing back his edible turkeys!  By adding candy corn feathers, edible eyes and a sweet nose, our hand crafted sammies are barely recognizable but incredibly delicious!  Minimum order box of 4, $6.  


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