Has fall snuck up on you again? Don’t get spooked, something sweet is ready for your Halloween celebration!

We’ve offically called our 2012 Farmer’s Market season to a close, and we’re beginning to plan for the holidays.  First off of course, being Halloween.  One of our favorite menus [mostly because of all the fun decorating!] is as follows.  Place your order online, via email, or call today!

~PUMPKIN, PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP, ORANGE CRANBERRY or APPLE CRUMBLE: tea breads. [$6/loaf.  Holiday special: minimum order 1 loaf per flavor]

~ HOLIDAY SUGAR COOKIES: an assortment of whimiscal and artistic designs, perfect for the kids [and kids at heart] in your world.  [$12/dozen. Minimum order 1 dozen]

~ TRIO BOX OF COOKIES:  this year we’ve come up with a classic combination:  homemade oreos, M&M chocolate chip, and candy corn kiss blossoms [$10/box.  Each box includes a generous 1.5 dozen cookies.  Minimum order 1 box]

~CHOCOLATE MUMMY BROWNIES: last year’s fan favorite!  our six chocolate brownie recipie is cut in large circles and frosted to resemble a super cute, friendly mummy face.  [$10/box of 6.  Minimum order 1 box].

~TRICK OR TREAT CUPCAKES;  each 1 dozen box includes an assortment of the following three flavors [4 of each flavor]:
Orange chocolate chip cupcakes w/ eclair filling, cocoa butter frosting.
Chocolate red velvet cupcakes w/ oreo creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
Vanilla bean cupcakes w/ pumpkin creme filling, cream cheese frosting.
[$22/dozen.  Includes box fee and holiday decorations, in particular our cutie creeper sugars.  Minimum order 1 dozen.]

~BOO & EEK HOT COCOA:  remember our delicious french vanilla hot cocoa jars from last Christmas?  We’ll we’ve brought it back, but this time the jars are decked out in festive decor.  [$6/pint jar.  Minimum order 1 jar.  Homemade orange marshmallows… add $2.50 for an accompanying box.]

ordering details…~ ORDERS  will be accepted until Wednesday, 10/24

~ PICK UP is available on:
Friday 10/26 [1-6pm]
Tuesday 10/30 [1-6pm]
Wednesday 10/31 [9-4pm] We will be closing early to have fun with a very excited 6 year old!

~ FEEL FREE to order:
Online: http://bettersweetbakery.com/order-online/
Email: http://bettersweetbakery.com/contact/email-us/
Phone: 920.893.0617

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