let us handle dessert while you handle lunch [and make sure you give your mom the day off of dishes!]

The green leaves all over our Wisconsin tree lines are here and with that reminder of spring comes the annual celebration of Mother’s Day.    We have just the treat if you’re still looking for a little something to tangibly tell your mom [or your kid’s mom] how much you appreciate them.   Or if you need to hint to your hubby what to order for you!

Picking up your order:

Saturday, 5/13 between between 10-3 pm.  Please note, only items from our special Mother’s Day menu are available to pick up on 5/13.  milk 

Placing your order:

Can be done via email, or giving us a call at 920/893.0617.  Please denote your requested pick up time and please provide a contact phone number for your order. 
We do reply to every email and voicemail we receive!  If you don’t hear back from us in 2 business days, please contact us to make sure we received your order.  Order deadline is Thursday, 5/11 at NOON.

Paying for your order:

We accept cash or check for payment.


On to the sweets!
Please note, the following Mother’s Day menu items will be available ONLY on Saturday 5/13.

Signature cakes!  A special for this menu only, we’re offering some of our signature cakes in a 6” single layer version [8? tall is typically the smallest size you can order signature cakes in.  Perfect for a gift or small gathering, each cake will serve 3-4 guests].

~ Razmon Delight:  one of our most popular signature cake starts with a raspberry vanilla batter, is filled with mascarpone lemon creme and finished with a touch of raspberry infused cream cheese frosting.  $18.   

~ Minted Chocolate Crunch: create many years ago to curb the ‘last box of Girl Scout’ cookie dilema, this milk chocolate cake is filled with mint creme & cookie crunch.  Frosted with a pale green butter frosting and some lovely chocolate garnishes.  $18.  

~ Strawberry Margaretta: to our strawberry cake batter we add margarita mix,  fill the cake with a lime curd champagne creme and finish off this creation with a pale green vanilla bean butter and a dusting of flaked sea salt.  [All ingredients in this cake are non-alcoholic].  $18.

~ Ma’s Almond Joy:  This coconut & almond flavored vanilla cake is baked with 3 types of crushed chocolate and generously filled with our signature vanilla crème. Frosted with nothing better than our BSB butter and flaked coconut.  *contains coconut and almonds.  $18.

~ A Pie from Boston: classic vanilla cake is generously filled with a cooked vanilla custard and ‘frosted’ with a sweet milk chocolate ganache.  $18.


Mini assortment #1: the ‘mom’s taking the day off‘ fruity box: 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $17.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~fresh lemon w/ lemon curd creme filling & cream cheese frosting
~white chocolate w/ mixed berry [raspberry + blueberry + blackberry] creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting
~french vanilla w/ raspberry compote creme filling & signature butter frosting.
Mini assortment #2: the ‘mom’s not sharing her chocolate’ box: 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $17.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~vanilla chocolate chip w/ crushed chocolate creme filling & signature butter frosting
~milk chocolate w/ salted caramel creme filling & bourbon butter frosting
~classic chocolate w/ double chocolate fudge creme filling & cocoa butter frosting

Mini assortment #3: the ‘mom needs coffee’ box: 1 dozen box [4 of each flavor], $17.  Each box is pre-assorted, sorry, no substitutions please!

~coffee espresso w/ crushed white chocolate creme filling & mocha butter frosting
~milk chocolate w/ chocolate raspberry cappuccino creme filling & signature butter frosting
~irish cream w/ english toffee creme filling & vanilla bean butter frosting


French Macarons: Elizabeth at Cedar Springs Floral Co. is at it again!  Look at her flavors for a very special Mother’s Day box:
~ White Chocolate Raspberry
~ Lemon Poppy Seed
~ Lavender Coconut
~ Passionfruit (only available in the boxes of 12)

•Box of 6 macarons- $13 (two each of white chocolate raspberry, lemon poppy seed and lavender coconut)

•Box of 12 macarons- $25 (three each of white chocolate raspberry, lemon poppy, lavender coconut and passionfruit)

Honey Nut Cinnamon Granola:  looking for something not quite so sweet that will last a little longer than Sunday’s dessert?  Perfect for gift giving and your breakfast all week long, you’ll find quite a gem in our infamous granola.  Made without refined sugar too.  $9 per pound bag.  

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