Fruit Fest at Bettersweet!

July is sneaking up on us here at the bakery! So is this weekend, which is our first FRUIT FEST of the summer.

If you’ve been waiting for fruit tarts- your time is now.
OUR EUROPEAN INSPIRED FRESH FRUIT TARTS. If you have not tried these before or just need a refresh: they are 4 components: sweet and flaky pastry dough, baked to a slight crisp, whipped french custard with a tiny hint of lemon, fresh fruit including raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries and a final touch of just slightly sweet but very delicious glaze dotting the fruit on top.
~ Order deadline is Friday, 6/28 at 6 pm.  You may call, email or reply to our Facebook Post.
~ Pickup is ONLY on Saturday, 6/29 between 10-2 pm. Sorry, we won’t have any ready on Friday! These will be made fresh on Friday evening after we close.
~ Payment is cash or check.
~ Please only reserve items if you can make the pickup date and time window.
~ We will not be having a weekly a la carte menu for this week, but all extra cupcakes, scraps and other treats will be out in the lobby when we are open [Thursday/Friday/Saturday].
On to the treats! Remember, these are presales, so we’ll make as many as your order… by Thursday evening at 6 pm. ?
#1. GRANDE FRUIT TART. This is our largest size with a 9? diameter and easily serves 6-8 people. $38 each.
#2. MEDIUM FRUIT TART. This is well, our medium size with a 4.5? diameter. Perfect for 2 to share. $11 each.

#3. PETITE FRUIT TARTLETS. This is a box of 4 mini tarts, or tartlets. They are about 2.25? in diameter and of course, perfect for 1. So you can share with 3 friends or you can share with your self 4 times. Box of 4, $9.

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