what do ghosts eat for dinner?… spooketti. what do ghosts eat for dessert?… bettersweet.

We will be accepting Halloween orders until 6 pm on Tuesday evening, 10/29.  You can email, call or order online.

Special holiday pick up hours will be:

Thursday, 10/31, 8-6 pm [open early for those taking treats to school!]
Friday, 11/1, 9-6 pm
*We will have extra goodies available in our lobby during pick up hours. No guarantees on what or how much we will have, but we always seem some extras.

Now, on to the goodies…

SPIDER OR PUMPKIN CAKE:  A little something from our cauldron this year!  A single layer 8″ cake with your choice of cake flavor, filling flavor, and decoration (all will be frosted with our BSB’s butter frosting).
Cake flavors: french vanilla, classic chocolate, or vanilla sprinkle (w/ black & orange sprinkles).
Filling flavors: raspberry compote w/ vanilla creme, vanilla creme w/ crushed chocolate, or signature vanilla creme.
Decoration: ghost white frosting with a striking black web and edible spiders (we promise they’re cute…not creepy), or pale orange frosting with a ring of butter cream pumpkins around the cake.
[$18 per cake.  Each single layer cake serves 6-8 generously.]

~MONSTER FACE HOMEMADE SAMMIES:  A spooky twist on our homemade chocolate sandwich cookies; we’ve added a bit more festive colored frosting and some edible eyes to look like a friendly little monster peeping out of your cookie. [$10 per box, generous baker’s dozen.  Minimum order 1 box.]

~CHOCOLATE MUMMY BROWNIES:  A fan favorite!  Our 6~chocolate brownies are cut into large circles and frosted to resemble a whimsical mummy face.
[$12 per box of 6, minimum order 1 box.]

~MINI CUPCAKES: These everyone friendly mini cupcakes are decorated for the fun side of Halloween.  Each box includes an assortment of the following three flavors [4 of each flavor] in our MINI cupcake size:
-Vanilla sprinkle w/ (black and orange sprinkles) w/ marshmallow & cookies n’ cream filling, signature butter frosting.
-Classic chocolate w/ caramel chocolate chip creme filling, cocoa butter frosting.
-Butter vanilla w/ apple pie creme filling, cinnamon caramel butter frosting.
[$14 per dozen, minimum order 1 dozen.]

~GHOUL CAKE SLICES: Sometimes we all just need a piece of cake.  Special this year for anyone who simply wants one piece of cake; try a piece of french vanilla cake with four colorful layers [green, purple, orange and black] filled with our signature vanilla cream and colorful butter frosting.  [Minimum order 1 piece, $5.]

~FESTIVE SUGAR COOKIES:  For those of you who have been waiting, you won’t want to miss out!  Our signature cut out cookies are back, in a whimsical variety of cute [never creepy] Halloween colors, characters and designs.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $18 per box.  


~ABE’S PUMPKIN COOKIES: this year He’ll be rolling out pumpkin shaped sugar cookies decorated to his creative liking.
[$0.50 per cookie, no minimum order.]

~M’s FAMOUS CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS:  She might not be interested in learning to decorate cakes, but this teenage girl can create chocolate eclairs that are good enough to serve to a queen!  From scratch pastries filled with a lovely custard creme and generously drizzled in decadent chocolate.  
[$15 per half dozen, minimum order 1/2 dozen box.]

a few updates for the rest of our fall season, and into winter… but we won’t mention how many weeks until Christmas [yet].

~We are currently asking for a 2 week lead time on all incoming orders. We will always try to accommodate quick orders, but we can not guarantee our availability, especially as the holiday season approaches.
~We will be posting our THANKSGIVING MENU online and sending it out via email the first weekend in November.  All of the details will be there, so if you are thinking ahead [always appreciated], we have you covered.
~Then our CHRISTMAS MENU will be posted and emailed out the day after Thanksgiving [Friday, 11/29].  If you haven’t experienced our Christmas menu in prior years, you are in for a treat… many treats that is.  This is our busiest and most exciting season of the year.  
~Our hours change from Thanksgiving through New Years.  Specific hours during this time will be included with each menu and posted on our website.  These pick up times are firmly set so that we can professionally manage the sheer volume of holiday orders we receive.
~Bettersweet will be closed for our annual winter break from January 5th-16th.  We always like to give everyone an early heads up!

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hop out the the way easter bunny… eggs are for chickens!

Easter orders:

~are available for pick up on Friday 4/19, between 1-6 pm or Saturday 4/20, between 9-3 pm.
~will be accepted until 6 pm on Wednesday 4/17.                                                          ~can be placed online, via email or phone 920/893.0617

  • SPECIAL NOTE!  BETTERSWEET WILL BE CLOSED FROM 4/1 – 4/17. Emails and voicemails will be checked and responded to periodically during that time in regards to orders and Easter specials for 4/19 & 4/20.

Bunnies~ Our best selling cupcake combination, french vanilla w/ raspberry creme filling & BSB’s butter frosting, is adorned with a super cute edible sugar bunny face. Minimum order 1 four piece box, $9.  Also available in 1 dozen increments, $27/dozen

Chicks~ A new creature is joining our menu this year!  Fresh lemon cupcakes are filled with lemon blueberry compote creme, frosted with a cheery yellow buttercream to look like a baby chick.  Minimum order 1 four piece box, $9.  Also available in 1 dozen increments, $27/dozen.

Feeling like you want to try them both?  You can order a box of bunnies & chicks cupcakes together!  Minimum order 1 four piece box, $9.  Also available in 1 dozen increments, $27/dozen.
Egg-citing Mini Cupcakes~ Everyone loves a little cupcake.  Some people love 3, while others love 8.  Whatever number sounds good to you, help yourself to a variety box this holiday season.  We’ve chosen 3 flavors and are offering them as a special assortment.  Available as an assorted  box only [4 of each flavor].  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $14/box.

~Vanilla bean cupcakes w/ blackberry pomegranate crème filling & vanilla bean butter frosting *new flavor!
~Pastel vanilla sprinkle cupcakes w/ marshmallow crème filling & BSB’s signature butter frosting
~Milk chocolate cupcakes w/ fudge cheesecake crème filling & double chocolate cocoa butter frosting

Are you looking for a smaller cake or needing dessert for just a few guests?  Then perhaps one of our single layer cakes would be perfect!   Each of these cakes will serve 6-8 guests.  If you’re looking to serve a few more guests, each of theses cakes can be ordered in our standard 2 layer option, serving 12-14 guests generously.

Springtime Berry~  Our golden butter vanilla cake is layered with a refreshing mixture of mixed berry compote and sweet vanilla crème.  Finished with cream cheese frosting and festive sugar decorations.  Single layer 8″ $18 or a standard 8″, $36.

Easter Egg Wreath Cake~ Vanilla chocolate chip cake is filled with a lovely crushed chocolate cherry compote creme and finished with our almond butter frosting.  Decorated with speckled Cadbury Easter egg candies & pale frosting flowers to look like a festive wreath adorned the top of the cake.  Single layer 8″, $20 or a standard 8″, $40.

Carrot Cake~ This recipe has been perfected over time with distinctive fillings and our own orange essence cream cheese frosting. Single layer 8″, $22 or a standard 8″, $46.

Bird’s Nest Cake~ Back by popular demand! Our milk chocolate cake is baked with tiny chocolate chips, filled with our velvety fudge crème and finished with a layer of light chocolate frosting.  The entire cake is hand piped with small ‘twigs’ and the center is indented slightly, of course to hold room for some pretty speckled chocolate eggs.  Mama bird is perched on top, as you might expect.  Single layer 8″, $20 or a standard 8″, $40.

Bunny Cake~ This staple to our Easter menu will leave your bunny-loving self saying ‘so cute!’ A simple bunny face is decorated in simple, soft colors. $35, serving 12-14 guests.
*Chose one cake flavor and one filling flavor from the following options [all bunny cakes will be frosted with our signature butter frosting]:

Cake flavors:
~French vanilla
~Dark chocolate
~Butter vanilla
~Fresh lemon

Filling flavors:
~Raspberry & vanilla crème
~Cookies n’ cream
~Salted caramel crème
~Lemon curd crème


Lemon Sandwich~ Sometimes we just need a cookie.  Enough said.  Always a best seller during our Christmas holiday, we’ve brought this recipe out of the vault.  Two zesty lemon shortbread cookies filled with lemon cream and topped with a candied lemon wedge and sparkly powdered sugar.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $10.

Easter Themed Cutouts~Looking to enjoy some of our signature cutout cookies? Well, you don’t have to ask the Easter Bunny to bring you some.  Our assortment of festive Easter cookies will include various shapes and sizes, all decorated with familiar spring time colors!  Minimum order 1 dozen cookies, $18/dozen.  Gluten free cookies available, minimum order 1 dozen, $22.



~ Lemon Swiss Roll~ ordered again and again by those who have tried it!  A light and refreshing lemon sponge cake is filled with a sweet cream, rolled and lightly glazed.  Dusted with candied lemon slices and powdered sugar.  Minimum order 1 cake roll $10.

~ Assorted Cutout Cookies:  Help support our littlest baker as he fine tunes his decorating skills!  Minimum order 6 cookies, $3.

[All sales will go to their ‘save, share and spend’ jars.]



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anyone is allowed to be cheesy as Valentine’s Day approaches, and if anyone needs a classic pick up line, here you go: “Do you know first aid? Because Cupid just shot me straight through the heart.”

Valentine’s menu items can be ordered through Wednesday, 2/13 and are available for pick up on:

Wednesday 2/13:  3-6 pm. *special holiday hours*

Thursday, 2/14:  9-6 pm

Friday, 2/15:  9-6 pm

Here’s how to order:

online:  http://bettersweetbakery.com/order-online/

email: bettersweetbakery@gmail.com

phone: 920/893.0617


On to the goodies!


We’d get in trouble if we didn’t put this on our Valentine’s menu.  Our infamous 6-chocolate recipe, frosted rich and delicious.  Perfect for any age, any time.  Minimum order 1 box of 8 heart shaped brownies, $13.


Ever had a deep chocolate lava cake?  Well, have you ever had one of Bettersweet’s?  Special for this time of year, you’ll receive a box of 6 individually portioned lava cakes.  Baked in a free standing fluted cup, these lava cakes are ready for your dessert table.  Simply microwave for 20-30 seconds, add ice cream and splurge.  Instructions will be included.  Unlike most of our custom goodies, these treats are freezer friendly.  Minimum order box of 6, $12/box.


Inspired by the traditional colors for this holiday, we’ve created a box of various sized and colored heart shaped cutout sugar cookies.   You won’t be disappointed with how cute these famous cookies are.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $18.


Something new this year [that we stole from Christmastime!]  Our famous sammie sandwich cookies are half dipped in decadent chocolate, drizzled with a little more chocolate and finished with a touch of edible gold.  Each box will have 6 white chocolate dipped cookies and 6 dark chocolate dipped cookies; all festively decorated.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $10.


All cupcakes will be decorated with adorable holiday sugars and sprinkles.  Minimum order 1 dozen mini box, $13.  Each box will have 4 mini cupcakes in the following 3 flavors:

~ Chocolate chocolate chip w/ raspberry cheesecake crème filling & signature butter frosting

~ Vanilla bean w/ pomegranate blackberry compote crème filling & vanilla bean butter  frosting

~ Caramel toffee w/ fudge crème filling & chocolate bourbon butter frosting


This year, we’ve filled our over-sized cupcakes with love [but not bugs].  Minimum order 1 oversized cupcake, $5.  Each cupcake will be individually boxed and decorated, perfect for a little gift!  Choose from either flavor:

Signature red velvet cupcake filled with a semi sweet almond creme, frosted with our cream cheese frosting and finished with crushed European chocolate and edible gold glitter.

Classic chocolate cupcake filled with crushed chocolate creme, frosted with our signature butter and finished with edible hearts.


Looking for a special, but smaller treat to celebrate your valentine?  Why not order a SINGLE layer heart shaped cake in one of four flavors:

french vanilla cake with raspberry and creme filling

chocolate cake with cookies n cream creme filling

strawberry cake with cheesecake creme filling

milk chocolate cake with caramel creme filling

Each flavor combination will be frosted with our signature butter creme frosting.  Your cake will be decorated with soft holiday colors and will say “I love you”.  Different text available upon request.  
Each cake serves approximately 6-8 people.  $17



Need a special gift for a special kid in your world?  Why not something made by a special kid at the bakery!  Abe is gearing up again to make his chocolate dipped pretzels, festively adorned and individually wrapped.  $.75 each or $9 per dozen. No minimum order necessary.


Margo loves to take extra cake and make little sweet cake pops.  Without a stick, she’s named them cake truffles and we’re certain you’d love them too! Minimum order box of 8, $10.  Gift packaged and quite delicious!


Chocolate eclairs so good, you’ll eat them all before dinner. In all seriousness, she could hardly keep up with the requests last December.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.

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Christmas at bettersweet… dainty cookies, whimsical cakes, thoughtful gifts, little treats and of course, plenty of sweets!

~Holiday orders can be placed at any time.

~To make certain we can complete your order, we appreciate a week’s notice.

~Orders may be placed:


email:  bettersweetbakery@gmail.com

phone:  920.893.0617

~Due to the volume of orders during our holiday season, our normal business hours change and we are ONLY able to accommodate pick up appointments during the calendar hours specified.

~Payment options: cash or check

~Need a quick gift?  Invited to a party and all of your fruitcake is gone?  Don’t panic!  Stop in anytime we’re open from 12/1-12/24 to peruse our lobby full of sweet treats and gifts, packaged to give and enjoy!



~ Cookies can be ordered as an assortment or individual flavors: i.e. 1 dozen ‘gingerbread trees  *If you would like to request specific flavors, they must be ordered by the dozen.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.

~ You can place a cookie order or just stop in our lobby to pick up one of our gift packaged cookie assortment boxes.

Petite~ 1/2 dozen box, perfect for an add on gift or a little taste. $5

Deluxe~1.5 dozen box, with a couple of extras of course! $15

Grand~ 2.5 dozen box, a generous amount of cookies, the ultimate gift! $24

~Buy any 10 dozen cookies: get the 11th free PLUS receive a 10% coupon good for your next order! [Not valid on pre-packaged cookies.]


Lemon Sandwich

Chocolate Mint Thumbprints

Caramel Cashew *

Mocha Wreaths

Pistachio Dipped Rounds *

Sweet Coconut Hearts

White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia *

Hazelnut Crescents *

Cardamom Honey Snowflakes

Grapefruit Cremes

Gingerbread Trees

Cocoa Crinkles

North Pole M&M

Raspberry Linzer *

Classic Almond Spritz

Dusted Pecan Sandies *

White Chocolate Holiday Trees


This year’s collection is a lovely variety of festive & colorful designs. Minimum order 1 dozen $18/dozen.

*Gluten free cutout cookies also available, minimum order 2 dozen, $40.

Do It Yourself Box~ What could be better than spending the afternoon with your kids or grandkids decorating cutout cookies…. What if you didn’t have to bake the cutouts or gather the decorating supplies! Bettersweet has put together the solution in our annual classic sugar cookie kits. This DIY box comes with a baker’s dozen freshly baked cutout cookies, our signature butter frosting, and several small containers of festive sprinkle choices.

Minimum order 1 dozen box kit, $15.


Coconut Macaroons~ also known as our ‘plain jane’ macaroons; you’ll love our sweet, delicate coconut treats.  Minimum order 1.5 dozen box, $12

Earl Grey~ the absolute perfect blend of shortbread, fresh orange & bright earl grey tea.  Unique, yes, but you need to try them!  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $8.

Rosemary Butter Trees~ a favorite of the the early years of cookie making, we’re bringing this unique cookie out of the recipe vault.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $12.

Chocolate Dipped Sammies~ Something new this year!  Our famous sammie sandwich cookies are half dipped in rich chocolate, drizzled with a little more chocolate and finished with a touch of edible gold.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $10.


*All granola flavors can be created gluten free with a 2 pound minimum [same flavor] order.  Minimum order 1/2 pound.

Festivus~ oat flakes, wheat flakes, kamut flakes, raw pecans, ground flax, honey, agave syrup, olive oil, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried apples, cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg. $7/pound or $/4 half pound

Honey Almond~ A new family favorite added to the menu this year.  Oat flakes, almonds, hazelnuts, honey, coconut sugar, coconut oil, sea salt, vanilla & almond flavorings.  $8/pound or $4.50/half pound.

Good Morning~ oat flakes, unsweetened coconut, raw almonds, raw pecans, dried apricots, dried cherries, crystallized ginger, orange zest, coconut milk, honey, sea salt, vanilla & spices. $8.50/pound or $4 /half pound.


Eggnog Holiday Pecan *

Cinnamon Apple Streusel

Chocolate Ginger Cardamom

Orange Cranberry

Lemon Lavender

Blueberry Raspberry Cherry

Coconut Almond *

Minimum order: 1 loaf per flavor, $6.75 OR 4 mini loaves per flavor, $14.


Hand Rolled Truffles: Smooth, rich and velvety.  Absolutely a chocolate lover’s dream.  Minimum order 1 four piece box, $6.50.  Also available as a 12 piece box [3 of each flavor], $18.  DARK CHOCOLATE ~ SALTED CARAMEL ~ POMEGRANATE ~ COFFEE

Grasshopper Squares: A favorite for 12 years and counting!  A thick, cake like brownie bottom is layered with a delicious minty cream and then en robed in decadent chocolate ganache.  Minimum order 6 piece box, $22.  Also available in our lobby as a small gift, 1 piece box, $3.75.

Peanut Butter Balls: Who doesn’t remember sneaking these in their childhood? $10/box of 12, ribboned and gift packaged.

Connoisseur Chocolate Bark: Unique flavor combinations will be changing with each batch. Call to inquire or simply stop in during open hours. A annual artisan Christmas tradition that we’re sharing with you! $5/gift box.

Traditional Rum Rounds:  These decadent candies will be a nostalgic addition to your holiday celebration.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.


Minimum order 1/2 dozen per flavor, $13.
All cupcakes will be decorated with cute holiday sugars and complementing colored sugars.

~ Chocolate w/ cookies n’ crème  filling & cookies n’ crème  frosting [topped with a handcrafted sammie cookie!]

~ Vanilla bean w/ eggnog crème & spiced bourbon butter frosting

~ Red & green vanilla sprinkle w/ vanilla marshmallow crème  filling & peppermint butter frosting


Black Forest ~ Your celebration centerpiece!  This light chocolate cake is filled with a specialty cherry whipped creme and our own slow simmered cherry compote.  Finished with incredible chocolate curls and a touch of fudge.  8? cake, serves 12-14, $38.

Santa Claus ~cocoa-mint cake filled with velvety fudge & then frosted with a minty butter cream to image Kris Kringle himself. 8″ heart, serves 12-14, $36.

Winter Wonderland Cap ~ how fun would it be to have a cake that looks like a warm winter hat? Well, you’ll have to order it to find out! Chose either our vanilla sprinkle or classic chocolate cake and you choose the filling; vanilla or chocolate creme.  Frosted in our signature butter and decorated just like a winter hat, minus the snow.  8′ cone, serves 12-14, $34.

Holiday Eggnog Bundt ~ moist, buttery and topped with our own rum glaze and almonds… amazing!  * $28.

Fresh Snowflake ~how does a simple triple vanilla cake sound? Delightful indeed. Our French vanilla cake is filled with signature vanilla crème and our bsb’s butter frosting. This frosty white cake is decorated with a icy blue snowflake over the entire top. Finished with edible sparkle and certain to catch your eye. Single layer 8” [serves 6-8], $16.

Lemon Ricotta~ Looking for something light and refreshing?  You will find this fresh creation to be a delightful combination of a classic pound cake, lemon flavor, and a lightly sweetened glaze.  Serves 6-8 guests, $10.

Christmas Morning ~ As bakers, we often get asked our favorite cake flavors.  This creation has always been in our top five, and this year we’re sharing it with you!  A lovely classic vanilla cake is filled with fresh orange curd creme, topped with our signature chocolate ganache and finished with sliced almonds around the edges.  A dusting of dark chocolate cocoa powder and touch of lavish edible gold glitter.  Single layer 8?, $20. *

The Dolly Cake~This one is fantastic!  The cake itself is a soft balance of vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry.  Filled then with a cranberry orange compote creme and a thin layer of house made orange curd, you won’t be able to speak while trying this stunning centerpiece!  8″ cake, serves 12-14, $34.

Sweet Gingerbread Spice ~A simple single layer cake in the classic seasonal flavor, frosted with a cinnamon cream cheese drizzled with the decorator’s own salted caramel sauce recipe. Single layer 8″ cake, serves 6-8, $20.



Handcrafted Hot Cocoa Mix:


$7.50/pint. $3.75/half pint. $13/set of 3 half pints [one of each flavor]. Add a bag of soft, white mini marshmallows or pink peppermint marshmallows, $1/bag.
Spiced Nut Mix: We use a base of real butter, natural coconut or maple sugar and spice to create our tasty combinations in a healthier version of these holiday classics. Choose from:
~Rosemary Maple Pecans

~Sea Salted Chai Deluxe [will include a variety of available nuts]

Minimum order 1/2 pound bag, $8. *


Nestled in our beautiful holiday boxes you will find some of the finest of what Bettersweet offers.
You chose the box size and the flavors you would like to include.  We finish each box with a handful of festive Christmas candies.
Medium Box Includes: $35

1 loaf of bread

1.5 dozen assorted cookie box

Add one of the following:

Pint jar of cocoa mix & marshmallows

Bag of granola

Chocolate dipped Sammie cookies


Large Box Includes: $50

2 loaves of bread

1.5 dozen assorted cookie box

Add one of the following:

Pint jar of cocoa mix & marshmallows

Bag of granola

Chocolate dipped Sammie cookies


Looking to sample a lot of different BSB goodies?  In charge of snacks for your office celebration?  There are many, many reasons to order one of our party trays this season.  Each tray includes:

1/2 pound spiced nuts, either flavor

1 dozen chocolate candies, assorted

2 grasshopper squares, cut into tiny bites

1.5 dozen [generous] assorted cookies

Each colorful & beautifully arranged tray comes with a sturdy cover for transport, $40.  Can be ordered without nuts.


~ Cake Pop Truffles: Flavors may change weekly based upon creative desire.  Minimum order box of 8, $10.  Gift packaged and quite delicious!

M’s Now Famous Eclairs: move aside Bettersweet, this recipe is a serious contender!  Chocolate eclairs so good, you’ll eat them all before dinner.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.

~ Assorted Cutout Cookies:  Help support our littlest baker as he fine tunes his decorating skills!  Minimum order 6 cookies, $3.

~ Reindeer Snack Mix: A colorful blend of mini animal crackers, white frosted pretzels, chocolate dots, peppermint pretzel balls.. Just to name a few.  Minimum order 1 festive bag, $2.50.

[All sales will go to their ‘save, share and spend’ jars.]

Please read through our calendar of available pick up days and times. Remember from 12/1-12/24, our lobby tables will also be stocked with sweet treats and extra goodies!

SATURDAY, 12/1: 9-3 PM


TUESDAY, 12/4: 12-7 PM

WEDNESDAY 12/5: 12-7 PM

THURSDAY, 12/6: 12-7 PM

FRIDAY, 12/7: 12-7 PM

SATURDAY, 12/8: 9-3 PM

SUNDAY, 12/9 & MONDAY, 12/10: CLOSED

TUESDAY, 12/11: 12-7 PM

WEDNESDAY, 12/12: 12-7 PM

THURSDAY, 12/13: 12-7 PM

FRIDAY, 12/14: 9-7 PM

SATURDAY, 12/15: 9-3 PM

SUNDAY, 12/16 & MONDAY, 12/17: CLOSED

TUESDAY, 12/18: 9-7 PM

WEDNESDAY, 12/19: 9-7 PM

THURSDAY, 12/20: 9-7 PM

FRIDAY, 12/21: 9-7 PM

SATURDAY, 12/22: 9-7 PM





FRIDAY, 12/28: 9-6 PM

SATURDAY, 12/29: 9-3 PM

SUNDAY, 12/30 & MONDAY, 12/31: CLOSED

JANUARY HOURS: Note: Bettersweet will be closed for our annual winter break the first week & an half of January.



FRIDAY, 1/11: 9-6 PM



WEDNESDAY, 1/16: 9-6 PM

THURSDAY, 1/17: 9- 6 PM

FRIDAY, 1/18: 9-6 PM



WEDNESDAY, 1/23: 9-6 PM

THURSDAY, 1/24: 9- 6 PM

FRIDAY, 1/25: 9-6 PM



WEDNESDAY, 1/30: 9-6 PM

THURSDAY, 1/31: 9- 6 PM

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Why did the turkey cross the road?………… it was the chicken’s day off! At Bettersweet, you can be like the chicken and take baking off your Thanksgiving list.

Thanksgiving orders will be accepted through Tuesday evening [8 pm], 11/20.

Special holiday hours are:
Tuesday 11/20: CLOSED & LAST DAY TO PLACE THANKSGIVING ORDERS!  [Phone calls and emails will be answered throughout the day.]  We will have all extras available in our lobby on both Wednesday and Thursday during open hours.
Wednesday 11/21: 10-7 pm
Thursday 11/22: 8-11 am *THANKSGIVING DAY*
Friday 11/23: CLOSED
Saturday 11/24: 9-NOON [Thanksgiving menu items not available, only open for other custom order cakes and goodies.]


PIES [only the flavors listed are available this year.  Sorry, no special requests.
[All pies are 9″, serving 6-8 generously]
Pumpkin: the classic recipe $15.  Available with spiced real cream topping or praline crunch, $17.
Apple Crumble: made from a mixture of apple varieties and a buttery brown sugar crunch $16.
Pecan: timeless and sweet $17.  *contains nuts
Raspberry Custard: just like grandma used to make.  A little something different for your holiday table.  $16.

[$6.50 per loaf. Regular size, minimum order of 1 loaf PER variety.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Orange Cranberry
Apple Streusel

HOLIDAY ORDERING SPECIAL: 3 pack of mini loaves, 1 of each flavor, $10.


It seems that some flavors just belong together.  Layered peanut butter mousse and silky chocolate ganache sit atop a shortbread crust.  $24

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE:  a classic, no nonsense dreamy pumpkin cheesecake with a spiced gingerbread crust $38.

ALISON’S DREAM CAKE: coconut cake filled with a rich and sweet almond creme, finished with delicious cream cheese frosting.  It’s a dream come true!  Single layer 8 inch [serves 6-8] $18.

AUTUMNAL SPICE: Imagine the blend of fall spices, warm from the oven on your grandmother’s counter… then add a little brandied nutmeg creme, layered with a fresh vanilla custard…. [shall we keep going?].  Finished with our delicious cream cheese frosting and, cinnamon sugar swirls and a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.  8 inch [serves 12-14 generously] $34.

Something new this season!  Each 1 dozen box contains each of the following three knockout combinations:

Apple pie delight: butter vanilla cupcakes are filled with apple pie creme [apple pie baked without a crust, cooled and folded into our signature vanilla creme] and finished with our cinnamon butter frosting.

Hello, Dolly:   vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry cake is filled with a cranberry orange compote creme and finished with our signature butter frosting.

Move over pumpkin: or don’t!  You’re a favorite.  Pumpkin pie spiced vanilla cupcakes are filled with a rich pumpkin creme and finished with a slightly spiced cream cheese frosting.

Minimum order 1 dozen MINI cupcakes, $14.


If you’re looking for our signature holiday cutout cookies, you’ll be happy at Christmas.  For now, why not try something a little different.  Spiced sugar cookie dough is cut out and baked in various sized pumpkin shapes, rustically frosted in ivory tones, finished with a touch of muted brown and completed with a touch of edible gold color.  Almost too pretty to eat.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $18.


Go ahead, admit it.  You’re missing our sammies from the farmer’s market.  Or be bolder, admit you’ve always wondered what if they had a different filling?  Well, you’re welcome.  Here they are.  Each 2 dozen box of mini- sized cookies will include the following filling flavors:

Deep Chocolate Ganache * Spiced Buttercream * Classic Buttercream *  Cherry Buttercream

Minimum order 2 dozen box, $14.

That’s code for pumpkin SHAPED brownies.  Our famous 6-chocolate recipe will be used to create some very fun and festive brownies.  Decorated in muted orange with a twirly green stem, you can set these out after you’ve eaten all the sammies.  Minimum order 6 pc box, $12.


MARGO’S LEMON SWISS ROLL~  ordered again and again by those who have tried it!  A light and refreshing lemon sponge cake is filled with a sweet cream, rolled and lightly glazed.  Dusted with candied lemon slices and powdered sugar.  Minimum order 1 cake roll $10.

MARGO’S NOW FAMOUS ECLAIRS~ move aside Bettersweet, this recipe is a serious contender!  Chocolate eclairs so good, you’ll eat them all before dinner.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.

ABE’S CHOCOLATE DIPPED PRETZEL WANDS~ we won’t disclose that he wanted to cover them in candy Legos, but a little convincing proved to work for Thanksgiving colors and sprinkles.  Minimum order 6 wands, $3.


Take a look through our gift selections for that person who’s doing all the dishes, that neighbor who might be alone this season, or a kiddo finishing up college exams..  Who do you want to show a little sweet thankfulness to?

G&G TARTS: sometimes you don’t need a whole pie.  That’s right, we’re thinking of Grandma and Grandpa [or anyone else really] who just needs a single serving!  This year, order a share size pie tart in either apple crumble or pumpkin cream.  Minimum order 1 tart, $8.50.

PUMPKIN SPICED HOT COCOA:  Available as 1/2 pint [$3.50] or pint [$7.25] sized jar.  Complete with simple holiday decoration.

MAPLE PECAN PUMPKIN SPICE GRANOLA: Find yourself head over heals with this slightly sweet [can we say ‘healthy’?] granola that is perfect for snacking, breakfast or a simple hostess gift.  Minimum order 1 pound, $7.50.

WHITE CHOCOLATE CRANBERRY COOKIES: A generous baker’s dozen is packaged up and ready for anyone you might want to gift, maybe even yourself!  Minimum order 1 dozen, $10.

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