Cards are good, chocolates are better, but my true desire ~ Bettersweet goodies on a platter!

BSB’s Valentine’s menu specials are available for pick up on:

Friday 2/10, 1-6 pm

Tuesday 2/14, 9-6 pm *special holiday hours*

Orders will be accepted now through Thursday, 2/11.  Here’s how to order:



phone: 920/893.0617

Get ready for a good read, we have a lot to offer this year!

Ever had a molten chocolate lava cake?  Well, have you ever had one of Bettersweet’s?  For this annual Valentine’s special, you’ll receive a box of 6 individually portioned lava cakes.  Baked in a free standing fluted cup, these lava cakes are ready for your dessert table.  Simply microwave for 20-30 seconds, add ice cream and splurge.  Instructions will be included.  Unlike most of our custom goodies, these treats are freezer friendly.  Minimum order box of 6, $14/box.


Looking for a little conversation?  Or perhaps our signature hand rolled cutout cookies?  Well, this dozen box comes gift packaged and ready to share.  And yes, we’re using the old school sayings… Fax me???   Minimum order 1 dozen box, $18/box.


We can’t possibly get enough of heart shaped cookies; and so we’re making more for you!  Our ever so popular chocolate dipped mocha wreath [remember just a few weeks ago… our Christmas menu???]  We’ve tweaked the shape and added some festive color and edible gold glitter.  A variety of sizes comes in this generous dozen box.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $12/box.


We’d get in trouble if we didn’t put this on our Valentine’s menu.  Our infamous 6-chocolate recipe, frosted, rich & delicious.  Perfect for any age, any time.  Box of 8 heart shaped brownies, $13.

From our young baker, you’ll receive an 8 piece box of cake truffles [think cake pops without the stick] with two flavors: vanilla sprinkle & raspberry chocolate chip.  Minimum order 1 box, $10.


This year, enjoy a box of 4 over-sized cupcakes.  Decorated and gift boxed for the occasion.  * We’re stealing two fantastic flavors from our annual Downtown night menu.  *

~ HERS: Vanilla bean cupcake w/ mixed berry compote creme; hints of orange, sangria and brandy.  Frosted with a wine cognac butter cream.

~ HIS: Chocolate stout cupcake w/ an irish cream filling and frosted with our whiskey bourbon cream cheese butter.

Minimum order 1 box of 4, $16 per box.  Can be ordered per flavor [ie. 4 vanilla bean] or as an assortment box [2 of each flavor].


Overflowing with color and flavor, this light cocoa cake is layered with specialty fillings including our semi-sweet creme, hints of sugared ground almonds and rich European chocolate garnishing.  Simply stunning!

Minimum order 1 HEART shaped 2 layer cake, $37.  [serves approximately 12-14 generous pieces].

You might remember the lady bug’s cousin, the grasshopper.  And if you do, you’ll remember the delightful treat we make at Christmas time, a trio of brownie, white mint ganache and dark chocolate [our grasshopper squares].  We are reinventing these decadent goodies without the mint, but with pomegranate and raspberry  ganache this time.  You’ll receive a box of one square of each flavor.  Minimum order 1 two piece box, $6.50.

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Celebrating TEN Christmas seasons this year!


In simple reflection, 10 years passes quickly.  At the bakery this season, we’re reminiscing about how many celebrations we’ve been a part of, how many cookies we’ve packaged up and how many people support our little bustling ovens.  A heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you who have become part of a decade of memories. 


~Holiday orders can be placed at any time.   

~We appreciate [& suggest] orders be placed at least one week in advance.

~Orders may be placed:






~Due to the volume of orders during our holiday season, our normal business hours change and we are ONLY able to accommodate pick up appointments during the calendar hours specified.

~Payment options:  cash or check

~All orders will have an additional  box & packaging fee.  This varies based on the size and specifics of your order.

~Not certain what your guests might enjoy?  Let us help!

~Gift certificates are available… in any amount!

Beginning on Friday 12/2, our lobby tables will be filled with items available for walk in purchases.  [Available all open hours 12/2-12/24]

Choose from pre-boxed cookie assortments, hot cocoa assortments, sweet gifts, specialty mixes, and of course, extra treats!



Eggnog Layer~ a simply elegant cake, layers of a modern gingerbread cake are filled with eggnog & brandy infused crème, frosted with a stunning white butter cream.  Tiny snowflakes and fresh grated nutmeg adorn the top. $34.

Santa Claus ~cocoa-mint cake filled with velvety fudge & then frosted with a minty butter cream to image Kris Kringle himself. $36.

Buche De Noel ~  The fabulous French tradition comes alive here in Wisconsin.  A golden butter sponge cake is filled with EITHER classic chocolate mousse or mocha hazelnut mousse.  Rolled into a log with fresh buttercream icing, flaked chocolate and of course, festive edible decorations to make your holiday spirit swoon.  $40.

The Dolly ~this one is fantastic:  The cake itself is a soft balance of vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry.  Filled then a cranberry orange compote crème and a thin layer of house made orange curd… you won’t be able to speak while trying this stunning centerpiece! $34.

Fresh Snowflake ~how does a simple triple vanilla cake sound?  Delightful indeed.  Our French vanilla cake is filled with signature vanilla crème and our bsb’s butter frosting.  This frosty white  cake is decorated with a icy blue snowflake over the entire top.  Finished with edible sparkle  and certain to catch your eye.  Single layer 8” [serves 6-8], $16.

Misu Roll~ we’ve been dreaming this one up for some time.  The familiar flavors of tiramisu are recreated and  lavishly spread into this not so common ‘cake roll’.  You may just want to try this ’pick me up’  creation. $28.


  • Minimum order 1 dozen. Either 1 dozen per variety for 1 dozen of either assortment [will include 4 of each 3 flavors]. $25/dozen.
  • All cupcakes will be decorated with cute holiday sugars and complementing colored sugars.

Sleigh Bell Box [KID FRIENDLY]

~ Classic vanilla w/ hot cocoa crème & peppermint BSB’s butter frosting

~ Fun-illa fetti w/ signature vanilla crème & BSB’s butter frosting

~ Milk chocolate w/ mint cookies and crème & BSB’s butter frosting


~ Amaretto w/ eggnog crème & spiced butter frosting

~ Milk chocolate stout w/ irish crème & whiskey bourbon butter frosting

~ Vanilla bean  w/ raspberry cheesecake & cream cheese frosting


Eggnog Holiday *

Blueberry Raspberry Cream

Cherry Almond Poppy Seed

Apple Cinnamon Streusel

Minimum order 2 loaves per flavor.  $6.50/loaf.


  • Handcrafted with fresh ingredients.
  • Order two 6 pc boxes [1 of each flavor] or 12 pc box [2 of ea.]
  • All boxes are gift packaged.
  • Minimum order 1 dozen. $17/dozen.

Dark Chocolate ~ Salted Caramel~ Eggnog

Pomegranate ~ Raspberry Cheesecake ~ Coffee


  • Nestled in our beautiful holiday boxes [ready for you to ship as well], you will find some of the finest of what Bettersweet offers.
  • You chose the box size and the flavors you would like to include [flavors listed throughout brochure].
  • Each box will include a handful of festive & traditional Christmas candies, on us!

Medium Box Includes: $32

1 loaf of bread OR 1 jar of hot cocoa mix

1 lb granola OR 6 pc truffles [holiday assortment box]

1.5 dozen assorted cookies

Large Box Includes: $46

2 loaves of bread OR 1 loaf and 1 jar of hot cocoa mix

1 lb granola OR 6 pc truffles [holiday assortment box]

2.5 dozen assorted cookies


~ Cookies can be ordered as an arrangement from a category: i.e. Top 10 or individual flavors: i.e. 1 dozen ‘gingerbread trees *If you would like to request specific flavors, they must be ordered by the dozen.

~ You can either order ahead or stop in for cookie assortment boxes, all are gift packaged.  These assortment boxes will include cookies from the Top 10 in 10 and Nostalgic categories.

Petite~ 1/2 dozen box, perfect for an add on gift or a little taste.  $5

Deluxe~1.5 dozen box, with a couple of extras of course! $15

Grand~ 2.5 dozen box, a generous amount of cookies, the ultimate gift!  $24

~Buy any 10 dozen cookies: get the 11th free PLUS receive a 10% coupon good for  your next order!

TOP 10 IN 10

  1. Lemon Sandwich
  2. Chocolate Mint Thumbprints
  3. Caramel Cashew *
  4. Mocha Wreaths
  5. White Chocolate w/Cranberry & Macadamia Nut *
  6. Grapefruit Sandwich
  7. White Chocolate Holiday Trees
  8. Hazelnut Crescents *
  9. Rum Praline Shortbread *
  10. Cardamom Honey Snowflakes

Individual flavors or assortment, minimum order 1 dozen, $10


  1. Gingerbread Trees
  2. Pecan Sandies *
  3. Iced Fruitcake Drops *
  4. Jammy Thumbprints *
  5. Cocoa Crinkles
  6. Lemon Anise
  7. Raspberry Linzer *
  8. Peanut Butter Blossoms *
  9. Minty Polka Dot Trees
  10. Classic Snickerdoodles

Individual flavors or assortment, minimum order 1 dozen, $10


  1. Classic Almond
  2. Gingerbread
  3. Espresso
  4. Lemon Blackberry
  5. Spiced Eggnog
  6. Apple Pie

Individual flavors or assortment, minimum order 2.5 dozen, $10


  1. Plain Jane
  2. German Chocolate *
  3. Orange Cardamom
  4. Key Lime Dipped
  5. Black Forest
  6. Almond Pistachio *

Individual flavors or assortment, minimum order 1 dozen, $12

A collection of classic and artistic holiday designs.   Minimum order 1 dozen  $18/dozen.

Do It Yourself Box ~What could be better than spending the afternoon with your kids or grandkids decorating cutout cookies…. What if you didn’t have to bake the cutouts or gather the decorating supplies!  Bettersweet has put together the solution in our annual classic sugar cookie kits.  This DIY box comes with a baker’s dozen freshly baked cutout cookies, our signature butter frosting, and several small containers of festive sprinkle choices.

Minimum order 1 dozen box kit, $15.


~ Melting snowman cutouts:  These super cute snowmen will have your heart in a moment!  And then you can eat them.  Minimum order box of 6, $4.

~ Snowy Day snack mix: If you like to nibble, or know someone who does, you’ll understand why this salty sweet snack mix will become a quick favorite.

Minimum order 2 bags, $5.

[All sales will go to her ‘save, share and spend’ jars.]  


Grasshopper SquaresTHIS ONE HAS MADE IT PAST THE CUT FOR TEN YEARS!  A thick, cake like brownie bottom is layered with a delicious minty cream and covered in decadent chocolate ganache.  $20/half doz.

Peanut Butter ‘Balls’Who doesn’t remember sneaking these in their childhood?  $10/box of 12, ribboned.

Connoisseur Chocolate Bark: Unique flavor combinations will be changing with each batch.  Call to inquire or simply stop in during open hours.  A annual artisan Christmas tradition that we’re sharing with you! $7.50/half pound, gift packaged.


High Five~ oat flakes, wheat flakes, spelt flakes, rye flakes, raw almonds, sunflower seeds, ground flax, honey, agave syrup, olive oil, dried cranberries, dried cherries, cinnamon, & spices.  $7/pound.

Festivus~ oat flakes, wheat flakes, kamut flakes, raw pecans, ground flax, honey, agave syrup, olive oil, dried cranberries, dried cherries, dried apples, cinnamon, cloves & nutmeg. $7/pound.

Chocolate Chunk~ oat flakes, unsweetened coconut, walnuts, pecans, ground flax seed, sea salt, cocoa powder, coconut oil, honey, vanilla, coconut sugar & chocolate chunks.  $8/pound.

Good Morning~ oat flakes, unsweetened coconut, raw almonds, raw pecans, dried apricots, dried cherries, crystalized ginger, orange zest, coconut milk, honey, sea salt, vanilla & spices. $8.50/pound.

*All granola flavors can be created gluten free with a 2 pound minimum [same flavor] order.


  • Hot cocoa: our in house blend combines a classic cocoa flavor with great winter flavors. Available in:

~French Vanilla,

~Peppermint Mocha,

~Caramel Toffee

$7/pint.  $3.50/half pint.  $12/ set of 3 half pints [one of each flavor].  Add a bag of soft, white mini marshmallows, $1/bag. 

  • Santa’s Supreme Cookies: these will certainly make everyone’s favorite list, toasted coconut, chocolate chunks, cashews, white chocolate and holiday M&M’s…. Whew! * $10/quart jar mix.
  • Melty S’more Cookies: a new twist on a summer favorite.  Chocolate covered graham pieces, teeny tiny mallows and all the other fixings is added to a lovely chocolate chip like cookie.  $10/quart jar mix.
  • Spiced Nut Mix: We use a base of real butter, natural coconut or maple sugar and spice to create our tasty combinations in a healthier version of these holiday classics. Choose from:

~Rosemary Maple Pecans

~Cinnamon Cayenne Trio [almonds, walnuts & pecans]

~Sea Salted Chai Deluxe [will include a variety of available nuts]

$7.50/half pound package of gourmet nuts.


Please read through our calendar of available pick up days and times.  Remember from 12/2-12/24, our lobby tables will also be stocked with sweet treats and extra goodies!

THURSDAY, 12/1: 12-7 PM

FRIDAY, 12/2: 12-7 PM

SATURDAY, 12/3: 9-3 PM


TUESDAY, 12/6: 12-7 PM


THURSDAY, 12/8: 12-7 PM

FRIDAY, 12/9: 12-7 PM

SATURDAY, 12/10: 9-3 PM

SUNDAY, 12/11 & MONDAY, 12/12: CLOSED

TUESDAY, 12/13: 12-7 PM

WEDNESDAY, 12/14: 12-7 PM

THURSDAY, 12/15: 12-7 PM

FRIDAY, 12/16: 9-7 PM

SATURDAY, 12/17: 9-3 PM

SUNDAY, 12/18: 9-3 PM

MONDAY, 12/19: 9-7 PM

TUESDAY, 12/20: 9-7 PM

WEDNESDAY, 12/21: 9-7 PM

THURSDAY, 12/22: 9-7 PM

FRIDAY, 12/23: 9-7 PM



MONDAY, 12/26 & TUESDAY, 12/27: CLOSED

WEDNESDAY, 12/28, 9-6 PM

THURSDAY, 12/29: 9-6 PM

FRIDAY, 12/30: 9-6 PM


JANUARY HOURS: Note:  Bettersweet will be closed for our annual winter break the first two weeks of January.  Also, beginning in January, we will be closed on Tuesdays [previously open 1-6pm]  and then available  for pick ups on select Saturdays by appointment.


WEDNESDAY, 1/18: 9-6 PM


FRIDAY, 1/20: 9-6 PM



WEDNESDAY, 1/25: 9-6 PM

THURSDAY, 1/26: 9- 6 PM

FRIDAY, 1/27: 9-6 PM










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Thinking about THANKSGIVING?  At BSB we certainly are, so why not leave the sweetest part of your day up to us?

Thanksgiving orders will be accepted through Tuesday evening [8 pm], 11/22.  Special holiday hours are:
Tuesday 11/22 CLOSED & LAST DAY TO PLACE THANKSGIVING ORDERS!  [Phone calls and emails will be answered throughout the day.]  We will have all extras available in our lobby on both Wednesday and Thursday during open hours.
Wednesday 11/23 10-7pm
Thursday 11/24 8-11 am *THANKSGIVING DAY*
Friday 11/25 CLOSED
Saturday 11/26 9-NOON


[All pies are 9″, serving 6-8 generously]
Pumpkin: the classic recipe $15.  Available with either spiced real cream topping $17 or praline crunch topping* $17.
Apple Crumble: made from a mixture of apple varieties and a buttery brown sugar crunch $16.
Cherry: enjoy this double crusted classic, adorned with on top with pie crust leaves $16.
Pecan: timeless and sweet $17.  *contains nuts
Raspberry Custard: just like grandma used to make.  A little something different for your holiday table.  $16.

[$6.25 per loaf.  Minimum order of 1 loaf PER variety ~normal minimum is 2 loaves per variety]
HOLIDAY ORDERING SPECIAL: 3 pack of mini loaves, 1 of each flavor, $10.
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Orange Cranberry
Harvest  *contains nuts, carrots & apples.

What could be better than cake with cream?  How about a fragrantly spiced pumpkin sponge cake, filled generously with a cream cheese blended vanilla creme.  Minimum order 4 slices [individually sliced OR 1 cake roll, $3/slice or $24/ roll]

A new creation this fall season!  Our golden butter vanilla cupcakes are filled with apple pie creme [apple pie baked without a crust, cooled and folded into our signature vanilla creme] and finished with our cinnamon butter frosting.  Minimum order 1 dozen MINI cupcakes, $12.

If you’ve been missing our custom cutout cookies, then these are for you!  We’re ready with a variety of leaf shapes and sizes, all made from our signature sugar cookie dough, frosted in lovely muted fall colors and completed with a touch of edible gold color.  Minimum order 1 dozen box, $18.

Is someone else making pie?  Do you need just a little bit of sweet to watch the game?  Whatever the need might be, why not pick up an assortment of cookies.  Each 1.5 dozen box includes:

Spiced white chocolate cranberry
Salted chocolate chip M&M
Oatmeal toffee scotch

Minimum order 1 box, $11.

PETITE TARTS   We’ve taken our holiday pie recipes, created a crust less version, and then added a generous scoop to our famous fresh fruit tart crust.  You will certainly enjoy these mini desserts.

[Minimum order 1 dozen. $16 per dozen. Includes box fee.   Order either:

~ 1 dozen per flavor [ie. 1 dozen classic apple]
~ 1 dozen assortment [receive 4 of each 3 flavors]

Classic Apple
Pumpkin w/ spiced cream
Cherry Crumble

CELEBRATION CAKES  We are ready to bring out these holiday favorites, both cakes are nothing less than fantastic.  Perfect for your table centerpiece.

THE DOLLY CAKE:  this one is fantastic!  The cake itself is a soft balance of vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry.  Filled then with a new cranberry orange compote creme and a thin layer of house made orange curd, you won’t be able to speak while trying this stunning centerpiece!  8 inch [serves 12-14 generously]  $34.

AUTUMNAL SPICE: it’s never easy to master a new recipe, but this one is pretty close.  Imagine the blend of fall spices, warm from the oven on your grandmother’s counter… then add a little brandied nutmeg creme, layered with a fresh vanilla custard…. [shall we keep going?].  Finished with our delicious cream cheese frosting and, cinnamon sugar swirls and a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.  8 inch [serves 12-14 generously] $32.

COACHMAN’S CAKE: something brand new from BSB!  The classic shape of a bundt cake, double stacked and decorated to look, just like a gorgeous plump pumpkin.  Curly vines and tiny sugar leaves indeed.  Inside, you’ll cut into a flavorful blend of pumpkin and gingerbread, with just a hint of rum and cream…. try it.  We can recommend it.  $36, serves 14-18.

MAPLE PECAN PUMPKIN SPICE GRANOLA:  something else new that we’re stirring up for the upcoming holiday season.  Find yourself head over heals with this slightly sweet [can we say ‘healthy’?] granola that is perfect for snacking, breakfast or a simple hostess gift.  Minimum order 1 pound, $7.50.  Need it fancied up?  We’ll put it in a mason jar, ribbon, decor and a nice gift giving tag.  $10.

PUMPKIN CHIPPERS:  back by popular demand, we’re reworked our pumpkin chocolate chip recipe.  Soft, bursting with spice and chocolate, you’ll want to have a few of these to fill nibble on while the turkey is roasting.  Minimum order 1 dozen, $9.

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don’t be frightened…we have more treats than tricks!

We will be accepting Halloween orders until Thursday evening, 10/27, and pick up will be available on:
Friday, 10/28 1~6 pm
Saturday, 10/29 9~noon
*We will have extra goodies available in our lobby during both pick up days/times.  No guarantees on what or how much we will have, but we will have some extras.

Now, on to the goodies…

~ SPIDER WEB CAKE:  Something new from our cauldron this year!  A single layer 8″ black & orange fun~illa~fetti cake frosted ghost white with a striking black web and edible spiders (we promise they’re cute…not creepy).  Choose your filling: either orange dream or fudge creme.
[$18, serves 6-8 generously]

~MINI JACK~O~LANTERN CAKES:  Can you handle another new menu item?  We think you can.  We also think you can find a friend to share this delectable holiday treat with.  Our classic vanilla bean bundt recipe turned into small jack~o~lantern cakes, simply perfect for two.
[$6/mini cake, minimum order 1 mini cake]

~CHOCOLATE MUMMY BROWNIES:  A fan favorite!  Our 6~chocolate brownies are cut into large circles and frosted to resemble a super cute, friendly mummy face.
[$11/box of 6, minimum order 1 box]

~ BABY BOO SAMMIES:  Have you ever tried our signature homemade Sammies?  If yes, you know what we are talking about.  If not, WELL THEN!  For the upcoming holiday, we’ve gone smaller and colorful!  Don’t miss out on these bite size sweets.
[$6/dozen, minimum order 1 dozen package]

~MONSTER MASH SIZED CUPCAKES:  This oversized caramel apple cupcake is our caramel cake with fresh apples baked in, filled with our signature vanilla creme and frosted with a cinnamon apple butter cream.  Topped with either fresh toasted pecans or chocolate candies.  Individually packaged on a stick in clear box~just don’t pull them out of the box by the stick!  Perfect for a tasty gift!
[$4.50/cupcake, Minimum order 1 oversized cupcake]

~MINI MONSTER CUPCAKES:  These colorful “creatures” have crazy hair, edible eyeballs, a lot of fun!  Each 1 dozen box includes an assortment of the following three flavors [4 of each flavor] in our MINI cupcake size:
-Fun-illa-fetti [black and orange sprinkles] w/ signature vanilla creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
-Vanilla chocolate chip w/ cookies n’ cream filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
-Butter vanilla w/ cake batter creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
[$13/dozen, minimum order 1 dozen]

~BLACK CAT BREW:  This mini cupcake assortment was created with grown-up tastes in mind.  Receive a box of three flavors [4 of each flavor], perfect to accompany your morning coffee (instead of another handful of your kiddo’s candy…)
-Classic chocolate w/hazelnut cappuccino creme filling, mocha butter frosting.
-Butter vanilla w/pumpkin pie creme filling, cream cheese frosting.
-“Lucky Turtle” NEW FLAVOR! Milk chocolate chip w/salted caramel pecan cream, bourbon fudge butter frosting. *DOES CONTAIN NUTS*  Lucky for you this turtle didn’t stay in it’s shell…
[$13/dozen, minimum order 1 dozen]

~PARFAITS:  A trial run, prior to our Thanksgiving menu.  Help us determine if these layered mini treats are worthy of a spot on a future menu.
This trio of layers includes chocolate graham crust, creamy torte filling, & sweet pumpkin. You’ll receive a box of 6 mini parfaits-perfect for 6 guests, no need to share.
[$10/6 parfaits, minimum order 6 parfaits, complete with tasting size spoons]


~SPOOKY CRUNCH:  Need a little something special and sweet?  Margo’s getting ready to craft up another batch of snack mix.  It’s guaranteed to be full of spooky delights!

~FESTIVE CAKE BALL TRUFFLES:  Resurrected from the vault, these cake pops sans the stick, are making an appearance this Halloween.  Each box will include an assortment of both ghosts (fun-illa-fetti) and pumpkins (marble).
[$10/8, minimum order 1 box of 8]

a few updates for the rest of our fall season, and into winter…

~We will be posting our THANKSGIVING MENU online and sending it out via email on Wednesday, 11/2.  All of the details will be there, so if you are thinking ahead [always appreciated], we have you covered.
~Then our CHRISTMAS MENU will be posted and emailed out on 11/10 [two weeks prior to Thanksgiving].  If you haven’t experienced our Christmas menu in prior years, you are in for a treat… many treats that is.  This is our busiest and most exciting season of the year.
~Our hours change from Thanksgiving through New Years.  Specific hours during this time will be included with each menu and posted on our website.  These pick up times are firmly set so that we can professionally manage the sheer volume of holiday orders we receive.
~Bettersweet will be closed for our annual winter break from January 1st-17th.  We always like to give everyone an early heads up!

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May brings showers, flowers, and of course, happy mother’s day!


‘Thanks Mom!’  MINI Cupcake Box

Order an assortment of three cupcake flavors:
~Sassy Rita:  Strawberry cake is filled with lime champagne curd creme filling, and finished with vanilla bean butter frosting.  Topped with a touch of sea salt and light green sanding sugar.

~Fresh Orange Summer: This refreshing cupcake involves one of our FAVORITE cake flavors and what’s becoming a very popular filling, finished with a simple cream cheese frosting.  One bite may just bring summer a little sooner.

~French Vanilla Raspberry: We had to include the classic.  Enough said?

Minimum order 1 dozen assortment [4 of each flavor]: $13

Mother’s Day Truffles

Truth be told, our signature hand rolled truffles do not require much of a description.  The dark chocolate base is delicately rolled in accompanying sugars.  This Mother’s Day we’ve selected four delectable flavors for you to enjoy.  Each assorted box will include the following four flavors:

Salted Caramel
Cheese Cake
Dark Chocolate

$6.50/box [decorated and ready for gift giving].


Over sized [perfect for sharing!] vanilla cupcakes baked in red decorative tulip wrappers are filled with a simple vanilla creme and frosted with our BSB signature butter, and then rolled in our freshly ground roasted peanuts.
Salty and sweet… delish!
Minimum order 4 over sized cupcakes, $12


Treat your mom to a single layer heart shaped cake in one of two flavors; either a french vanilla cake with raspberry and creme filling and our signature butter creme frosting or a chocolate cake with hazelnut creme and our signature butter creme frosting.  Your cake will be decorated with soft spring colors and will say: I (or we)  Mom!  
Each cake serves approximately 6-8 people.  $16

Almond Joy Scones

Does your mom like that timeless little candy bar with the solo almond peering from under a deep robe of dark chocolate?  Well then, we’ve got you covered.  [But not in chocolate].  This recipe of ours is loaded with sweet coconut, thin almond slivers a couple different chocolates.  Delicate, buttery and quite delicious… Minimum order box of 4 scones, $8.


Purchase a $25.00 gift certificate and receive a $5.00 coupon good off your next order.

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