Thinking about THANKSGIVING? At BSB we certainly are, so why not leave the sweetest part of your day up to us?!

Thanksgiving orders will be accepted through Tuesday 11/20 and are available for pick up on:

Wednesday 11/21 2-7pm
Thursday 11/22 8-11 am *THANKSGIVING DAY*
Friday 11/23 CLOSED
Saturday 11/24 9-NOON


[All pies are 9″, serving 6-8]
Pumpkin: the classic recipe $14.  Available with spiced real cream topping $16.
Apple Crumble: made from a mixture of apple varieties and a buttery brown sugar crunch $15.
Cherry Apple: our signature apple pie with the addition of tart, fresh cherries. Completed with a almond cinnamon struesel $17.  *contains nuts
Pecan: timeless and sweet $16.  *contains nuts
Mint Chocolate Chip: one of our new additions, this creamy, dreamy whipped-up pie is certain to please $15.

[$6 per loaf.  HOLIDAY ORDERING SPECIAL: Minimum order of 1 loaf PER variety ~normal minimum is 2 loaves per variety]
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Orange Cranberry
Almond Cherry Poppy Seed * contains nuts
Raspberry Cream
Ginger Pear *new recipe

We first debuted this new treat at our Food and Wine event last month.  They went over… well, very well.  A pair of soft, flavorful pumpkin cookies is baked with tiny chocolate chips and sandwiched with a aromatic cream cheese filling.  Pretty good cake lady… pretty good. Minimum order 1 dozen, $10/dozen]

[Minimum order 1 dozen. $22 per dozen. Includes box fee and holiday sugar decorations. Order either:
~ 1 dozen per flavor [ie. 1 dozen chocolate cherry]
~ 1 dozen assortment [receive 4 of each 3 flavors]

Vanilla bean cupcakes w/ pumpkin creme filling, cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate cupcakes w/ salted Kahlua caramel creme filling, cocoa butter frosting.
Butter vanilla cupcakes w/ pineapple rum creme filling, cream cheese frosting.

Pumpkin: with spiced gingerbread crust $38.
Vanilla Bean: with mixed berry fruit compote $36.
Turtle: we dare you to enjoy just one piece $40. *contains nuts

PETITE TARTS                                                                                                                                   New this year!  We’ve taken our holiday pie recipes, created a crust less version, and then added a generous scoop to our famous fresh fruit tart crust.  You will certainly enjoy these mini desserts.                                                                                                

[Minimum order 1 dozen. $16 per dozen. Includes box fee.   Order either:

~ 1 dozen per flavor [ie. 1 dozen classic apple]
~ 1 dozen assortment [receive 4 of each 3 flavors]

Classic Apple                                                                                                                          Pumpkin w/ spiced cream                                                                                                         Cherry Crumble

CELEBRATION CAKES                                                                                                                 We are extremely excited to debut two brand new cakes this holiday season!  One was created simply as a holiday piece, and second has been in the works since summer began.  As always with new goodies, we would love your feedback!

THE DOLLY CAKE:  this one is fantastic!  The cake itself is a soft balance of vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry.  Filled then with a new cranberry orange compote creme and a thin layer of house made orange curd, you won’t be able to speak while trying this stunning centerpiece!  8 inch  $32

“BB’S SPLIT”:  Named after our May-means-birthday giveaway winner, Beth Nothem provided us with the inspiration of the banana split for her cake.  This banana and pineapple flavored cake is layered with a blend of cherry and strawberry creme, as well as our new fudge chunk filling.  Finished with none other than our signature BSB’s butter, dusted with Valharona cocoa powder and topped with a few cherries, of course!  8 inch $30

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