Thinking about THANKSGIVING? At BSB we certainly are, so why not leave the sweetest part of your day up to us?

Thanksgiving orders will be accepted through Tuesday 11/25 and are available for pick up on:

Wednesday 11/26 2-7pm
Thursday 11/27 8-11am *THANKSGIVING DAY*
Friday 11/28 CLOSED
Saturday 11/29 9-NOON


[All pies are 9″, serving 6-8]
Pumpkin: the classic recipe $15.  Available with spiced real cream topping $17.
Apple Crumble: made from a mixture of apple varieties and a buttery brown sugar crunch $16.
Caramel Pecan Cheesecake: we think the name sys it all. $16
Pecan: timeless and sweet $17.  *contains nuts

[$6 per loaf.  HOLIDAY ORDERING SPECIAL: Minimum order of 1 loaf PER variety ~normal minimum is 2 loaves per variety]
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip
Orange Cranberry
Tangerine Poppy Seed
Raspberry & Blueberry Cream
Classic Banana
Carrot Apple Walnut * contains nuts, new recipe!

What could be better than cake with cream?  How about a fragrantly spiced pumpkin sponge cake, filled generously with a cream cheese blended vanilla creme.  Minimum order 4 pieces [individually sliced OR 1 cake roll, $3/slice or $24/ roll]

[Minimum order 1 dozen regular size cupcakes. $24 per dozen. Includes box fee and holiday sugar decorations. Order either:
~ 1 dozen per flavor [ie. 1 dozen chocolate cherry]
~ 1 dozen assortment [receive 4 of each 3 flavors]

Vanilla bean cupcakes w/ pumpkin creme filling, cream cheese frosting.
Chocolate cupcakes w/ creamy chai creme filling, cinnamon butter frosting.
Caramel apple cupcakes w/ vanilla creme filling, nutmeg spiced apple butter frosting.

We are fairly certain you’ll be brought back to your youthful days [or keep you in them!] with these nostalgic treats.  Plump apples are melded with cinnamon, creamy golden butter and atop a flaky tender crust.  Finished with a significant drizzle of sweet icing.  Minimum order 6 bars [$3 per bar]. 

Pumpkin: with spiced gingerbread crust $38.
Grand Mariner Cranberry: a delicious blend of orange and cranberry compote $40.
Turtle: we dare you to enjoy just one piece $40. *contains nuts

PETITE TARTS   We’ve taken our holiday pie recipes, created a crust less version, and then added a generous scoop to our famous fresh fruit tart crust.  You will certainly enjoy these mini desserts.                                                                                                

[Minimum order 1 dozen. $16 per dozen. Includes box fee.   Order either:

~ 1 dozen per flavor [ie. 1 dozen classic apple]
~ 1 dozen assortment [receive 4 of each 3 flavors]

Classic Apple
Pumpkin w/ spiced cream
Cherry Crumble

CELEBRATION CAKES  We are ready to bring out these holiday favorites, both cakes are nothing less than fantastic.  Perfect for your table centerpiece.

THE DOLLY CAKE:  this one is fantastic!  The cake itself is a soft balance of vanilla bean, fresh orange and hints of cranberry.  Filled then with a new cranberry orange compote creme and a thin layer of house made orange curd, you won’t be able to speak while trying this stunning centerpiece!  8 inch  $32

AUTUMNAL SPICE: it’s never easy to master a new recipe, but this one is pretty close.  Imagine the blend of fall spices, warm from the oven on your grandmother’s counter… then add a little brandied nutmeg creme, layered with a fresh vanilla custard…. [shall we keep going?].  Finished with our delicious cream cheese frosting and, cinnamon sugar swirls and a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg.  8″ 32

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