bettersweet needs your help!!!

As many or most of you already know, at the August 2011 Town of Plymouth Board Meeting, Bettersweet was given a permit of operation for one year. In other words, by July 2012, our business must move away from our home location on Jennifer Drive.

Since our business is operated by both Curt and myself, and since our family is quite young [with our second child due in about 6 weeks], we have found it IMPERATIVE to live at the same location as our bakery. Many of you might not know that we put in, on average 60-80 hours a week EACH, meaning there are many, many late or sleep deprived nights as we work to prepare your orders. Eventually that will not be the case, but everyone knows that a beginning business takes extra work!

If we are forced to close down operation on Jennifer Drive, we will be forced to not only move our business, but also relocate our home. Chances are we would be looking at a store front location. Some of you may think that this sounds like great news, and believe me, it is likely in our long term business plan… but it is currently not the right time! As we consider such a move, we find ourselves asking: “What would this forced relocation within a year mean for our clients???” Quite honestly, it would probably mean increased prices to cover the expensive overhead [including employees]. It would probably mean a less personal experience to both the ordering and picking up aspects of Bettersweet. Currently, as many of you know, we limit the amount of orders we take on weekly so that each order is custom, fresh, and created with you in mind. Moving to a different location means a growth in business that will take away from what makes us so unique. We love being able to chit~chat when you stop in! We’ve gotten to know so many of your stories, hear about life outside our basement walls, and certainly share a laugh or two.

So many of you have offered your support to us and we thank you again for your encouragement! Here is something that you can do:

We are going before the Town Board again on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1ST at 7 pm. Due to the possibility of standing room only, we encourage you to come early. The address of the Hall is 120 Suhrke Road, Plymouth Wi, 53073.

We are looking for anyone who is in favor of us keeping our operation as it is now to show up and support us. We do have a few people who are going to be speaking on our behalf, if you would be willing to speak as well, let us know. Otherwise, we are looking for clients and friends who can commit to being there. We need to fill the Town Hall to get the boards attention!

For those of you, who can come, please email us. Could you please include the following information:
~Full name
~Phone number/best contact number [so we can call a day or two prior to remind you of the meeting]
~Number of people that will be coming [seriously, everyone is welcome!]
~Mailing address [we won’t be sending you anything, but an address allows us to turn this list into a petition as well. ESPECIALLY for those of you who are unable to attend, but would still like to send your support!]
~Please feel free to forward this letter other potential supporters… as not all of our clients are on our Surplus Goodies email list.

In closing, Curt and I share a passion for what we do. We want nothing more than to be able to do what we love… add to the celebrations of life. That might sound like a ‘canned’ or corny comment, but our commitment to absolute high quality, delicious products allows us to create something truly special for your lives. Please join us as we fight for what we have built in this community!

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