This menu is for anyone who has a mother. [That means you!]

We have plenty of goodies for a little something to tangibly tell your mom, anyone who has been like a mom or your kid’s mom- how much you appreciate them.   

Picking up your order:

Saturday, 5/11 between between 10-4 pm.  Please note, only items from our special Mother’s Day menu are available to pick up on 5/11.

Placing your order:

Can be done via email, or giving us a call at 920/893.0617.  Please denote your requested pick up time and please provide a contact phone number for your order. 
We do reply to every email and voicemail we receive!  If you don’t hear back from us in 2-3 business days, please contact us to make sure we received your order.  Order deadline is Wednesday 5/8 at 8 pm.

Paying for your order:

We accept cash or check for payment.


On to the sweets!
Please note, the following Mother’s Day menu items will be available ONLY on Saturday 5/11.

Cakes! Enjoy a small cake or try a few different flavors!  Each of the following cakes comes in a 6″ single layer size, serving 2-3 generously.  

~ Razmon Delight:  one of our most popular signature cake starts with a raspberry vanilla batter, is filled with mascarpone lemon creme and finished with a touch of raspberry infused cream cheese frosting.  $24.   

~Peanut Square: this classic vanilla cake is filled with vanilla creme filling and frosted with our signature butter and then completely covered in freshly ground, salted Spanish peanuts. $24.  

~ Chocolate Coffee: this one is a hidden favorite on our menu! Milk chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry cappuccino creme filling and mocha butter frosting.  $22.

~ The Classic: what else could this be but french vanilla cake with raspberry compote creme filling and our signature butter frosting.  $22.

~ Cherry & Chocolate:  if you’ve had this filling, then you know why this flavor is on our menu.  Vanilla chocolate chip cake with crushed white chocolate cherry creme filling and bourbon butter frosting.  $24.

~ GLUTEN FREE, The Classic, but made gluten free!  $24.


Cupcakes!  We’ve brought 3 fruity cupcake flavors out of the recipe vault this year.  You also have the option to order this regular size cupcake assortment as either a half dozen box or dozen box.  The half dozen [$18] will have 2 of each flavor and the full dozen [$36] will have 4 of each flavor combination:

~ vanilla bean cupcake with strawberry rhubarb creme filling & brown butter frosting

~ fresh orange cupcake with white chocolate lavender creme filling & cream cheese frosting

~ coconut blueberry cupcake with lime curd creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting



French Macarons: From Elizabeth @ Cedar Springs Floral Co- “Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I have had so much fun putting together this year’s macaron box! Butterflies + florals + pastels make for a beautiful spring themed box that is perfect for all the moms we know! ??”

Due to their size, the butterfly macarons pictured will only be featured in the boxes of 12, however the floral macarons will still be included in the boxes of 6.  Head to our Facebook page to see a photo of these incredible cookies.  

Here are the flavors and details:
•Key Lime
•White Chocolate Raspberry Rose
•Lemon Poppy seed
•Brown Butter Milk Chocolate (the butterfly shape- only available in the boxes of 12)

•Box of 6 macarons for $13- contains 2 each of Key Lime, White Chocolate Raspberry Rose, and Lemon Poppy seed

•Box of 12 macarons for $25- contains 3 each of Key Lime, White Chocolate Raspberry Rose, Lemon Poppy seed, and Brown Butter Milk Chocolate

Lemon Sandwich Cookies:  These little gems have been a favorite for almost 17 years here at the bakery.  We traditionally only let them out at Christmas time but after their standing ovation on our Easter menu, here we go again.  Two lemon shortbread cookies are sandwiched with a zesty lemon creme filling and finished with a candied lemon piece. Refreshing and addicting.  $15, 1 generous baker’s dozen box.  

Abe’s Menu!

Heart Brownies: Our multi-chocolate recipe is cut out into hearts and decorated per Abe’s love for all things bakery!  $10 per box of 4 brownies.  

Cake Slice: vanilla cake tinted light pink with crushed chocolate creme filling and vanilla bean butter frosting.  Decorated with pretty sugar flowers and Abe’s creative touches.  $4 per slice.  


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