life is short.. eat the cookie. or the cake. or both…

We are very excited to present our annual Christmas menu which is filled with sweets, treats and all sorts of edible gifts. 

Visit our lobby during open hours [click here for current hours] for extra goodies and a fine selection of treats available for walk in purchase.

Only items from this menu may be picked up on 12/23.  You are welcome to pick up custom cake and cupcake orders for Christmas weekend on 12/21 or 12/22. 

Christmas orders can be placed at any time.  Payment options: cash or check.

We will also be showcasing some local artisan talent again this year in our lobby.

Thank you for your continued support of our little bakery. 

Merry Christmas from Curt, Jen & the Bettersweet Team

To order : OR 920/893.0617  

Check out our Facebook page to catch our weekly  specials and holiday surprises!



Can be ordered two different ways:

  1. As individual flavors by the dozen. For example, 1 dozen ‘gingerbread trees’.  Minimum order 1 dozen per flavor, $12. 
  2. As a pre assorted gift box, flavors from the cookie list below:

Petite~ 1/2 dozen pre assorted box.  Perfect for a simple gift or just a little taste. $7

Deluxe~1.5 dozen pre assorted box. A lovely array of flavors with a couple of extras of course! $18

Grand~ 2.5 dozen pre assorted box.  The ultimate gift!  A very  generous amount of cookies.  $28

If you would like to request specific flavors, they must be ordered by the dozen as the pre assorted boxes are put together daily with  the  flavor variety that is being created at that time.

 * Contains nuts.  Nut free assortment boxes may be ordered ahead of time.


Lemon Sandwich Cremes

Eggnog Spice Shortbread

Gingerbread Tree

Mocha Hearts

Pistachio Dipped Rounds*

Classic Almond Spritz

Vanilla Salted Caramel Cremes

Chocolate Mint Thumbprints

Raspberry Linzer *

Cardamom Honey Snowflakes

White Chocolate Holiday Trees

Vanilla Bean Almond crescents *


Thinking of spending some time with your kids or grandkids decorating cutout cookies this season?? What if you didn’t have to bake the cutouts or gather the decorating supplies!  Bettersweet has put  together the solution in our annual classic   sugar cookie kits. This DIY box comes with a generous baker’s dozen of freshly baked cutout    cookies, our signature   butter frosting, and several containers of festive  sprinkles & edible decorations.   

$22 per kit

$26 per gluten free kit

Want to add an extra dozen cookies?  Looking for cookies without the kit?

$14 per unfrosted dozen

$18 per unfrosted GF dozen


8” short [serves 6-8] $28 &  8” tall [serves 12-14] $44

BLACK FOREST ~ Your celebration centerpiece!  This light chocolate cake is filled with a specialty cherry whipped crème and our own slow simmered cherry compote.  Finished with  chocolate curls and a touch of fudge.  

SANTA CLAUS ~ Cocoa-mint cake filled with velvety fudge & then frosted with a minty butter cream to image Kris Kringle himself.  Also available without mint.

MERRY & BRIGHT~ Vanilla bean chocolate chip cake is filled with a cranberry pomegranate compote crème and finished with a whipped raspberry ganache cocoa butter.  Such a striking mixture of winter time fruits & decadent chocolate accents. 

FIRST FROST~ This triple vanilla creation is light and sparkly.       Vanilla bean cake is filled with crushed white chocolate crème and   frosted with our signature butter.  Decorated in icy blue rosettes with edible snowflakes. 

WINTER WOODLAND~ Our reimaging of the French Buche de    Noel, this golden vanilla butter cake is filled with your choice of either chocolate mousse creme or mocha hazelnut mousse creme.  Lightly frosted with cocoa butter and flaked chocolate to look like the bark of a freshly snowed on forest stump.  Complete with holly, mushrooms and of course, a cardinal.  


Loaf cake serves 6-8 guests,  $14.

LEMON RICOTTA LOAF ~ This combination of refreshing lemon and classic pound cake finished with a light glaze has become a holiday classic. 

FROSTED GINGERBREAD~ Nostalgia of days past, this traditional cake is perfect for an afternoon treat or weekend brunch.  



Our hand crafted sammie sandwich  cookies are half dipped in rich chocolate, drizzled with a little dark & white chocolate and finished with a touch of edible glitter.  Half dozen box, $10.50.


This chocolate mint treat has made our Christmas menu all 14 years!  A rich chocolate base is layered with a delicious minty cream and then covered in a decadent chocolate ganache.  6 piece box,  $25.  1 piece box, $4.25.


We really can’t call our baking season complete without creating these golden, sweet and hard to resist treats.  1 dozen package,  $12. 


When everyone you know asks for these spiced nuts for gifts, you know they’re good.  Simple ingredients of butter,  maple syrup, rosemary and spice keep these toasted nuts healthy and just a bit sweet.  Half pound bag, $10. *


Our rendition of this childhood favorite.  A perfect blend of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. 12 piece box, $16. *


This year we’re creating our 4 most requested flavors:  dark chocolate, salted caramel, pomegranate, coffee.  4 piece assorted box, $8.


$7.25 per loaf.

Eggnog cherry pecan *

Lemon blackberry poppy seed

Apple cranberry spice

White Chocolate Raspberry 


This nut free mix has all the best : crunchy, sweet, and familiar flavors that will keep you wondering what you’ll enjoy on your next nibble.

Kris Kringle Mix or Minty North Pole Mix

$5.25/bag, heat sealed & decorated, approximately 2 generous cups.


This in house cocoa blend is decadent and rich, just in time for cold winter days.
Peppermint Mocha   $4.25/ bag


You choose the size and we’ll add the goodies.  Flavors vary daily. Prettily packaged and ready to gift to anyone on your list. 

The Elf Bag, $17 includes:     

~ 1 loaf of brunch bread

~ 2 festive cupcakes

~ 1/2 dozen assorted cookies

The Santa Bag, $28 includes:

~ 1 loaf of brunch bread

~ 4 festive cupcakes

~ 1/2 dozen assorted cookies

~ 4 chocolate dipped sammies                                                                     


Cake Pop Truffles~ Flavors to change weekly based on creative desire.  Gift packaged and quite delicious and some addictive!.  $10 per box of 8.

Mint Sprinkle Cookies~ his award winning sprinkle sugar cookies, all decked out for the season with the addition of mint chocolate pieces.  $3.50 per half dozen.  




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