We’re planning ahead for the Christmas season, aren’t you??? Look no further for your source of delicious sweet treats…


  • Holiday orders are being accepted as of 11/19/11. We appreciate orders being placed at least one week in advance.
  • Orders may be placed via email or via phone: 920/893/0617
  • Due to the volume of orders during our holiday season, our normal business hours change and we are ONLY able to accommodate pick up appointments during the calendar hours specified. [Please visit our ORDER ONLINE page to view our calendar.]
  • Payment options: cash or check.
  • All orders will include an additional box and packaging fee. This varies based on the size and specifics of your order.
  • ~Not certain what your guests might enjoy? Let us help!


  • Cookies are sold by the dozen: $8/dozen. Cookies in the ‘Bettersweet’s Exclusives’ category: $10/dozen.
  • Two ways to order cookies: Single varieties [i.e. 1 dozen ‘gingerbread trees’] or by Categories [i.e. 1 dozen ‘classics’]
  • Buy any 10 dozen cookies: get the 11th free PLUS receive a 10% coupon off your next order!


Gingerbread Trees: the classic flavor with a wintery spiced icing.
Spritz: delicate butter cookies with a hint of almond.  Colored in creamy blues and greens.
Lemon Sandwich: a customer favorite! Two lemon shortbread cookies sandwiched with a zesty cream cheese filling and finished with a candied lemon piece on top.
Chocolate Filled Poppy Seed: another everlasting favorite.  Flakey, buttery round cookies flecked with poppy seeds and filled with semi sweet chocolate in the middle.
Pecan Sandies: a holiday classic, toasted pecans are added to this melt in your mouth round cookie.  Warm rolled in sweet spiced powdered sugar.
White Chocolate Cranberry Macadamia: the name gives this cookies away.  Three flavors that balance each other deliciously.  A traditional drop cookie.

Almond Slices: new this year, and loved by any almond fan.  Light, nutty and impressive for such a simple looking cookie.
Pistachio Lime: lime zest and crushed salted pistachios make this cookie sweet and refreshing.  Rolled in several shades of green sugar prior to baking, this cookie is as beautiful as pretty.

Earl Grey: our staff’s favorite! Fresh orange zest, sea salt, and loose leaf earl grey tea is combined for a unique taste  out of this world.

Caramel Cashew: another staff favorite! This rich cookie is filled with chopped cashews and caramel flavor.  Finished with shimmery red sprinkles.

Chocolate Mint Thumbprints: if you’ve ever enjoyed an Andes candy, you’ll enjoy this cookie!  A modified version of a good friend’s recipe, this one has been at the top of our ordered list.
Gold Swirled Mocha Cutouts: a touch of coffee and espresso, these heart shaped cutouts are then dipped in mildly sweet chocolate and finished with gold accents and sugars.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Treats: round sugar topped cocoa peanut butter cookies, filled with crunchy peanut butter dough.  Look out Reeces!
Minty Polka Dot Trees: a soft minty butter cookie, in both green with red polka dots and red with green polka dots.
Milk Chocolate Sandwich: simple and delicious, these light cocoa cookies are filled with a sweet milk chocolate frosting.
Cherry Cheesecake Coins: a must try!  A slightly tangy cheesecake flavored cookie is flecked with diced candied cherries and then rolled in a blend of pecans and grahm crackers.
White Chocolate Holiday Trees: one of our best sellers! Pale green butter vanilla cookie dough is cut into a cute tree, baked with a sweetened glaze and each side dipped in European white chocolate.
M&M Monster: one of our farmer’s market cookies has turned festive with red, white and green candies.  A true kid favorite!

Judy-roo’s Super Chocolate: named after one of our super employees, for her addition of these super good, super chocolate cookies.  Made nearly weekly for our bsb staff members… that good!
Cardamum Orange Curd Cutouts: the familiar Swedish spice matches up with a delicate b utter cookie, sandwiched with our in house made orange curd and a thin layer of sweet filling.
Hazelnut Crescents: toasted and ground hazelnuts are the main flavor in these buttery sweet half moon cookies.  Drizzled with dark and white chocolates.
Red Velvet Chocolate Shortbread: these dark red star cookies are absolutely dazzling, with hints of amaretto and European white chocolate.  Whew!
Raspberry Linzer: toasted hazelnuts are finely ground and added to this delicate, buttery cookie.  Cut in a scalloped circle, these cute cookies are filled with European raspberry preserves and dusted with powdered sugar.  A tiny flower is cut from each ‘top’ cookie, leaving a hint of jam showing through.
Almond Cherry Shortbread Squares: jen’s favorite! Finely ground almonds are mixed into this delicate flaky butter cookie.  Cut into scalloped squares and layered with slightly tart cherry preserves.  A tiny diamond is cut from each ‘top’ cookie, leaving a hint of jam showing through. Finished with powdered sugar.

What could be better than spending the afternoon with your kids or grandkids decorating cutout cookies…. probably if you didn’t have to bake the cutouts or gather the decorating supplies!  Bettersweet has put together the solution in our new sugar cookie kits.  This DIY box comes with a dozen freshly baked cutout cookies, our signature butter frosting, and six small containers of cute and festive sprinkle choices.    Minimum order 1 dozen box $12.50.

Looking for our traditional cutouts?  We’re offering those as well.  A collection of classic and artistic holiday designs.  Minimum order 1 dozen  $10/dozen.

Perfect for brunch or gift giving! Minimum order 2 loaves per flavor. $6/loaf.

Eggnog Holiday
Blueberry Citrus
Raspberry Cream
Mocha Chocolate Chip
Almond Cherry Poppy Seed
Orange Cranberry

All our pies are 9″, serving 6-8 guests per pie.

Mint Chocolate Chip~
a striking green whipped filling, speckled with rich chocolate bits. $15
the Thanksgiving classic $13. Available with spiced real cream $15.
Cherry Blueberry Custard~
a refreshing blend of two fruits set in a delicately spiced custard $14.
Chocolate Chip Cookie~
exactly like it sounds, this rich, chocolately pie will appeal to young and old sweet tooths alike $15.
Peppermint Mousse~
a chocolate cookie crust holds a layer of rich chocolate mousse and delicious peppermint cream $15.
Caramel Apple Pecan~
one of our favorites, this pie combines the subtle sweetness of a caramel apple and the crunch of toasted pecans $15.

This year we’ve put together some incredible cheesecake flavors. All are 9″, serving 12-16 generously.

Gingersnap Cherry Cheesecake~
a New York style vanilla cheesecake with a spiced buttery crust, topped with a fresh cherry compote. Hints of orange and ginger also highlight this stunning creation $38.
Amaretto Truffle~
several layers of chocolate and amaretto are combined for a balanced, rich and creamy dessert. Impress your holiday table! $38.
Red Velvet~
you haven’t lived, until you’ve tried this sticking chocolate crusted cheesecake $38.
imagine snow falling & hot cocoa on Christmas Eve… and a piece of our peppermint cheesecake. Your night won’t get much better. $40.
Vanilla Bean~
our classic recipe is topped with a mixed berry compote. Lemon zest, almond and cognac flavors combine together during baking and result in simple goodness $36.
this one is unbelievable. Each layer has mild coffee, chocolate and espresso flavors. We may submit this one to Alterra headquarters…. $42.
Caramel Toffee~
one of our sweeter creations for this holiday season, this cheesecake is a favorite among candy lovers! $38.


Santa Claus ~
cocoa-mint cake filled with velvety fudge & frosted to image Kris Kringle himself. $28.
Eggnog Holiday ~
moist, buttery and topped with our own rum glaze and almonds… amazing! $24.
Pumpkin Cinnamon ~
a perfect partner to any brunch menu, flavorful and slightly sweet. $26
Toasted Pistachio~
initially impressive, this tender cake is decked out in sparkly red sugars,and then reveals a beautiful pale green interior of superb taste. $24.
Cinnamon Roll Coffee Cake~
simple and familiar, perfect for a family visit or cozy afternoon treat. $24.

We’ve put together the following eight flavor combinations for your seasonal enjoyment.

  • Minimum order 1 dozen per flavor. $20/dozen.
  • All cupcakes will be decorated with cute holiday sugars and complementing colored sugars.

Blitzen: French vanilla cupcakes w/ raspberry creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.

Comet:  Fresh lemon cupcakes w/ lemon curd creme filling, cream cheese frosting.

Cupid:  Chocolate cupcakes w/ mint oreo creme filling, cocoa butter frosting.

Dancer:  Milk chocolate cupcakes w/ caramel kahlua creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.

Dasher:  Almond Joy cupcakes w/ vanilla creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting, flaked coconut & sliced almonds.

Donner:  Raspberry cupcakes w/ cheesecake creme filling, BSB’s butter frosting.

Prancer:  Chocolate cupcakes w/ hazelnut creme filling, cream cheese frosting.

Vixen:  Butter vanilla cupcakes w/ eclair filling, cocoa butter frosting.


  • One of Bettersweet’s signature items. Handcrafted from the finest quality ingredients.
  • Minimum order 1 dozen. $16/dozen.
  • Order two 6 pc boxes [one of each flavor] or one 12 pc box [two of each flavor]
  • Includes holiday ribbon packaging… ready for gift giving!

Dark Chocolate
English Toffee
Red Velvet
Irish Cream

Back by popular demand, just in time for your holiday dessert display!
~Minimum order 1/2 dozen. $15/half dozen.

A cake like brownie bottom, a creamy minty essence filling and a smooth, rich ganache covering. Unbelievable!


Need something special this season? Give one of our gift boxes or ready to mix treats in a jar!


  • Nestled in our beautiful holiday boxes [ready to ship as well], you will find some of the finest of what Bettersweet offers.
  • You chose the size and the flavors you would like to include:

Medium Box Includes: $26
1 loaf of bread
1 lb granola OR 6 pc truffle box
1.5 dozen assorted cookies

Large Box Includes: $40
2 loaves of bread
1 lb granola OR 6 pc truffle box
2.5 dozen assorted cookies


  • Hot cocoa: a classic cocoa flavor with hints of French vanilla.  $6/pint jar.
  • White chocolate peppermint scones:perfect for the chilly January morning.  Light, moist and minty.  $8/quart jar.
  • Chocolate supreme cookies: these will certainly make everyone’s favorite list, toasted coconut, chocolate chunks, cashews, white chocolate and holiday M&M’s…. Whew!  $10/quart jar.
  • Toffee blondies: crunchy toffee pairs up with pecans and a double dose of chocolate.  $8/quart jar.

BSB is always trying to accommodate sensitivities and allergies.  We have a few gluten free items available this year.  Please email or call for more information!




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