did you know there are only 8 more Fridays until Christmas? [you’re welcome]… but first Halloween.

We will be accepting Halloween orders until Thursday evening, 10/29, and pick up will be available on:
Friday, 10/30; 1-6 pm
Saturday, 10/31; 9-1 pm
*We will have any extra goodies available in our lobby during both pick up days/times.  No guarantees on how much we will have, but we will have some extras.

On to the goodies…

~ PEANUT BUTTER PUMPKINS: we’ve whipped up a new peanut butter sugar cookie recipe, rolled and baked some fabulous pumpkins and glazed each cookie in a thin sweet chocolate.  A cute jack o’ lantern face will be piped in orange on each cookie.  [$16/dozen. Minimum order 1 dozen]

~CHOCOLATE MUMMY BROWNIES: last year’s fan favorite!  our six chocolate brownie recipe is cut in large circles and frosted to resemble a super cute, friendly mummy face.  [$10/box of 6.  Minimum order 1 box].

~ BABY BOO CHOCOLATE CREME SAMMIE’S: have you ever tried our signature homemade Oreo-like cookie?  If yes, you know what we are talking about.  If not, WELL THEN!  For the upcoming holiday, we’ve gone smaller and colorful!  Don’t miss out on these bite size sweets.  [$6.50/dozen, minimum order 1 dozen package]

~MONSTER MASH SIZED CUPCAKES:  A perfectly wrapped tasty gift, available only during our Halloween menu.  Enjoy an over, over sized caramel apple cupcake.  Caramel cake is baked with fresh apples, filled with our signature vanilla creme and frosted with a cinnamon apple butter cream.  Topped with either fresh toasted pecans or chocolate candies.  Individually packaged on a stick in clear window box~ just don’t pull them out of the box by the stick!  perfect for a tasty gift!  [$4.50 per cupcake, Minimum order 1 over sized cupcake.  Please note pecans or chocolate when ordering].

~TRICK OR TREAT CUPCAKES;  each 1 dozen box includes an assortment of the following three flavors [4 of each flavor] in our MINI cupcake size:
Fun-illa-fetti [black and orange sprinkles] w/ double vanilla creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
Milk chocolate w/ caramel cookies & creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.
Butter vanilla w/ pumpkin toffee creme filling, cream cheese frosting.
[$12.5/dozen of MINI size.  Includes box fee and holiday decorations, in particular our cutie creeper sugars.  Minimum order 1 dozen.]

~SALTED CARAMEL APPLE CHEESECAKE SQUARES:  new and fabulous.  A sweet and salty creation with pretzel graham crust, soft apples and caramel baked right in… should we keep going?  [Minimum order box of 4 squares, $10/box].

~M’s SPOOKY CRUNCH: Need a little something special and sweet?  Margo’s getting ready to craft up a popcorn based snack mix, with festive chocolates, candy corn, eyeballs and other sweet surprises.  Yes.  Eyeballs.  [Minimum order 1 bag, $4/bag]

a few updates for the rest of our fall season…

~We will be posting our THANKSGIVING MENU online and sending it out via email on Sunday, 11/1.  All of the details will be there, so if you are thinking ahead [always appreciated], we have you covered.
~Then our HOLIDAY MENU will be posted and emailed out on 11/19 [one week prior to Thanksgiving].  If you haven’t experienced our Holiday menu in prior years, you are in for a treat… many treats that is.  This is our busiest and most exciting season of the year.
~Our hours change from Thanksgiving through New Years.  These pick up times are firmly set so that we can professionally manage the sheer volume of holiday orders we receive.
~Bettersweet will be closed for our annual winter break from January 1st-15th, 2016.  We like to give everyone an early heads up!

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